Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dazzled Dazzled!

Satchels are still one of the big things nowadays. While some may find it too "boxy", it is actually the form which I like.

I have two Cambridge Satchels, an 11" brown one I got from Schu. And also a 15" two-toned one I got from ASOS. 

But if you are looking for affordable alternatives, you can check out the different satchel collections of Dazzled Bags. These are for pre-order and you can choose from different prints and colors. They have polka dots and florals, metallic and flou. You can do two and even three toned bags! 

My first purchase was a red 13" satchel... I'm still refusing to do outfit shots. My post pregnancy body is still blech!

the black shoes are from Tutum...

And then I also saw this Kate Spade inspired bag too...

available in many colors... but I do love brown lately

These bags are manufactured in Marikina, one reason I patronize them. I'm hoping our shoes and bag industry here in our town flourish again like before.

Visit their online store here. Pre-order usually takes 3wks at most. Dazzled Bags also have clutches and shoes.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Capped Toe - Metal

It looks deliciously deadly! And iluveet! It's femininity with edge.

Louis Vuitton came out with these shoes for their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

I love the pastels, very girly!

Let's see other designers' take on this...

Manolo Blahnik

Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti with gold this time

Chiristian Louboutin

Stuart Weitzman 

Let's not forget the classic...

Oh, Chanel... I still love this one.
Locally, there's some nice flats and pumps from The Ramp Crossings

additional hardware on the strap

I saw some flats in flou and see through plastic. Nice to match these in skinny jeans and sheer tops.

So, can you rock this trend?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Found Luck at TLTSN

Just posted yesterday that The Little Things She Needs opened its online store. I was out doing errands today and found myself in Galleria. TLTSN is on sale right now and saw some nice pairs at 70% discount! But they didn't have any in my size...

My last stop before going home was Eastwood and decided to check their branch there. I found a pair of wedges in my size! And it was the last piece!

bought this for P569!!!

And then I saw this pair too. Something for the office, nice chunky heels...

this was on sale for P479!!!

Oh my, right?! It's hard to find size 6 to 7. I think I was just lucky to get these. 

I really should stop buying shoes and start buying clothes... 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Urban Bazaar Finds

I went to the Rockwell Bazaar last Friday and scored some items from online shops I often check out. While I've developed an addiction with online shopping, it's nice to get to feel and fit the items before buying them too.

First few items from Therapy Bags...

From Therapy Bags: Crossover Body Bag and dual-use accessories

I have lots of big bags and sometimes I just want to bring a few items. This is a nice size, looks small but I can actually put more than I expected. It was also on sale for P500.

The accessories can be used as a bracelet or necklace. The owner was so friendly and demonstrated the different ways to use the accessories. It's P250 each but if you buy at least two, you get P50 off.

And I just had to grab a pair of shoes from Sole Divas Purse Shoes. I was suppose to order a pair online but when I found out they will be at the bazaar, I decided to check out the items there instead.

Oxford Fiocco from their Summer 2012 collection

They have adorable ballet flats in many colors. This pair I bought also comes in other color combinations. They also sell mommy-daughter pairs too. Made me wish I had a daughter!

The shoes are made here in my hometown, Marikina. The more reason to buy! Love your own!

hair accessories from 1721

Just some random hair accessories from 1721. I just realized my hair isn't long enough to do some of the styles in the instruction manual but I'm willing to wait. Was so inggit with the owner, she was showing how to use everything. Ganda and super long her hair!

I saw a cheap and cheerful pair of sandals for only P450. I left the booth to go around for awhile and when I came back they sold the only pair in my size... felt so bad! Well, till the next bazaar.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday Must-Go Events

I scheduled a trip to the mall with my cousin-in-law tomorrow to check out Howards Storage World. We're itching to fix our home/room and we need some storage ideas.

And then I find out there are other reasons to leave the house like Uniqlo opening at MOA!

They're selling jeans and dresses for P590 during the opening week. I need affordable transition clothes! Clothes that fit well while I try to lose my pregnancy weight. 

And then there's the Rockwell Bazaar...

Some of my fave online stores will be selling their stuff. And it's been awhile since I went to a bazaar.

I've also seen other malls that will go on sale this weekend. There's also a ToyCon in Megamall that I wish I could visit too.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Imelda Organizes

While still at home I decided to organize my shoes. Most of my shoes are under our bed or the space under our sink in the bathroom. It's driving me crazy to crouch down and reach under our bed every time I'm looking for a pair! And the truth is, I'm running out of space...

I've kept most of my shoes in their boxes. But when we travel and buy shoes abroad, most of the time we leave the boxes behind to save on baggage space. 

So, for the pairs without boxes I bought clear boxes from Little Emily Shop 

These boxes are P50/each, but you can also get it at wholesale price of P280 for 8pcs or P35. Not bad right?! Very easy to assemble. I saw these at Robinson's and they sell it at P90!

I don't have a shoe closet like Carrie Bradshaw... although I wish I had one! I had our maids put everything in the third floor of our house for the meantime. The area was suppose to be a den but right now it looks like a storage area for everything...

I sort of organized everything by brand and/or by use. Put together all those with boxes on one side.

As you can see, I have lots from Schu. A few from Anthology Shoes, Salt Water SandalsSo! F.A.B., Tory Burch and Jeffrey Campbell.

Then all those in clear boxes I stacked together too. Categorized to: dressy shoes, casual (flats and sandals), sneakers, office shoes and black pumps.

I like shoe boxes with pictures of the style/design outside for easy identification.

I can't believe they all fit under our bed!!! Next are the shoes under my sink... not as many shoes but it's the several dozens of Havaianas I have to sort out!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Saturday, June 09, 2012

What's Your Mix?

Apparently the new ad campaign of Bayo failed big time to capture the hearts of its target market. Instead, it captured the ire of many, finding it too racist.

Personally, I understand where they're coming from. But as usual, execution failed.

Many thought it was the bad copywriting...

It was trying to convey that any race mixed with Filipino blood produces beautiful people.

If you think about it, the television is full of mix breeds... Anne Curtis, Bea Alonzo, The De Rossi sisters, and so on. And they ARE beautiful.

Aminin! When we see beautiful foreign-looking kids with not so pretty looking moms with them, we say "foreigner siguro tatay nyan!"

But Bayo lost the fight. The wildfire the ad campaign caused in social media couldn't be contained. Here's the latest statement from them...

What could they have done differently? What do you think?

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Havaianas Sale (Personal Collection)

Disposing some of my unused Havaianas. Yes, I have a lot! I need more shoe space... please not these are all size 35/36 Brazil or 4/5 US or 37/38 Europe.


Havaianas Filipinas Independence Day Limited Edition P900

Yellow Tops Metallic Logo P900

Payments are via BPI and shipping will be paid by the buyer. 

If you need to contact me just email me at


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