Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A year away from the big 3-0!!!

I welcomed my birthday with my fiance, although I didn't make him stay til 12am, just 1130pm. He gave me my birthday gift, an Ateneo jacket from Adidas. He made sure it was gift wrapped. I demand my gifts to be gift wrapped unless it's a designer bag, then dustbag is enough. Hehehe. He chose a Power Puff Girls wrapper. Funny! Then I started receiving texts from my girlfriends.

Today my favorite inaanak made a card for me. So sweet of her! Her mom and her S.O. also got me two of the three books I've been looking for. We'll have a family dinner tonight sans my Dad who is stuck in Bicol for work. No prob, we'll all be spending the weekend together in Bangkok. I've packed super light (3 shirts, 2 shorts, a pair of pants, a pair of Havies and my gray Prima Crocs) to make space for the stuff I'll be buying. My Mom said we'll just go to Luk Foo(?) near Casino Filipino... ooohhh! Peking duck! Yum!

So far it has been a great day. Kinda blah but I don't mind. It comes with age I think. And my birthday and the Christmas season are taking a backseat this year coz of the wedding. THAT I'm REALLY looking forward to!

p.s. additional bday gift from my fiance... a TIU jersey... hehehe...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Birthday Book List

Since it looks like my first wish list is just that, a wish list, I'm settling for books instead. Here are some of the titles I'm buying as birthday gifts for myself. Actually, I just can't seem to find them in bookstores (specially the first book!) near my office. Hoping these are available in Powerbooks in Serendra.

by Charlotte Williamson and Maggie Davis (seriously, this one I've been to several bookstores looking for it... I'm even on their waitlist!)

This one I'm looking for the paperback. They ran out of it too.

Another Cecilia Ahern novel, also entitled "Love, Rosie". I've been in denial trying to get this book for almost two years already. But I've gotten over my issues over this book and I think I'm ready to take the challenge.

Monday, September 17, 2007

On the red carpet...

It's the Emmy's again and you know what I love about Hollywood t.v./movie awards... the outfits on the stars of course! I don't see any clear trend on the red carpet this year, unlike last year it was all grecian (which totally inspired me for my wedding!).

Anyway, so I surfed the web and checked out what's hot on the red carpet. It was a wee bit disappointing for me. Or maybe they're reserving all the hot stuff for the Oscar's. See for yourself...

Project Runway's Heidi Klum in a hot red number

Christina Aguilera

HEROES' Ali Larter sexy in red

Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt in classic black

Gossip Girl narrator Kristen Bell in an age-appropriate blue gown

I'm not liking Ellen's dress but loving Portia De Rossi's dress, check the snake detail

Kimora Lee Simmon's in a jewel-tone dress... yummy!

HEROES' Hayden Paniattiere, fashion police hated her dress but I kinda like it...

Eva LaRue in black and white... tuxedo-ish don't you think?! Check out the details on the top

(photos from

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Birthday Wish List

I'm always in denial when September comes rolling in. For one, malls start playing Christmas carols already... ugh! Christmas shopping! And, in a few weeks I'll be turning a year older. Big ugh!

So, anyway... I'm putting here my birthday wish list in case the Universe is listening.

Goyard St. Louis Tote

Tom Ford Camilla Sunglasses

Channel Classic Flap (haven't decided what color yet)

Louis Vuitton Mahina

Botkier Cairo

DuWop Lip Venom

My list also includes another Viktor Jeans... I'm thinking this time in white. I'm so into my Viktors! I just love the fit. I don't know if it's just me or what but my butt really looks good in them...
I hope The Secret works this time...

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Baby

Our new baby is coming home soon! My mom, who has been in Taiwan since last week, texted me days ago

"anak, i bought us speedy azure! i also got LV patent shoes for me"

Gasp! Gasp! Yey! Another bag to share! And hopefully the shoes too. But I had to ask if it was original. She almost bit my head off despite being thousands of miles away...

"of course! do you wanna see the receipt?!"

Teehee! Sorry! It's just that Taiwan is home to many designer knock-offs... She said she chose 25 coz she knew I hated big bags. Then I texted her back...

"L let you use it first"

My office outfit next week will definitely include an Azur on my arm.

Monday, September 10, 2007

2-0 Baby!!!

I was looking for a good picture of Chris Tiu doing the crucial three-point shot... or a pic of Rico Maierhoffer looking stunned when he found out his shot didn't count... teehee! I couldn't find anything I could borrow.

But anyway, jumping for joy!!! Yipee!!! 2-0 for Ateneo over DLSU!!! at least for Season 70.

Sigh! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


"A good pair of Viktor can get you laid"

Well, being a woman engaged to be married I don't want to comment on that anymore. Hehe!

Anyway, so I was blogging earlier about my excitement going to the Podium shop of Viktor. When my mom and I got there we had to wait for awhile coz there were a few customers there already. It's just a small place with coats and jackets hanging on one side and the jeans on the other wall. In the middle was a table full of fabric samples and other stuff you would like to put on your jeans.

When my mom said "Choose your style na!", I quickly stood up and looked at the various jeans style. James, the guy assisting us, gave me a couple of sample jeans in my size just to try it on. One fit perfectly! A dark denim with simple red stitching in the back pockets. I'm not sure if it was a Viktor Original or a Viktor Premium... James still took my measurements and asked me how I wanted the legs to be. I decided on straight skinny to keep it simple and classic. He asked me what color of stitching I wanted and what color for the "V" belt loop which is the actually the Viktor signature. I had to choose the denim fabric I wanted too! Argh! So many choices! I ended up with red stitching for the pockets, silver thread for the rest of the pants and a dark blue washed color for the fabric. Wew!

My mom tried on her first finished pair. She was looking through the rack and saw a grayish-black jeans with swarovski studs on the back pocket. She wanted one! Then James explained it was one of the Viktor Exlusive series. Meaning they keep the production to fifty to sixty pieces only. And they do have a list of all the people who had it made too! I did spy an actress' name there. Hmmm... in the end, my mom ordered a pair bringing her total to four! My mom told me to get a Viktor Exlusive too, so I did! I chose the VX10 and after going through choosing the fabric, thread, etcetera again, I wrote my name down on THE list too.

Suddenly buying at my favorite jeans store seems a little bit corny now... sigh! I think my mom created a monster!

Looking forward to next week when I get my first two Viktor jeans...


Off to Viktor Jeans at Podium today after lunch. My mom... yes, mom... actually ordered three pairs from him and she's going in for a fitting. Well, she has the purchasing power, as opposed to me who simply has the fashion sense. Haha!

Ino Caluza is the man behind Viktor Jeans. I read in a magazine it all began because while in college he had jeans made at one of those obscure ataliers who charge not more than P500 for a pair. His friends got wind of this and started to ask him to have one made for them.

And now... many of his clients are the famous people only seen in the society pages.

What's great about his jeans? Since it's customized, the fit is perfect. I get this because I do have this problem. I have jeans that fit nicely around my legs but not on my waist. Let's just say my thighs are a challenge.

I'm excited to finally have a pair made. I've heard about him even before he was famous... before he charged P6000 for a pair. My mom's friend and her family have been his clients for years. Their daughter, a petite girl in her early teens, have dozens of Viktor in her closet. They've been raving about him but somehow we never got around having one made, until now. My mom raves about the pants she tried on in the store when she had her measurements taken.

I can't wait!

Oh, my mom said to wear my fave pair of jeans later, part of their fitting process I guess... I just realized I don't have one...


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