Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Driven by the Storybook Drive


...and more books

Maybe it's because we hate to lose that we went crazy with our storybook drive. Elaine called Booksale and asked them if we could go straight to their warehouse and buy about P8,700 worth of children's storybook. They said yes, of course! So with Melissa, another officemate, we all trooped to their warehouse in Bicutan last Monday. Thousands of books everywhere!!! I loved it! But I kinda hated the digging we had to do for those storybooks. We were all sweaty (poor Mel she was in her uniform!) and dirty by the end of the day. We got six boxes-full of books.

Tired. Until now it seems I haven't recovered yet. It was worth it though. But I want to come back and buy trashy novels for myself next time.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Last May 19, 2007, a number of people from our sector went to Binangonan, Rizal to be part of an outreach program spearheaded by the Tan Yan Kee Foundation. It's called Brigada Eskwela. It's main thrust is to clean up public schools in preparation for the coming schoolyear. We were sent to Calumpang Elementary School and we fixed one of the buildings there. It's actually the library but half of it is also utilized as a classroom.

The building was indeed in bad condition. There were holes in the roof and parts of the ceiling also needed repairs. What we specifically did was to sweep, remove the bookshelves and chairs, wipe the walls and windows in preparation for our painting, and then painted the windows and walls inside and outside the building. Rollerbrush in hand, we finished in about five hours or so. Actually, there were still a lot things to repair but we were only told to finish the painting for now.

Elaine, Tini (yes, I brought my fiance with me) and I went home sweaty and splattered with paint but very happy with the work we were able to accomplish. It feels good doing good deeds once in awhile.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Technologically Challenged

Struggle!!! Teaching parents to use a computer or even a cellphone is such a struggle! No matter how many times I tell them how to do it they seem to forget everytime and pull me out of my bed late at night or early on a weekend morning. And usually all they need to do is press "Enter".

My mom loves buying gadgets... she has the Nokia Communicator but only knows how to turn it on, answer the phone and send messages. Then recently she bought an Acer Ferrari laptop while she was in Taipei. And she's been bugging me about everything even just how to turn it on. She wants to learn how to chat but every move she does she asks me how to do it like I haven't been teaching her for the past week! Argh!

She's proud she already knows how send emails already. Now she's asking help how to attach files. Yeah... that's gonna take me another two weeks I think.

What bugs me is those who could actually operate yummy laptops like those can't afford it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

My Red Nails

How vain! You know why I didn't vote? I just got a mani-ped at Dashing Diva in Beauty Bar, Rockwell yesterday and I didn't wanna ruin my slutty red nails.

Sorry Philippines... I failed you. I'd rather keep my new mani-ped clean and nice than vote.

That's my contribution to our society.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Polka on my feet

Metallic Polka Dots

I've been wanting this limited edition Havaianas for quite sometime now. Unfortunately it's not available here in the Philippines. Not in All Flip Flops or those regular Havies stores. But while surfing in Multiply (my favorite site now coz of all the online shops I find), I came across someone selling this specific style although it's not as cheap as I hoped it would be. It's about $21-$23 in the US but they're selling it for almost P1,800 here, about P700 difference. That's pretty big! I could buy it but I promised myself I'd stop buying flip flops for while. Just until the wedding is done.

Or could you add Havaianas in the bridal registry? I want the pink one... Just wondering...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

White Lady

I am looking for a white or cream dress for our wedding invitation photoshoot. It should be a little bit long, maybe somewhat flowy and virginal looking (ahem!). Whenever I go to a mall I'd check out the dresses but some scream "slutty" while the others lack the umph I need for a photoshoot. I know I could just have someone sew me a nice one but I'm on a tight budget and unless I can get someone to do it for P2,500 or less I'd rather not. Maybe you guys can suggest stores I can go to, to save me time rummaging through malls and shops.

But if I had a gazillion of money, I'd probably get something like these...

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka

Derek Lam

Elie Saab

Elie Saab

Tracy Reese

Zac Posen

Some of these are a season or two old already but I'm after the color and style. Sigh! Dream!

(photos courtesy of


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