Thursday, April 28, 2005

What the F*&%?!!!!

I just have to get this out of my chest... it's really depressing me! Ever since I came home from the dorm I've made it a point to watch American Idol regularly. For the last couple of weeks there seems to be something wrong with the American public! Hello... they've been voting out the really, really good ones! Last week it was Anwar. C'mon! His rendition of Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire were amazing! And then... and then... omigosh! Today they voted out one my ultimate favorite -- Constantine! I'm really a rocker chick and I've been rooting for Bo and Constantine. I think it's about time for a rocker to win American Idol. I like Constantine a little more than Bo coz Bo just has too much hair for my taste... I'm a little bit apprehensive with guys with better hair than I do. And Constantine's cleft chin is sooooo cute!

I don't know what these Americans were thinking still keeping Scott over Constantine or Anwar. It's really sad! Even Paula Abdul cried... she came up to Constantine's parents and hugged them. Awww... so sweet!

Now, all I have is Bo as my main man!

Rock on!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

What's In A nickName?

I can tell how long I've been friends with someone by the name they call me. People I met after high school call me Conci, a name given to me by my childhood friend, Willa, during high school. It's actually a name of a director of a Martin Nievera show called MAD, Martin After Dark. He would say "Conci, just do it!" It kinda stuck with the rest of my barkada. I never knew how it was suppose to be spelled. I figured c-o-n-c-i looked sensible enough. Now, even though I had another nickname, I used Conci coz it sounded more... mature? However, Conci still seem to be still long for some and would be cut down to Cons.

My classmates in St. Scholastica's Academy of Marikina would call me by my first name, Mericon, especially those in grade school. A coined name from my two grandmothers: Mercedes and Consuelo. My mom just added i in the middle. My brother had a coined name too from our two grandfathers: Juan (John) and Eliodoro... thus, Johnel. My parents say its a tribute to their parents. Now I'm thinking, should I look for a husband whose parents name match mine to continue the tradition?

All my cousins and even some people who are really close to me would call me by my real nickname given to me by my parents, Con-con. Typical in Filipinos to have names said twice... Jun-jun, Len-len, Tin-tin, etc. In my father's province I'm Manang Con-con... and in my mother's province I'm Ate Con-Con. My mom, of course, calls me Mericon especially when she's mad at me.

My guitar teacher when I was 12 years old thought my name was spelled separately... Mary Con... he would call me Mary. It made me cringe!

My favorite history teacher in college, Fr. Laiff (rest his soul!), would pronounce my name Conchi. He is Italian after all.

Well, whatever name I'm called it's still me. But... anybody wanna call me mine? Hahaha!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Moments in a Bottle

I’ve always wished I could bottle up my favorite moments in my life so I could simply open one whenever I feel I need some happy moments to perk me up. I’ll keep them on a shelf so I won’t to forget how each moment made me feel, like the burst of sweetness in my mouth the first time I bite into my favorite chocolate bar… or seeing my best friend’s baby daughter for the first time… or the warmth of a friend’s embrace while I quietly cry because of someone or something… or when I’m by the beach gazing at the night sky studded with stars and I feel completely at peace... or the scent of the breath right before a loving kiss.

Actually, I don’t have many of those moments, probably that’s why I’d love to keep them forever.

In My Life

In my lifetime, I have witnessed two EDSA Revolutions... three if you count the crappy Edsa Rally for Erap. I experienced one huge earthquake when I was in 6th grade. Also the Mt. Pinatubo erupting almost around the same time too. There were also the two Middle East Wars... one when I was in the 5th grade, I think. And about three years ago too. There was also the unforgettable 9/11 tragedy. It even happened while I was working for an American airline company.

Now, I witness the election of a new pope. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger from Germany will be known as Pope Benedict XVI, the 265th pope of the Catholic Church.

No disrespect to the new pope but I was hoping for a Jesuit though!

Alisa and I really have to visit the Vatican now!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Last Frontier

The view of our beach Posted by Hello

Last tuesday, I flew to Palawan with friends: Gustaf, Matt, and Ellie. With just a plane ticket and the Lonely Planet for our guide we started our adventure.

