Thursday, April 28, 2005

What the F*&%?!!!!

I just have to get this out of my chest... it's really depressing me! Ever since I came home from the dorm I've made it a point to watch American Idol regularly. For the last couple of weeks there seems to be something wrong with the American public! Hello... they've been voting out the really, really good ones! Last week it was Anwar. C'mon! His rendition of Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire were amazing! And then... and then... omigosh! Today they voted out one my ultimate favorite -- Constantine! I'm really a rocker chick and I've been rooting for Bo and Constantine. I think it's about time for a rocker to win American Idol. I like Constantine a little more than Bo coz Bo just has too much hair for my taste... I'm a little bit apprehensive with guys with better hair than I do. And Constantine's cleft chin is sooooo cute!

I don't know what these Americans were thinking still keeping Scott over Constantine or Anwar. It's really sad! Even Paula Abdul cried... she came up to Constantine's parents and hugged them. Awww... so sweet!

Now, all I have is Bo as my main man!

Rock on!

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