Friday, November 07, 2008

Having a baby? Go on a Babymoon!!!

I learned a new word today, Babymoon.

I caught my cousin in the US online and we chat for awhile. Although I was the eldest among the cousins, she was the first one who got married and had a baby. Come to think of it, I'm her daughter's ninang! I sent her pics of our baby Magnus and she asked if we had a babymoon already.


She told me to google it.

According to, a Babymoon is a vacation taken by expecting parents, or sometimes, new parents. It's a chance for the mom and dad to get some pampering before the sleepless nights and stress of being parents start to kick in.

For pregnant women, ideally, the second trimester is the best time to go on a babymoon since nausea and the other awful pregnancy related feelings will have passed (hopefully!). Safety is critical during the first trimester and the threat of going on labor during the last trimester makes it difficult to travel too. But of course, doctor's approval is a must specially for high risk pregnancies.

Some parents do this within the fourth to sixth weeks when the child is born. That is, if you have the heart to leave your baby for a few nights with a nanny. Or if here in the Philippines, with the grandparents.

Where to go for your babymoon?! Find a place with pampering activities like prenatal massages and other spa services. Maybe a resort or if scared to go far, a nice hotel around town. For me, a hotel would be enough just as long as it has a great buffet!

I told my husband about this and we do really want one last trip before Magnus arrives. We would've wanted to do it on our anniversary but I might give birth already by then! Hmmm... a long weekend is coming up soon. Maybe I should really plan something for us.

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kong-chu said...

I visited Bob in UK, we went around Scotland and London for our babymoon, hehe! My dream of seeing scottish castles was fulfilled and we got to see Wicked The Musical at London West End.

yup, it was my second trim then and I felt good. No nausea and my appetite was back. It was great!

Make the most out of yours!!!! :)


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