Friday, October 29, 2004

"And Then She Was Gone" by Ginger Fontley

This is a poem from one of my favorite cartoon shows "As Told By Ginger"

She chose to walk alone
Though others wondered why
Refused to look before her,
Kept eyes cast upwards,
Towards the sky.

She didn't have companions
No need for earthly things.
Only wanted freedom,
From what she felt were puppet strings.

She longed to be a bird.
That she might fly away.
She pitied every blade of grass
For planted they would stay.

She longed to be a flame,
That brightly danced alone.
Felt jealous of the steam
That made the air its only home.

Some say she wished too hard.
Some say she wished too long.
But we awoke one autumn day
To find that she was gone.

The trees, they say stood witness.
The sky refused to tell.
But someone who had seen it said
The story played out well.

She spread her arms out wide.
Breathed in the break of dawn.
She just let go of all she held...

And then she was gone.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This Woman's Intuition

I'm taking an elective called Creativity and Intuition for Entrepreneurs. It's been great talking about existential and philosophical stuff. Last time I dwelled on these things was when I was still in college. Finally made me appreciate the 16 units of Philo we had to take. Anyway, there was part of our reading today that I couldn't forget. It's about the Four Principles and the Law of Two Feet, which Harrison Owen (author of Expanding Our Now) learned in a party in Balamah, West Africa.

Four Principles:
1. Whoever comes is the right people.
2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
3. Whenever it starts is the right time.
4. When it's over, it's over.

Law of Two Feet
If, at any point during the time together, anyone finds that they are neither contributing nor learning, they should use their two feet and leave.

Such simple saying but great impact on me in just a short time. It's weird... this whole creativity and intuition thing got me all twisted! Now I'm thinking of things I don't ever want to think about because it's so scary... it's totally out of my comfort zone. But being in the brink of uncertainty is also exciting. It's like realizing there's actually more out there.

Maybe if I could stretch my arm long enough I'll reach it.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rest In Peace

I'm tired of...
... Being the big sister who has to put up with a brother who stopped calling me 'ate' years ago
... Being the daughter who has to help around the house even when I'm just there during weekends while my brother gets away with his responsibilities
... Being the student who has to juggle my classes and thesis that means life and death for me
... Being the girlfriend who always have to make the first move to patch things up everytime something goes wrong even when it's not my fault

I'm just really tired of living. But then again, what other choices do I have? Lately I'm losing energy trying to pull myself out of bed every morning and doing almost the same thing every day.

I want to do something else. I want to do something exciting.

I want people to think I'm important to their lives once in awhile and pat my back for doing a good job.

I want to go somewhere were I don't have to be me.

I want to really live life and not just exist.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Naming Our Baby

I have been wracking my brain for the past several hours thinking of what to name our business venture. Tintin and I are actually putting up a medical apparel store. Initially we were only thinking of hospital scrubs... but more on the printed ones. But after our FGDs and other interviews, we realized there is a need to put up an actual store that sells more than just scrubs. We'll be including patient's gowns, masks, caps, shoes, and other accessories. Tomorrow, we have another Entrepreneur class and we have to share the names we thought for our business. I have already several in mind like Cure Wear, More Than Scrubs, Life Wear, and Happy M.D. But I don't feel the eureka moment when I hear those names. There's no uummph! in it.

Well, feel free to share your thoughts. This has to be perfect for us because it will represent the whole image of our store. Gandamit! I'm tired!

For Coach Sandy

Again... just I was surfing and checking my email in when I encountered this article about Coach Sandy Arespacochaga and the last season in general.

Monday, October 11, 2004

The Red Caper's Last Flight

I was surfing the net a few minutes ago and saw this sad news: 'Superman' Star Christopher Reeve Dies

I remember thinking how stupid Lois Lane was that she couldn't see through Clark's dorky glasses.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What's In A Name?

In our Entrepreneurial class this morning we were talking about brand and business names. Tintin and I went around yesterday to look for names we liked and these are few of my faves:

1. Wicked Sistah - a bath and body brand in Beauty Bar.
2. Oneteaspoon - an Australian clothing line in Rustan's
3. Philosophy - a cosmetics brand in Beauty Bar
4. Pout - another cosmetics brand in Beauty Bar
5. As Four - a clothing brand with four main designers
6. Imitation of Christ - another clothing brand
7. Sari-Sari Store - a local clothing store. Although I like the name, I'm not impressed with their styles anymore.

Here are also some creative names. Some work and some makes you scratch you head and ask... what the hell were they thinking?!!!

1. Cooking ng Ina Mo - a small karinderya, I think in QC
2. Cooking ng Ina Mo Rin - another karenderya across the street
3. Anita Bakery
4. Obeertime - not really THAT bad!
5. Edward Scissorhands Salon - will the stylist be as cute as Johnny Depp?
6. Sinavon - laundrymat

Hmmm... feel free to add on the list. On monday, our teacher will bring us to UCC in Paseo. The wife of the owner needs help naming the cakes sold there. Of course, product sampling is part of the activity. I don't usually eat breakfast but, in this case I'll make an exception.


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