Friday, March 30, 2012

Ladies in Waiting

I've been trying to get into one of my regular shopping sites but somehow I couldn't get thru. In my frustration, I ended up shopping in a different site...

Saw some nice pairs from local brand SO! F.A.B. Company is under the Celine Group, which includes Celine and CMG. 

I love height, so I got wedges!

Shimmer in Camel


I'm also into animal prints lately. I can't wait to wear these ladies! But I'm ready to pop  soon and as it is, been experiencing delicate pregnancy. Not advisable to wear my usual kind of shoes! Lol!

I got these shoes from their online shop. I love how brick and mortar stores go online. Makes it really easier for people like me, who are stuck at home, to shop. 

Found other designs I wouldn't mind having...

Alpina in Purple
Princess in Blue
Lily in Green

I so miss wearing heels and wedges!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prizes from Aero Manila/Kikay Exchange Contest

Yesterday was great! All the packages I've been waiting for arrived! Including the items I ordered from Aero Manila.

Recently I won P1,000 worth of GC from Aero Manila thru Kikay Exchange

I chose items for myself and also for my son. 

clockwise from top: Love Shopping silver purse; casette tape coin purse; Bear & Bunny Eggmold; Monkey toothbrush holder; chocolate bar shaped calculator

Obviously the silver purse and coin purse are for me. And the others are for my boy. He loves numbers and I think he'll enjoy tinkering with the calculator. The egg molds I was so excited to try! So, for merienda, I told our cook to boil some eggs. Here's how to use the mold:

1. Boil eggs
2. Once boiled, remove the shell and put inside the molds
3. Soak the molds in cold water for 5mins
4. Remove and eat!

I think I took it out too soon! the bunny had a bite already...

Pretty easy right?! I noticed our eggs were too small for the mold. Maybe larger egg would work. The teddy bear lost its ears. My son said "Wow!" when he saw it... so cute!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My OPI Holland Collection Loot

I ordered again from Digital Traincase. I've been ordering stuff from them ever since I went on bed rest. Lol! This time, nail polish from the OPI Holland Collection. It arrived today and I'm so excited to try them on.

from left to right: Kiss Me On My Tulips, Did You Ear About Van Gogh and 
Wooden Shoe Like To Know
I called home service for manipedi and footspa for tomorrow but I did some tests as soon as it arrived. Pardon the application, I'm not super good at this.

Kiss Me On My Tulips
I love the bright pink color without looking to neon. It's creme and applies well. Put on two coats. It's really a summer color. 

Did You Ear About Van Gogh
Also applies well. It's just me, hence the not-so-clean application. The color reminds me of coffee overloaded with cream. Haha. But I love it on my hands. So "dalaga" looking!

Wooden Shoe Like To Know
This is the kind of shade I gravitate to. It's safe and really make my hands look pretty. This shade is shimmery. It doesn't look too "brown" when applied. But if you want it darker, three coats of it should do.

Thanks to Digital Traincase I got hold of colors from this collection. Really excellent service and fast delivery. 

Oh, Kiss Me On My Tulips wasn't part of my initial order. I chose Vampsterdam which is more of a plum-reddish color. But stock didn't arrive. I'm not sorry I had to change my order. It was still in my top 5 shades from the collection. But if the other shade arrives... I'm still getting one!

To order from Digital Traincase, you may check their FB page here or their Multiply site here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Beauty Loot

Snuck out of the house and went kikay shopping with my cousin-in-law. Finally got to re-stock my beauty stuff! Where else but Watsons...

Yes, I'm a Pond's fan. I'm hiyang with it. Lately I've moved from regular moisturizing regimen to their Age Miracle line. When you've reached 30-something it's important to think of wrinkles and sun spots. Don't deny it just accept it! And then trying the Dove Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner too. I received some samples and formulation is as good as the ones from the US. I think even better! Finally, I had get another lotion coz been giving my Cetaphil to my son. He needs it more! 

Because I bought all this stuff, I got these...

The two red bags were from Pond's and the shoe bag was from Watsons.

