Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Colors of the rainbow... almost

I know my sense of style is funky and outrageous because I just love being different. But these shoes at People Are People made me wonder... how far would I go?

Peep toe with silver heels

Yellow d'Orsay-ish and teal open-toe both with kitten heels

Green and Yellow medium height wedge platforms,
also available in black

Green roundish toe wedge platform, also available in red

Peep toe flats in cobalt blue, tomato red
and black with buckle design

(pictures taken at People Are Power, Rockwell)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Unleash the Phunk!

Now these are my kind of stuff!

Christian Louboutin Mix Boxe Painted Wedges

Black and white graffiti print with a 100mm heel wedge

Alexander McQueen Skull Jacquard bag

Gray and white jacquard drawstring bag with black patent leather trim.
Check out the skull detail....

I've never been one to follow convention...

Sour Graping... the yummiest kind

Sore losers! Maybe Ateneo did make a mistake but they immediately corrected it. La Salle had to wait to finish the whole season and get the trophy before they admitted their fraud. I bet if it was some other team or if they won the game they would keep their mouth shut!

Sore losers!

Friday, July 27, 2007

One Sweet Day

"Ang sarap maging Atenista"

Yesterday Ateneo won their first game against La Salle who are hoping to come back with a bang after their yearlong suspension last year. It was an exciting game from the first tip off. The atmosphere inside Araneta felt like it was a finals game! You can actually see where the sea of green ended and the blue began.

Great teamwork from all the players of Ateneo. Bench scoring was considerably high thanks to the continuous movement of players done by Coach Norman Black. Probably the hunger to beat our Green rivals also added fuel to the fire.

I was holding my breath specially when the game went overtime. I was so glad I got to watch it! Naughty Ateneans even brought out tarps with the word "Suspended" printed on it while DLSU was chanting "Beat Ateneo, Animo La Salle". Although I think it shut them up for awhile. And everytime they attempted to chant again, Ateneans would just chant back "Suspended". I can't think of another school who can do that stuff to each other... hehehe

If you saw me in the lower box screaming my head off... it wasn't me... promise... I was stuck at home with a tummy ache...

Many thanks to Fr. Art of UST...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Argh! Of course it's only a matter of time before our IT at our office blocks Blogger.com. They eventually blocked every other site I go to... Kikay.exchange (though for some weird reason it was un-blocked) and Multiply. I can still visit my site but I can't access blogger to update it which I sometimes do in the middle of the day. When I visit my friend's blogs pictures don't appear! Crap when visiting sites like Sartorialist! I was hoping to rave a little bit about finishing HP7 last Sunday. I know, definitely not a model employee, but hey, I've got to relieve my stress somehow.

My access to the net is now limited not only at the office but also at home coz my laptop is doing this Excorsist thing and is currently possessed with a virus. Being the non-techie that I am, I don't know how to fix it. I know my laptop is going to die on me any day now. Grrr! Well, at least it survived grad school.

Borrowed this gadget from my bro. Just spent a few minutes updating my blog while I finish reports I need for work. Sigh! Ateneo-DLSU tomorrow... am I watching live? Of course not! Have work!!! So if you see me on t.v. it probably wasn't me!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Earlier today... and I mean earlier... still groggy from lack of sleep, I drove to National Bookstore at Mall of Asia to pick up my reserved copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My hands were tingling with anticipation as I received the book from the nice lady by the cashier. This is it. The end is here.

An hour later I was already at the fourth chapter. I read a little while having coffee at the nearby Starbucks.

When I got back from a meeting with our jeweler, I read till the seventh chapter.

I have to stop coz I'm meeting Tini and some of our friends. I would've wanted to ditch all of them and lock myself up in my room till I finish all of the 759 pages but I wanna savor the pain of reading it slowly. It's the last book anyway...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Feeling BLECH!

For the past two weeks or so I have been a very, very busy bee. Suddenly my brain is on overdrive finishing this "project" I'm part of here at work. Even now as I blog, I actually have a gazillion things to do. But as you've noticed, I'm no where near those gazillion things because I've finally worn my brains out. As they say... we just use 10% of our brains. I think I've reached my quota. The sleepless nights and the rushing around to do this thingie has really worn me out!

I have a cough that wouldn't start and my body is aching in places no one can find... I'm seriously thinking of skipping work tomorrow to get a check up. Eversince I got my HMO card I've been getting check ups like crazy. Hey, gotta use them while you can right?!

Maybe I need some TLC and retail therapy to get me going again...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My New Footsies

I thank Mr. and Mrs. Javier for making this possible. And also to Sarah Reyes for inspiring me to buy this. Hahaha! This is one of my best buys... A Melissa+Campana for P900!!! Can you beat that?! Well, it's already less 30%. For sure I'll be in the Great Singapore Sale next year!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sputtering SPATRES!!!!

Ugh! And I thought I'd be safe from the ever famous VMOKRAPISPARTRES from grad school! But noooohhh!!! Here I am slaving at home after I already slaved all day in the office trying to make a business plan for our group. Wew!

It feels like MRR all over again. Except this time I get paid. And this time it's sort of a matter of life and death for our department. We still need to present this to our boss so he can dissect it and murder it to death until it's good enough to revive for the office.

My mind is blank. What's the diff between strategy and recommendation???? I think my mind is turning into mush already.

I've bonded with my laptop again. And I feel it's gonna crash soon. I hope the universe isn't listening.

"I want my laptop safe"
"I want my laptop safe"
"I want my laptop safe... unless you give me a new one... MAC? Acer Ferrari?"

Monday, July 02, 2007

Conchita: Are you wearing your Schu today?

Schu is having an online contest that will run for one month, from July 1-31. To join, all you have to do is send as many photos of yourself, wearing your favorite Schu and in a few words, share why you chose that particular pair to match your outfit!

At the end of the month, all the photos will be gathered in one album and they will post a poll so you can invite your friends to vote for the best in style. Professional stylists and fashion writers will also be invited to cast their votes on the final 10. If they like your style, then you get a new pair of Schus! Exciting prizes await those who win in the special categories too!

Come on girls! Show off your own pair of Schu! Email your photos to ruby.gan@shopmanila.biz


Taking my cue from Jill and Tin-tin, I am showing my love and support to Ruby and Schu. So, here I am, showing off my ala Mary Poppins shoes.

"I love this pair because it's so versatile! I can wear this for work with my suits and look all coporate. But when I feel like unleashing my funky side, I can wear this with a cute skirt and colored pantyhose. We did a little styling for this photoshoot, especially the last shot with my red plaid skirt (from the now defunked Havoc Store), plain black top and shoes worn with frilly socks. Don't you also feel like tap dancing in this pair?! When I saw this in Galleria I knew it was the Schu for me!"


My brother, Jong, set up his little studio at home complete with lights and backdrop. One more reason we did do this photoshoot! So people and the universe... feel free to get in touch with him for photoshoots. And when he's famous I can proudly say I'm one of his models!


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