Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dashing with My Gal

Every time school is out, I like to bring my favorite goddaughter to Dashing Diva for some Little Diva service. That includes a kiddie maniped and some nail art.

I don't's just my panata to her. So, summers and Christmas breaks, sometimes even sem break, we go to Dashing together.

But had my nails done just recently so it's probably just her today. But I think their Manhattan Collection is out too. Might check that out.

I'm recommending to her their Neon Collection. It's suppose to be their summer colors in the US but of course, our summer months are different here. Still, the popping colors are such eye candies! She likes pink. I'm sporting the neon purple. I forgot the name but I'm wearing it for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Looking through the glass windows...

I'm hoping we'll spend one Christmas in the US since my brother will start school in NYU in April. I'd love to walk around Central Park covered with snow. Then probably see the big tree in Rockefellar Center.

Of course, one "must-see" in New York during the Holidays are the window displays of department stores. Unlike here in the Philippines, they go all out there.

Here are some notable displays for this season...

"Have a Witty Holiday" by Barney's (inspired by 35th Anniv of Saturday Night Live)

"A Compendium of Curiosities" by Bergdorf-Goodman

"Miracle on 34th Street" by Macy's

"Snowpeople" by Sak's Fifth Avenue

I did dream of doing window displays as a career. But I don't think I'm creative enough. Or maybe if I was living in New York I'd be inspired.

Wishlist! Ho-ho-ho!

It's three days before Christmas. This wishlist might be a bit late but I don't mind getting gifts after Christmas...

1. A retrospective book on one of the greatest Filipino designers, Salvacion Lim Higgins.

2. A medium My Pilipinas tote bag (check! got it!)

3. Bobbi Brown Make Up Books

4. Glee OST Vol. 2 - have the volume 1 already...although a friend copied me all the songs they sang in all the episodes of the 1st season.

5. NARS Lipgloss in Sweet Revenge

6. NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita

7. Complete set of MAC Cosmetics brushes

Seven is a nice number. I think I'll end there...I'm sending this to the universe just in case...

Hubby!!! Now you know!

Monday, December 21, 2009

C2 My Pilipinas Tote Update

After calling several branches, finally found one that has still one in stock. Although it's in chocolate brown with black Pilipinas logo. It's in Market! Market!

Wish there was another color. But...

I should be happy I found one!

Yey! Picking it up later.

Looking for C2 My Pilipinas Tote please!

It has happend to me so many times already...

I find something I really want but I don't get it at once...maybe for budget reasons or just waiting for the right time. Then, when I have the chance -or the cash- to get it, it's gone. Out of stock already. Never to be produced again.


Several months ago I visited the C2 store in Powerplant and find the Pilipinas logo on bags!!! There were three sizes then. I wanted the medium tote bag with leather straps. The size was okay enough. Not so mommy-ish...but then I held myself back. I was saving up for my baby's 1st birthday and was trying to limit my unessecary shopping trips.

Now that's it's Christmas time, I wanted THAT bag for myself. My sort of Christmas gift to myself. Apparently the bags are limited edition only. Sniff. I think they're out of stock already. I've asked Powerplant and Greenbelt 5 branches and they don't have it anymore.

I'm so sad. This was one of the things on my wishlist. Bad trip.

Sigh. I've gotten tired of posting my wishlist on my blog. My hubby doesn't read my blog anyway.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Payless goes to Manila

Philippine Star reports that Store Specialist Inc. of the Rustan's Group will be bringing US shoe retail giant, Payless, here in Manila.

"MANILA, Philippines - US footwear giant Payless announced it has entered into a franchise agreement with Stores Specialists Inc. (SSI) of the Rustan’s Group to sell its products in the Philippines with the first stores planned to open by the middle of next year.

In a press statement from Topeka, Kansas, Payless ShoeSource said the Philippines will be the next country in its continued international expansion of the Payless retail chain.

SSI has a strong background in developing well-known international brands in the Philippines, and is the leading fashion specialty retailer in the country, managing 72 well-known brands and 340 retail stores.

“We are thrilled to bring Payless and all it represents to the Philippine market,” said Anthony Huang, SSI executive vice president. “As a retailer and fashion brand, Payless is doing tremendous things for people across the globe with its mission to democratize fashion and design in footwear and accessories for all to enjoy. We believe this brand promise will do well here, as it has in the US and other areas of the world.”

The two companies said they expect to start opening new Payless stores in 2010 and that the Philippines – the 12th largest country by population with over 90 million people, and a family-oriented culture that is attracted to affordable fashion – appears to be a strong fit for the Payless offering and brand promise."

read rest of the article here.

Payless carries brands such as Airwalk, Fioni, American Eagle and zoe&zac. They are know to carry affordable but fashionable shoes for the mass market. Although, price points may differ since it is an imported brand.

Well, it's one thing to look forward to next year. Tori Burch has already opened in Greenbelt 5 and Hermes will be opening soon too. I heard H&M will be coming to our shores in the near future too.

And we're back online!

I have been a very busy mommy the past several weeks fixing my baby's first birthday. And for all the mommies out there, you'll know that the 1st birthday is one big production number. My baby's party is no different!

My days were spent making sure everything is complete while my nights were spent finishing up his AVP. His is a basketball-themed party. My father and husband wore referee shirts while my mother and I wore cheering outfits. My brother went as Pat Riley and wore a suit.

Everything went very well. Our host, Astarte Abraham, was very good and the kids enjoyed her singing. We had a mime-magician that went around since the start of the party to do tricks. He also performed for about 20minutes getting kids and parents to participate in some of his tricks. Then acrobats from the PAGCOR show, Flow, also performed. Who doesn't love acrobats!

Now, things are back to normal. Although my son's room is now full of toys and his closet full of new clothes thanks to all his family and friends. But I guess the busy schedule caught up with me and I'm now down with tonsilitis and colds.

I can't wait for vacation to come so I can have a day or two of rest. Hay!


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