Monday, February 18, 2008

Commuter Girl

I'm not a sosy kolehiyala but I'm not a true blue jologs either. But I have to admit that I seldom commute. The last time I actually did, I was still in college. Which was more than ten years ago. I just didn't have the chance. I always had a car and even when I couldn't bring my car because of coding, there was always an extra in the house I could use.

Today, I call myself a real working girl because I finally got commute. For real! Like jeep and FX commuting! It was my first day in my new job. My office is now in Makati where parking fees are super expensive. Not worth it to bring a car. But great thing about Makati is there's always some shuttle going anywhere! This morning my sweet hubby brought me to work. He insisted he wait for me. I had to put my foot down and said no. I needed to learn. So, he went home after eating lunch with me.

I texted all my friends who I knew were experts in commuting. They told me the good spots where FXs where abound. I also had to ask how much the fare was. I decided to take the shuttle straight to SSS Village at the Jupiter terminal. But to get there I had to take a jeepney ride from my building all the way to Makati Ave. and Buendia intersection.

It took me a little over an hour and P52.50 to get home tonight. I was so proud of myself. Tomorrow, I will be taking the shuttle again. This time from Marikina to Makati. It's truly an accomplishment for me. Moi who hates walking and getting myself dirty from pollution. What a feat!

I'm dead tired now from my adventure. Wew! I hope I'm not this tired going to work tomorrow.

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