Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shu Uemura @ the Powerplant

The celebrated cosmetics and skincare brand from Japan opens another store at the Powerplant Mall. Shu Uemura recently unveiled its boutique at the second floor (beside Kamiseta). It's walls are covered with drool-worthy products! Another place to visit when I'm at the Powerplant!

KIehl's turns 1!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How do I look?!

Decided on changing my template. I'm bored. I'm alone. Hubby is out of town, hence, the posting marathon.

I'll be like this until Saturday night...

Love your heels

Another great idea! Probably a eureka moment from a kikay girl...

How many times have we been invited to a garden reception and we try to tiptoe through the grass just so our lovely heels wouldn't sink into it?! Imagine that happening to your Louboutins?! Ack!

Again, I found this one while surfing Shoewawa. It's just an unobtrusive little thing you slip on your heels and shoes is protected!

This product is from SoleMate and it retails for $11.95. Nice! Makes me wonder what people will think of next...

Wondah Wumahn!

While I can't go window shopping that much, I rely on my favorite sites to keep me posted with new stuff out there. I just saw this one at Bag Snob. It's a Wonder Woman Tote by Diane von Furstenberg. Cool huh?!

Doesn't it look funky?! And best of all, it's just $165. Not bad... could I ask my Mommy to get this when she goes to the US in November???? Will this pass as a diaper bag?

Proceeds from this bag will go to Vital Voices.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Final trailer... fall in love with Edward and Bella...

Can't wait for November!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sandals and more Sandals

Sandra and Sancai approve of my my new acquisitions

I really miss wearing heels. It makes me feel very feminine. I always channel Carrie Bradshaw when I walk in my heels. But since I'm sometimes clumsy, I don't want to take the risk while I'm pregnant so I kept with my flats and sandals ever since we found out about the baby.

Now, I have lots of sandals. I bought another pair tonight when my hubby and I had dinner at Hap Chan in Market! Market! Cole Vintage was on sale.

Then, while waiting for my hubby's books to be plastic wrapped at Fullybooked (yes, you can request them to do that for free!), we went to Charles and Keith. Since he felt bad he didn't have a gift for me on my birthday, he bought me another pair of sandals. In fairness, I like what he chose! I think he's learning about fashion already.

Hopefully I'll be back on my heels after the baby comes. And I hope my feet doesn't swell too much or else I'd have to buy new shoes! Tsk, tsk, tsk! And that would be bad right?! As it is, I've been borrowing shoes from my mom coz mine feels tight already. My mom wears a half to one size bigger than me.

I promise I won't buy flats anymore. Focus on baby Magnus... oh, but I want a pair of FitFlop first!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The "Secret" worked!

The universe must have been listening... the next day, SMART called and told me my phone is ready for pick up! Yey!

Now I have it. But the camera doesn't seem to work! Oh no... might have to have it checked.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hello... calling SMART...

I'm still waiting for a call from Smart about my new phone. It's my free phone their loyalty program.

I'm inip na... so tagal!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

FITFLOPS: Walking your way to fitness...

I am super addicted to flipflops. My Havaianas are close to 25 probably. I stopped counting when I reached 16 pairs. Ooops, shouldn't have said that. Hubby might see...

Anyway, was wandering the mall today with hubby after doing some errands and I saw these FitFlops. I like the strap design so went in to ask about it. The sales person was happy to explain the benefits of FitFlops to me.

What makes it unique is that the midsole is incorporated with a patent pending micro-wobbleboardTM technology that gives you a work out while walking. It will help tone and trim your legs. It also eases back pains. It's like sandals meet Nike.

Oprah loves it too... it was part of her favorite things this summer and she swears by them! She has the red one. There are lots of designs and styles for both men and women.

I would've bought one immediately but at P2,900, I sort of held back. Especially when my husband was with me and we just spent money replacing the diamond of my wedding ring. Blame it on my now pudgy fingers.

Maybe give me some more time. This could be my next project.

FitFlops are available at Res/Toe/Run. Style featured here is called Walkstar.

Shoe Addict

Other moms have told me NOT to buy too much shoes while preggers as feet tend to swell. Most of the time, the damage is irreparable and might have to say bye-bye to many of the pre-pregnancy shoes.

Despite the warning I've managed to buy more flats, since heels are discouraged, and sandals too. I did buy a couple of Havies too. I must admit, I'm a shoe addict. My idol is Imelda Marcos for the astounding number of shoes she used to have. Or maybe still has. I'd die for Carrie Bradshaw's shoe closet in the Sex and the City movie... I'd love to see my Manolo's perched on it too!

There's a site of this young fashionista who gets the most wonderful shoes. She has a sense of style mature for her age, which she shows a lot in her blog. CD of Manila Fashion Observer and Chuvaness have both featured her in their blogs. She's only 16 years old! Her access to designer clothes and shoes is like playing dress-up all the time!

The truth is, whenever I check out her site, I'm always drawn not only to the shoes and clothes she wears, but also the background of her photoshoot. A yummy shoe closet displaying her yummy collection.

She is Jane of Sea of Shoes.

I want a closet like that!!! When we get our own house, I will devote a substantial amount of square footage for my shoes... and clothes, of course. Maybe even have an extra floor just for moi!

I envy her shoes... I envy her closet. Sigh!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ilog Maria

I've heard about Ilog Maria since last year. It was featured at Kikay Exchange twice already. And then one of my officemates asked me if I knew about it... of course I knew about it! Thanks to K.E.! I did order a few items just to try it.

Well, yesterday, the family decided to have lunch in Tagaytay despite the arrival of Pablo. My mom's friend who works in the casino there brought us to the Ilog Maria store. I was surprised and excited since I only know them via the net. I think we did got carried away coz even my hubby bought like eight bars of soap, Spearmint, believed to be good for those with skin asthma. We also got the Propolis Throat Spray since hubby conducts training and might need it to soothe his throat during his runs. I also got one just because I was prone to tonsilitis. Grabbed other soaps too and extra lip balm. Oh, and also trying the shampoo.

My parents bought almost one of everything too! They got the Honey Cider, Fresh Bee Pollen and even candles!!! Beats shopping online!

Now, we have another reason to go to Tagaytay!


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