Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mother's Day Gift #2

Crystal Skull ring

These rockin' blings from Jessica Kagan Cushman will put the right "umph" in your outfit. Mommies doesn't have to look "mommy-ish". Don't be deceived by the skull designs. Here's more...

Crowned Skull ring

Skull, Moon and Stars necklace

 Cuffs in resin
Here's some nature-inspired items...

Serpent cuff in gold

and silver

Log ring in gold

with matching earrings

Bark cuff in gold

Let's go to the forest..

Marcello Fejer Varya cuff

Shabby Chic Mastotermitida cuff

Stella cuff

The Shroom Cuff

Although I'd like a cuff on Mother's day, I'm okay not to get one. But hope this post would inspire the hubby...

Also available at Vivre Notes

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