Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Blairbitch is on a break

Will take a break from blogging for awhile to pay respects to one of our best buds who went back home to God.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Even Idols get sick too...

I was watching tonight's American Idol and I saw a couple of them sick with flu and bronchitis. So I guess we're not far from the pack. My husband has been sick for several days already and even if we did try to sleep in different beds (me on our bed and him on our sofa bed), it's really impossible not catching the flu from him since we're still staying in one room.

As much as I'd love to take a day off from work, it's my first week in the office so...

I'm off to bed to get some rest. I'll let Tini take care of our daughter, San Cai, on his own.

San Cai is our first born and she's a Siamese cat. Hehehe...

This is just taken from my camera phone. Imagine what I could do with a real nice camera. Sniff... sniff...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Commuter Girl

I'm not a sosy kolehiyala but I'm not a true blue jologs either. But I have to admit that I seldom commute. The last time I actually did, I was still in college. Which was more than ten years ago. I just didn't have the chance. I always had a car and even when I couldn't bring my car because of coding, there was always an extra in the house I could use.

Today, I call myself a real working girl because I finally got commute. For real! Like jeep and FX commuting! It was my first day in my new job. My office is now in Makati where parking fees are super expensive. Not worth it to bring a car. But great thing about Makati is there's always some shuttle going anywhere! This morning my sweet hubby brought me to work. He insisted he wait for me. I had to put my foot down and said no. I needed to learn. So, he went home after eating lunch with me.

I texted all my friends who I knew were experts in commuting. They told me the good spots where FXs where abound. I also had to ask how much the fare was. I decided to take the shuttle straight to SSS Village at the Jupiter terminal. But to get there I had to take a jeepney ride from my building all the way to Makati Ave. and Buendia intersection.

It took me a little over an hour and P52.50 to get home tonight. I was so proud of myself. Tomorrow, I will be taking the shuttle again. This time from Marikina to Makati. It's truly an accomplishment for me. Moi who hates walking and getting myself dirty from pollution. What a feat!

I'm dead tired now from my adventure. Wew! I hope I'm not this tired going to work tomorrow.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gossip Girl now in the Phil

I was worried, with the writers strike and all, that this show wouldn't reach our shores anymore. But thanks to ETC, we can all be part of the world of the privileged teens of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Welcome the Gossip Girl!

For me, the show is like The OC meets Cruel Intentions. Typical teen angst with occasional teenage sex and cat fights between BFFs. But who cares, it's fun to watch and very addictive. I almost bought the pirated dvd of this one ever since I heard about this show months ago. But the strike came and I sort of waited till more episodes came out before I'd buy the series. I guess now I don't have to.

The show revolves around the lives of Serena and Blair, best friends who had to face some tough realities about their friendship and their lives. Other personalities that will add color and drama are Nate (Blair's boyfriend), Chuck (the typical bad boy), Dan (the not-so-rich kid) and Jenny (Dan's younger sister). Then there's Gossip Girl, the mysterious but omniscient non-visible character who knows everything about everyone.

Love the plot, love the fashion and love Manhattan. Just some reasons why I run home every Tuesday night. Wednesdays and Thursdays are for American Idol, of course.

(Gossip Girl: 8pm every Tuesday on ETC)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tina Turner and Beyonce at the 2008 Grammy's

I've always been a Tina Turner fan... this is awesome!

Click... click...

I didn't realize I was so attached to my camera until mine died a month ago. I've been having withdrawal symptoms ever since. So sad I've been missing more and more nonsensical stuff to shoot for my blog.

I'm still gathering my finances to buy a new one. It will probably take a month more. Sniff.

In the meantime, I'll just torture myself a little bit more... this time I checked out the Nikon Coolpix line. I like 'em just because they look very pretty...





Puleeez! Let me win the lotto! My best friend suggests Ambassador in Greenhills. Her boyfriend suggests Quiapo. I need moolah first.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hit me bebeh one more time!

I decided to put a site meter to monitor the hits on my blog. I know, it's pathetic and it will probably be zilch. Hahaha!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I heart NY!!!

Sigh... I want one. Saw this at The Bag Snob and I couldn't get it off my mind anymore.

Have my shopping days ended?!

The proceeds for the bag actually goes to charity. I should go and support whatever cause that is right????

The bag is available at Gucci's new flagship store at 725 5th Avenue and comes in three sizes (Small-$570, Medium-$640, Large-$690). Not bad huh?! I wonder if it will ever visit Philippine's shores...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Almost a K.O.

Sigh. Injuries caused by tripping over something is so very grade school, don't you think?!

It was partly embarrassing, partly hilarious, but a hundred percent painful for me to trip over my friend's feet and hit my face on the wall right in front of me while going in the office yesterday. For a few minutes I actually blacked out. I was on the floor covering my face when my friend turned around. She though I was laughing. But I couldn't stand up because of the pain and also I really was woozy.

Medics were called. Bruised and swollen. Worried about my repaired nose most of all. My knees also had bruises. I was sent to the hospital for an x-ray for possible head trauma. I was also sent home to rest.

All in all, I look like I went to a Pacquiao fight and K.O.ed on the first round.

I'm home now resting. My body is still sore.


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