Monday, July 09, 2007

Sputtering SPATRES!!!!

Ugh! And I thought I'd be safe from the ever famous VMOKRAPISPARTRES from grad school! But noooohhh!!! Here I am slaving at home after I already slaved all day in the office trying to make a business plan for our group. Wew!

It feels like MRR all over again. Except this time I get paid. And this time it's sort of a matter of life and death for our department. We still need to present this to our boss so he can dissect it and murder it to death until it's good enough to revive for the office.

My mind is blank. What's the diff between strategy and recommendation???? I think my mind is turning into mush already.

I've bonded with my laptop again. And I feel it's gonna crash soon. I hope the universe isn't listening.

"I want my laptop safe"
"I want my laptop safe"
"I want my laptop safe... unless you give me a new one... MAC? Acer Ferrari?"

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