Saturday, November 29, 2008

MAC Loves Pussy! Meow!

I dedicate this post to one of my BFF's... Wip, who loves everything Hello Kitty. I feel like I'm in a Sanrio shop whenever I ride her car. And since she started her kikay streak... she's loving make up too! A passion I can now share with her aside from shopping.

I was browsing Beauty Snob and found this post! Remember when MAC came out with a Barbie collection? Well, this time MAC will be coming out with a Hello Kitty Collection around February next year. That's in Canada and US. It will probably trickle down here in the Philippines late summer. There will be two collections: Hello Kitty Colour and Hello Kitty Kouture. Full details are still hush-hush for now.

How can you not love this collection?! First of all, it's MAC. I so love MAC. My mom is a huge fan and sources her stash straight from Canada. I just borrow most of her stuff while I try to build my own collection.

Second, it's Hello Kitty?! Even if I've outgrown this lovely pussy, I still gush over anything Hello Kitty! I just don't buy them anymore. I don't think my husband will appreciate sleeping in a room full of pink stuff even if he loves cats. Especially since our baby is a boy.

Lastly, although color is extra funky for my taste, there's some items there I can incorporate in my daily look. A little bit more pink in my cheecks and lips won't be too bad.

My friend Wip said she won't be spending for herself anymore this year... that's good! She can save up for her MAC Hello Kitty Collection for next year.

(image and news from WWD & Beauty Snob)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Let's Save Our Mother

I know I shouldn't be posting this since I'll be giving these bags to some of my friends for Christmas... heehee... but I just had to share these quirky bags that really makes a statement: "Let's take care of Mother Earth"

Yes, plastics are all good, re-usable and everything... but also non-biodegradable. Why can't we learn to bring our own bags ourselves! These bags from Mother Earth are Earth-friendly since their made of canvas and recycled flour sacks. Their sturdy enough to tote your heavy grocery stuff. But don't worry, they don't look like any katsa bags... they have funny quotes and cute designs that will definitely make you want to carry these around.

These are just some of my faves...

recycled flour sacks with embellishments

isn't this the fourth commandment or something?!

love this one!

Mother Earth eco-bags are available at

2009 Havies Collection

My feet are terribly swollen lately that I end up wearing flip flops most of the time... except at work. And now that the 2009 Collection of Havaianas are out already, I'm sooooo tempted to buy again!

But maybe I'll get a pair of Baby Estampas for my little one instead...

Again, for all the Havies addicts out there... get your season's favorites now!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


How I wish I could start wearing heels already! New styles are out now at one of my fave shoe stores, SCHU!

I'm so done with flats that's why I was drawn to these styles. Just have to wait a few more weeks (or maybe til the swelling goes down) before I can run to the store and grab these lovely shoes...

available also in grey... but like this one, just because it's funky to wear yellow...

animal print always spell... s-e-x-y!

just because i love wedges!

Check out the other styles in the stores. Lots of flats and sandals too... Oh, and by the way... if my shoe size doesn't go back to what it was before, that gives me license to shop for new shoes right?!

(photos courtesy of Schu's Multiply site)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, what else is new?!

I can't believe I had nothing to blog about for the past weeks. It's probably because I'm approaching my 33rd week and people around me are so protective of me.

No malls. No bazaars. Ack! So, my Christmas list is still just that... a list. Nothing accomplished. And it will probably take some sneaking out for me to get it started. Thing is, I get tired easily too which makes shopping even harder.

There's also not much for me to check on the net. No new stuff that gets me excited. Unless you consider electric breast pumps... been checking those out...

My hands are swollen and my feet are a full size bigger already. I've gone to rummaging my mom's shoe closet to wear to work. I've stopped checking out shoes on the net. No use teasing myself when I can't go buy them.

The closer to the finish line, the more impatient I get. I hope I can still go back to my old size (or close to it!) both for my clothing and shoes!

Oh, but something to look forward to... I'm planning to attend the debut of the Holiday collection of the different brands in Greenbelt 4 this Thursday! Got invites through my mom. Brands like Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. will be launching their newest lines. Theme is "silver chic". I'm still thinking if my tummy will let me wear my silver dress...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Having a baby? Go on a Babymoon!!!

I learned a new word today, Babymoon.

I caught my cousin in the US online and we chat for awhile. Although I was the eldest among the cousins, she was the first one who got married and had a baby. Come to think of it, I'm her daughter's ninang! I sent her pics of our baby Magnus and she asked if we had a babymoon already.


She told me to google it.

According to, a Babymoon is a vacation taken by expecting parents, or sometimes, new parents. It's a chance for the mom and dad to get some pampering before the sleepless nights and stress of being parents start to kick in.

For pregnant women, ideally, the second trimester is the best time to go on a babymoon since nausea and the other awful pregnancy related feelings will have passed (hopefully!). Safety is critical during the first trimester and the threat of going on labor during the last trimester makes it difficult to travel too. But of course, doctor's approval is a must specially for high risk pregnancies.

Some parents do this within the fourth to sixth weeks when the child is born. That is, if you have the heart to leave your baby for a few nights with a nanny. Or if here in the Philippines, with the grandparents.

Where to go for your babymoon?! Find a place with pampering activities like prenatal massages and other spa services. Maybe a resort or if scared to go far, a nice hotel around town. For me, a hotel would be enough just as long as it has a great buffet!

I told my husband about this and we do really want one last trip before Magnus arrives. We would've wanted to do it on our anniversary but I might give birth already by then! Hmmm... a long weekend is coming up soon. Maybe I should really plan something for us.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Phone in question for Urban Bazaar

Sigh! Oct. 24-25 was a bit hectic for me I didn't get to go to the Urban Bazaar. Now I'm trying to look for one of the sellers online but can't seem to find their site. Or maybe they don't have one. So, any of you who knows how I can get in touch with The Organizer’s & VM Storage Experts... please leave a message. I have a storage box I'd like to order for my baby. Went shopping for him already and I have nowhere to put all his stuff.

I remember they had a chest-type storage big enough for toys. And it could be personalized too. I remember getting their contact number during the September bazaar but couldn't find the flyer or card anymore.

Sigh... dang! Where did I put those stuff anyway?!

Final call for HAVIANAS lovers!

For almost a month, Havaianas is giving us a chance to grab those 2008 styles we wanted to have but never got around buying.

Too bad I kept myself updated. Would've enjoyed the discount...

Monday, November 03, 2008


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