Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who the...?!

Just some random guy I found hanging by a pole. I just had to take a pic...

Been sick for a few days and before that, parents and husband have kept me confined at home. Now, husband is at work and parents are abroad... I can sneak out for awhile just to do some "site seeing"... a.k.a. window shopping. I'd love to do errands too like bring our pooch to the parlor. I want her looking fab when my parents get home.

My confinement is the reason I haven't been posting much. I'm also too tired at night to do some surfing on the net.

But this time... I will not fail!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

HSM 3: The Movie

This is my guilty pleasure...

Oh, c'mon, admit it, you love it as well... it's Disney after all!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh my! Mamma Mia!

You guys have got to see the movie! Hilarious and heartwarming! I now wish I could see the broadway musical. And of course, I couldn't stop myself from singing along... especially when they sang "Dancing Queen"!!!

Abba rocks!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I find my growing belly limits my fashion choices to dresses and... well, dresses. Although maternity pants are everywhere, I don't like the constricting feeling around my belly. Especially since my belly is unusually large for three months.

Everybody remarks on my tummy and how big it is... and that it might be twins. Sorry to disappoint but my OB has assured me it's not! Thank God!

The recent Zara sale I only got to buy a pair of shoes and a couple of cardigans. But I came back today with substantially less people there. I got to enjoy shopping better. I ended up buying three leggings. I got three because their leggings is buntis-friendly! It rides below my belly! Hihi! I still get to wear size small which means after the baby comes I can still use it... albeit being out of fashion by then. A preggy looking shirt with a girl in front was my last purchase.

I was paying already when I spotted a table of maternity pants, shirts and skirts! Woah! Maternity stuff at Zara?!!! Mostly denim pants and just one style of denim skirt. It was the style I wanted! It has this elastic band around the waist to expand along with my belly. Imagine skinny jeans that fit! But lo and behold... out of cash... I did remember mommy is in Madrid right now where Zara abound. I immediately texted her.

It's just now I feel deprived that most of my favorite brands do not consider their preggy customers. Although fashion is preggy-friendly right now with tunics and smocks... still, it would be nice they keep a line for those expecting.


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