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I just recently received my first TOMS last Mother's Day. Hubby got it from this store near his office. He told me about the Style Your Sole on May 15. Me thinks I wanna go!

TOMS Style Your Sole will come to Trilogy! Check out Trilogy's site or TOMS Philippines Facebook site.

Anna Sui for Fitflops

Fashion icon Anna Sui designs for Fitflops!

"Laser-etched flowers adorn an earthy wood-finish sandal designed by fashion icon Anna Sui. Special multidensity midsole with microwobbleboard™ technology stimulates your leg muscles as you walk, giving you a mini workout in every step. Leather upper/microfiber lining/rubber sole."
It comes in white and black. I hear it might not be available in the Philippines but you can order now online at Nordstrom and other US stores for $84.95, or maybe ask relatives from the US to get you a pair.

I love my own Fitflops! I love the benefits from using it, although I don't get to use it as often as I wished. I've been a fan since I first blogged about it last year and I'm happy their styles have evloved. Seen styles with gems and others with sequins (my mom has the gold ones). Grab a pair and like they say, walk your way to fitness!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Pasalubong

I love being a girl! Got my pasalubong from my mom. I can't wait to use them! 

it's the magic box!!!

this is actually OUR bag... my mom and I will be sharing this... hehehe

some Tory Burch

my NARS Orgasm is almost gone so had to ask for one. the lipstick is Liberty by London in Petals and Peacocks... make up is definitely cheaper there! MAC lipsticks are just $14 or P600++. It sold P950 here!

It's not the quantity but the quality... love all my gifts!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It's true happiness to be a mother! Thanks to my husband and son for the early greeting and gift... I love the gift! Hehehehe... wonder how they knew I wanted one?!

My husband chose well...


My mom will be arriving tonight with some post-mother's day loot! So excited!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mother's Day Gift #5

These are mommies' power tools to keep us beautiful...

Make up brushes from JAPONESQUE, creators of professional make up brushes and other make up accessories and tools for the past 20 years. Mommies on the go will enjoy this professional grade brushes. Tubes and cases will keep it handy, even inside babies' diaper bags!

Touch Up Tube set (available in different colors)

Beautiful Eyes Touch Up Tube Set 

Silhouette Brush Set

Kimono Brush Set

JAPONESQUE is available in Beauty Bar

Mother's Day Gift #4

Take mommy out of a date, just not this mother's day but in a few months time...

Legally Blonde the Musical featuring Nikki Gil as Elle Woods will be running next month.

Broadway musical hit show CATS will feature Leah Salonga...

C'mon daddies... I know you guys cringe when we say "musical" but we'll love you even more if you sit there with us...

Mother's Day Gift #3

I previously blogged about TOMS Shoes before. This one is definitely on my wishlist (hubby... hope you read this one... I'm a size 6 by the way).

I still haven't had the chance to buy a  pair. Haven't been shopping that much. But in case divine intervention happens and my husband somehow got lost and reads this blog... a Bridgeport Linen Classic in any color will do...

This is a great gift for any mommy (or anybody!). Us mommies  love our comfort you know! And style is great as well! 
Incidentally, go visit Nothing But H2O, Trinoma this weekend for Style Your Own SOLE Weekend.

TOMS Shoes are available in Shoe Salon, Jump and Nothing But H2O

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mother's Day Gift #2

Crystal Skull ring

These rockin' blings from Jessica Kagan Cushman will put the right "umph" in your outfit. Mommies doesn't have to look "mommy-ish". Don't be deceived by the skull designs. Here's more...

Crowned Skull ring

Skull, Moon and Stars necklace

 Cuffs in resin
Here's some nature-inspired items...

Serpent cuff in gold

and silver

Log ring in gold

with matching earrings

Bark cuff in gold

Let's go to the forest..

Marcello Fejer Varya cuff

Shabby Chic Mastotermitida cuff

Stella cuff

The Shroom Cuff

Although I'd like a cuff on Mother's day, I'm okay not to get one. But hope this post would inspire the hubby...

Also available at Vivre Notes


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