Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Customized Le Pliage

On of my closest friends went to Europe recently for work. She passed by Paris and I didn't ask her to get me anything. I couldn't think of something that my budget could afford.

Days later I remembered! Cath Kidston and Longchamp!!! But unfortunately by the time I texted she left London already and the Longchamp Le Pliage she found in the airport was not what I wanted. I saw the Longchamps she bought and was so jealous!

Weeks from now my mom and my brother is going to NYC (bro is going to school). I am making an effort to research on stuff I want them to get.

First off is a customized Longchamp Le Pliage. Yes, like LVs, Longchamps can be customized too!

Chose a navy blue base with red stripes. Also has a nickel hardware and my name in navy blue embroidery.

You can get your customized bag in four easy ways! You can choose between a Cabas or a Le Pliage. Since I'm a bit on a budget, I'm getting Le Pliage. 

Check out the site on how to do it. The site I used is for US but there's also one available in Singapore. Easier delivery to the Philippines.

The next item on my list is... well, wait for it. Give me time to surf on the net.

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