The real reason we were out? This one...

Availed the buy one take one promo of Majolica Majorca. For P795, you get two Lash Expander Frame Plus in Blue-Black. Promo is still on until supplies last.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mommy Tummy Shoot

I would like to thank Paolo Sy for doing this photoshoot. He did it as a favor to my brother. We just did it at home, in the dining area. Background is just sliding door covered with blinds. Haha! Nice makeshift studio right?!

Here are few of the shots we took...

Don't mind my belly button... I know it looks weird. I used to have a belly ring but removed it as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first child.

Hubby wasn't home but Kuya Mangu happily joined in the shoot. Doesn't he have an adorable smile?!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FOTD: Smokey Brown

I had an almost naked photoshoot of my pregnant self while carrying my first baby. You know how they say whatever you do to your first child, you must also do to your second. Just to avoid any sibling rivalry...

Since on bed rest I can't go out to go to a studio. And I'd rather save money also. So my photographer brother hooked me up with one of his photog friends to do the shoot at home. I know we'll be mostly taking shots of my tummy but I still put on make up. 

Here's the final product. not too smokey-eye-in-your-face. Oh, and I love the texture of my hair. Thanks to Dove Hair Therapy

I used brown hues to look natural but still striking.

Here's what I used:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Majolica Majorca Buy 1 Take 1!

Buy 1 Take 1 on Lash Expander Frame Plus in Black Blue
All Majolica Majorca Stores starting this March 15! Limited Offer only. 
Grab one while supplies last!

Forever 21 3-Day Sale

Make sure you fall in line at the cashier before 12noon on March 16 to MAKE IT TO THE CUT-OFF! Get fabulous discounts when you pay using your Forever 21 MasterCard and present your SMAC/BDO Rewards/Prestige card (Min single receipt purchase of P5000 required). See you!

Get Crackin'

Nail polish is my new guilty pleasure. Trying out also crack nail polish. Thanks to Ninang Willa's help, I got to go back to Faceshop to get a bottle of their "Cracking Collection", their version of crack nail polish.

There's probably a lot more colors but between gray, white and dark brown, I got brown. So, here's my DIY...


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Baby Bag for Baby No. 2

More than 3 years ago I wrote about my baby bag diaper wishlist. Well, we're on baby number 2 and here's my wishlist again.

Of course there's the designer bags which I can never afford! Lol!


Tods Pashmy Mummy Baby Bag

But too pricey for a baby bag... so maybe these...

Anya Hindmarch Large Nevis Tote

Kate Spade Barrow Street Anabel Baby Bag

Kate Spade Nylon Stripe Stevie Baby Bag

This one is the most affordable... 

Le Sportsac Ryan Baby Bag

I do need a new baby bag since most of the bags we used for my first baby are damaged and torn in many places. 

Any fairy godmothers out there?!

New JCs at SM Fashion Forum

I told myself I won't buy heels or wedges until I give birth. But I'm worried these beautiful Jeffrey Campbells won't last that long!

Just saw my @CD_MFO's (as usual you're BI!) tweet and SM Fashion Forum's FB post that these shoes are now available at SM Fashion Forum.

Bradshaw in nude

Cut It

During peep toe pumps (available in other colors)

Studio (this is the one I want!!!)

I wish I could run to SM Megamall and grab the last pair! I'm loving brown/nude/tan hues lately. And I love the snakeskin detail. I'm all for animal print.

Now, all I have to do is figure out how I can get out of the house without everybody knowing!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Schu Outlet Store

If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you'd know I'm such a fan of Schu. Sometimes, during lunch breaks in the office, I'd walk along Ayala to visit their outlet store neart the Smart building. But sometime last year they closed it and said they would be moving to Ortigas. Well, no more lunch break trips. But at least it's on the way home.

Yesterday they announced on their FB page the opening of their new factory outlet today! Yey! Items you've missed previous seasons can - sometimes - still be found here at cheaper prices.

I need to bribe my hubby to drive me there soon!


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