Friday, February 25, 2011

Longing for LONGCHAMP

My favorite weekend bags are my Longchamps. My mom and I have collected a few in different colors and sizes. It's quite addicting really. During my mom's recent trip to London, she got these...

But I'm quite scared of using the last two bags being white and all. I'm so clumsy with white bags, stained my white Gucci bag once beyond repair. 

Well, been looking at other designs lately. I'm liking these,

from the Rickshaw line

Jeremy Scott design
Le Pliage is a great mommy bag. I just throw everything in. I still want a personalized one. Have to work on that soon...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Online Garage Sale Here!

I'm holding an online garage sale of some of my clothes that some, I have barely worn. While the others I never got the chance to wear anymore. I've been keeping these clothes in the hopes of losing weight and fitting into them again. But alas... looks like I should give up.

Feel free to browse. Leave a message or email me at for inquiries and I'll get back to you. Shipping fee will be shouldered by the buyer. Most likely I'll use LBC. But if you get three items or more, shipping will be free.

For now, these are mostly clothes. Thanks!

Glitterati skirt bought from bazaar. Waist approx. 26" and length 18.5". Worn only once (P300)

I think this was also a bazaar find. Textured cowl-neck top worn twice (P150)

Black lace-y skirt with white lining. Waist approx. 25" and length almost 24". Worn thrice (P300)

Tube top made of stretch fabric (longer than a shirt but shorter than a dress) from Whoops! Size small, worn only once (one of my bday parties - P350).

Brown bolero from Mimi never been worn. Size small (P250).

Skirt from SM's Redhead worn once. Size medium, waist is approx. 26" and length is 15.5" (P250).

Freeway denim skirt. Small size. Waist is approx. 26" and length 32". I think worn only thrice (P350).

Strapless dress from US never been worn (coz chest area is loose... go figure). Size small, bust area is around 32" and waist is 26" (P500).

BCBL Skirt made of softs, stretch chiffon-y fabric. Waist approx 25", length 24". Worn four? five times? (P300).

Denim skirt with asymmetrical hem from Mink (one of the old brands of Chocolate). Size 8, waist approx. 26" (P300).

Skirt from Endless Spirit (also former brand of Chocolate). Size 6, waist approx. 26" and length 23.5". (P300)

I'm still trying to clean my closet for other stuff. As much as I want to keep these, closet ain't big enough. So, I hope they find a nice home.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hi again Melissa!

Last Saturday I went around Greenbelt with my barkada-soon-to-be-cousin-in-law-shopping-buddy (wew!) after watching the play Joy Luck Club. Visited Anthem and Mix and I fell in love all over again with Melissa shoes!!!

Well, the thing is, while I really find the shoes comfy and stylish, I can't wear them being plastic and all. But, damn! the new styles can pass off as leather shoes! 

But I want one in blue...

...or maybe this coral shade...

Nice right?! But these are cute too!

I especially like the last ones... love the cherry design. I also saw a couple for little girls! How adorable is that?!

See... some plastics aren't so bad...

Thursday, February 10, 2011


In honor of the Year of the Rabbit, online store HEYWHEREYOU.COM is holding a sale of Binky Burrow shirts!

Buy a Binky Burrow mystery grab bag for only P549 and you get two random shirts and a Binky Burrow notebook. 

Now I have three Binky Burrow shirts in my closet!

Imagine two shirts for P549... that's a steal! Sale is on until this Saturday, Feb. 12 only. So let your fingers do the hopping and go shopping! Oh gosh... did I just make up that rhyme?!

Note: HEYWHEREYOU.COM delivers for free anywhere in the Philippines. 

I Want!

Ack! So many nice stuff I want to buy! But with a baby in the household, gotta prioritize spending. 

But I really want this pair of wedge boots from Anthology...

 NYC Wedge Booties

I've been dying to get a pair for more than a month now. Just trying to stop myself! But don't they look so beautiful?! I'd wear them with my favorite denim shorts and button down shirt. Would be lovely to pair them with an 11" Cambridge Satchel too... teehee...

I've limited my trips to the mall but end up window shopping online... ngek!

(photo taken from Anthology Facebook site)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Grab this Bag!

All I can do is shake my head. Ay naku! So many beautiful bags, so little money! Haha! 

My evil friend... MFO, is at it again. She loves to tempt us with new and beautiful things like these Cambridge Satchels!

These are available in Schu Shops but I hear it's out of stock already. You might need to pre-order coz it's selling like hotcakes! You can check out the sizes and prices on their Facebook page here

I've been resisting getting one but everytime I visit MFO's blog I get drawn to it more and more! And so many colors to choose from... darn!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Lip Love

I just can't get enough of C.O. Bigelow tinted lip balms! Blogged about it before and I'm blogging it again now! Thank you to my relatives for sending me more! This time have the tinted ones...

I swear by this product. Conditions my lips and has that peppermint taste I love. Anybody going to NY, ask them to swing by the shop and get you some. Or just order online.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Did I say it right?

I should wear red tomorrow... just to make sure luck comes my way this year. But wish I had these to wear...

Alexa bag in Watermelon

Prada woven shoes S/S 2011

Bottega Veneta Magma Calf

Oh, and a body to fit in this Herve Leger dress

Happy Chinese New Year!!!


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