Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Gift #1

Just some gift ideas for mommies... like me for Mother's Day (hint! hint!).

For OC moms, here's something you'll really appreciate. It's a journal for your child's medical history. It's available at Fullybooked for P1,800.

The Dr. Mom Health Journal is a collaboration between like-minded mums and doctors. It is a concise and thorough record of your child's health history from age 0-16. Having one central book to record all your child's health-related events is essential, as memories fade over time. The information here will provide clues and answers into health and psychological issues later on in life. The baby book includes: records of clinic visits, growth charts, baby monitoring sheets, comprehensive medical and hospitalization records, important contact details, and special pages for mommy notes, mementos and your child's drawings.

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