Thursday, April 29, 2004

Vindictive Women

I had this teacher who hates women. It would take ten guys before he would call a girl for recitation. No, it's not that she can't see us, but she chooses not to see us. How do I know this? Well, she deliberately ignored me several times already! And I know she saw me because I had eye contact with her!!! But I could feel she was just looking right through me. Like I wasn't there! And then she would call the guy behind me or beside me. What is this? What does this mean? Classic case of women being vindictive to other women? I have concocted several theories about this... (1) She feels threatened because I'm a young, nubile girl so ripe for the picking, while she's a woman in her mid-thirties with no prospects for a husband and no sex life to look forward to. (2) She feels threatened because not only do I have sex appeal, but I'm smart as well! She has only one of my traits. (3) her boyfriend dumped her for a young, fresh, and smart girl... Like me... Okay, okay, maybe all of these are way unbelievable. But is it?! Actually, she does it to all of us... girls that is. I also noticed a different kind of smile, just for the boys. Or maybe a lilting tone on her voice when she asks them a question. And sometimes, even a small giggle escapes her.

In reality, I think girls can be very vindictive when they want to. Personally, I'm way up the vindictive chart . My boyfriend usually complains about it since he gets all the crap. All my friends know how bitchy I can get. I can't help it! I feel like throwing up everytime I try to be cute and cuddly. Everytime I try to act like a dainty, little virgin girl, I get rashes all over! But deep down inside, I still know how to appreciate people. I wait until people show me their evil side before I show my fangs. And I don't get all snappish to girls only, I give the guys their fair share!

It's not really bad being a bitch as long as you know your limits. To my teacher, I say...I weigh less than a hundred, can eat anything I want and still stay about you?!

Monday, April 26, 2004

My Bro, the Voyeur!

Check out my brother's photo gallery linked on this page. He has found a passion in photography... a very expensive passion, I might add! I know he's a pesky little boy but, he really has a way with cameras. (

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Virgin Blogger

I'm a virgin in this blog thing... just thought of putting up one to release my pent-up emotions while I'm here in grad school. Oh yes! I'm in grad school. I used to be in law school but I realized that it wasn't for me. Then I went to work for an airline. I was with the baggage department. It was hell and heaven at the same time. It was fun but working night shift and getting cussed at by irrate passengers took its toll on me. So, I transferred to a recording company. Nah, I wasn't a singer. But I hang around with many of them. The social life was great but pay was awful. I finally decided I needed to stop all these nonsense and do something about my life. So, here I am. In grad school... staying in the dorm. It's not all that fun but the friends I found and the experience I'm getting makes it worthwhile. I just hope I get more than I invested... or rather... more than my parents invested.

I just have a little over a year left... let's see what's in store for me then...


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