We landed in Puerto Princesa and we decided to take the two-hour jeepney ride to Sabang. When we got there, I loved it immediately. The resorts by the beach were only cottages. We stayed at the last one called Michi's. I imagined it to be really crappy but I was pleasantly surprised how well kept the place was, considering the surroundings. There was a fan and bathroom... there was even a toilet seat and tissue! The boys were actually betting which of us girls would be the ultimate princess. I think we both proved oursleves capable of traveling ala ISEP style!

However, food choices were not very extensive but good enough. We only tried three places and the two even have exactly the same menu! We stayed in Sabang for two nights. On our second day we took the jungle trail to the underground river. Yes, I trekked more than 4kms in my Havaianas! Poor sandals! Poor toes! But I think I did very well keeping up with my buddies especially Gustaf with his legs a mile long!

The days were spent under the sun and the nights swimming in our own beach. The place seemed untouched by civilization. No cell signal... no electricity (a generator runs from 6pm-10pm only)... and not much people. On our third day, we left Sabang to go back to Puerto Princesa. We stayed at Casa Linda, a place recommended by Mr. Ernie Lim, a son of Capt. Lim, our professor in AIM. He invited us to join his family for dinner. He moved his whole family when he took an early retirement ten years ago. When we asked why Palawan, he answered "Coz, it's the last frontier..." I couldn't have said it any better! The next day we went island hopping at Honda Bay. We went snorkeling in a place they call Snake Island... no snakes though! Just fishes very protective of their reef, two even bit me on my thighs! Then, went to move on to Starfish Island... full of starfish... and had lunch. We stayed there for more sun worshipping and snorkeling. On our last night we walked around the town, had some drinks and good conversation.

The next day we went back to Manila... a lot more tanned and a little less a stranger in my own country. It's actually embarrassing that my foreign friends saw more of Philippines in their short stay here than I ever did my whole life! But that will change. I'm definitely going to try to travel more!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I have created a photosite to share my pictures of my travels in the next few months. I'll be taking a three month long vacation to different parts of the world... visiting friends and relatives in Europe, US, and Canada.

Well... I'll be posting old trips as well. So, feel free to browse through it.

Oooohhh... I'll be needing a spankin' new camera!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Officially Unemployed

I will be attending my last MBA class in AIM later. We'll be having a dimsum party in our Channels Management class.

Finally, the two years are over.

I am officially among the unemployed.

But that's not what's making me sad right now. It is saying goodbye to the life I've known for the past two years... the lifelong friendships that I found... the teachers I've grown to respect... and the good and bad memories of simply being here in school. I've found myself here and matured without even realizing it. Now, I'm being thrown back into the real world and part of me is very excited coz I know there's so many new things I'd like to try. The other part of me is worried that I'll fail. Then my two years would have been for naught. But I entered AIM thinking failure is not an option... so I'm going out with the same mindset.

Tonight is also our Tigers' Night, the yearly farewell party for the graduating batch given by the freshmen. Although it seems it wasn't well planned like last year (oh yeah! we did that party that's why it was the best!) I'm still dropping by and say my goodbyes to some of my classmates.

To MBA2005... goodluck to all of us! See you again soon!

MBA2005... Studied hard, partied harder!!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Not A Snob!!!

Yesterday I noticed the mattress on Alisa's bed was back (I had it removed when she left). There were clean sheets, blankets, pillows. Wow, I think I'll sleep here tonight! I thought. After all, I forgot to bring clean sheets for my bed.

Later that afternoon, Jaraiza and Tintin told me I had a new roommate. What the f*&%! was what I thought. I didn't want any new roommate! I got used to having the room for myself already. And the only roommate I want was Alisa! They say she was old (definition of old for us is anybody over thirty!) and was taking a short program here in school. Probably from the province and opted to stay in the dorm than in a hotel.

I didn't sleep in the dorm last night and when I came back this morning her bed was made up. She was gone for the day already. An hour ago, I just got back from dinner with classmates and she's already all covered up from head to toe, sleeping. Will I ever meet my elusive roommate? Jaraiza is alone in her room and invited me to sleep in Tintin's bed. Well, after our dinner conversation about ghosts and the unknown world... she got scared sleeping alone. I think I might accept her invitation. I'm not really being a snob. The dorm hasn't felt like my home ever since I was left alone. A new roommate won't make a difference.

So, I guess it'll be a slumber party for me and Jaraiza.

Good night!


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