Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Bitch is now a Mommy!

This is how my husband told the world our little boy has arrived:

"Entering the court at 2:43pm (12/10/08),
at guard weighing 5.0lbs and measuring 19inches,
wearing jersey #9.9 (apgar),

Friday, December 05, 2008

Poor Ate Vi-os,,,

What's worse than getting into a car accident?!

Getting into a car accident with a missionary!

As we were driving home along the stretch of M-hway, an L200 taking a U-turn from the other side bumped our left rear passenger door. Of course my hubby and I were pissed off. It wasn't our usual route but since it was late already, we thought traffic would be bearable. We should've gone to our shortcut.

The driver of the other vehicle is a missionary. I couldn't totally get mad at him coz he kept on apologizing. It was his fault coz her was trying to avoid the car behind him and ended up bumping us instead. He was also on his way to pick up people from his church to go on caroling.

The church has a talyer raw and they'll fix the damage. He and hubby were texting scheduling a meeting at the talyer. And then he told my husband he'll be including me in their prayer for a safe labor. Wow, I now have additional prayer warriors!

Naku! How can you get mad naman with that?! Sigh! I just hope they do a good job fixing her.

Poor Ate Vi. That's what I call our Vios. She's been to a couple of scratches this year. I hope that's the last of it. I really love that car.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Remember this book in the seventh book of Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallows? It's suppose to be a collection of short children stories, sort of like our version of fairy tales. It was given to Hermione and explained the history of Deathly Hallows in one of the stories, "The Tale of the Three Brothers".

More than a year ago, J.K. Rowling released seven copies of this book. Six went to special people who are special to her and have made Harry Potter the series a success. The last copy was auctioned off and was sold for more than a million pounds.

Thanks to J.K. Rowling and the owners of the other copies, us muggles can enjoy the book as well! Worldwide release of this book is slated on December 4, 2008.

Power Books accepts pre-orders. I'm asking hubby to make sure I get a copy. I'm hoping I can hold off reading this until I'm on maternity leave. Or maybe I can bring this tn the hospital to keep me distracted during labor. I'm still a Harry Potter fan and I'm still experiencing withdrawal syndrome from the last book. This will also help ease the disappointment of waiting for the next movie.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Will be CONFESSING too!

Yesterday I was with some girlfriends, brother and husband at Eastwood to watch Twilight. I was gushing the whole time at Edward.


I told myself I'd lower my expectations specially since I read the book. I always find the book s better than the movies. I think it's the same this time... I was looking for some parts which, I guess, was deleted for cinematic purposes.

Still, it was a good movie and will be waiting for the next one.

The girls planned a next movie date already for this movie... Confessions of a Shopaholic. Again, read the book already. Although I stopped at the first book because it sort of got out of control when Rebecca Bloomwood (main character) went to Manhattan, had a baby and even got her sister in the book too. Too much!!!

Remember Isla Fisher from Wedding Crashers?! That's her!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

MAC Loves Pussy! Meow!

I dedicate this post to one of my BFF's... Wip, who loves everything Hello Kitty. I feel like I'm in a Sanrio shop whenever I ride her car. And since she started her kikay streak... she's loving make up too! A passion I can now share with her aside from shopping.

I was browsing Beauty Snob and found this post! Remember when MAC came out with a Barbie collection? Well, this time MAC will be coming out with a Hello Kitty Collection around February next year. That's in Canada and US. It will probably trickle down here in the Philippines late summer. There will be two collections: Hello Kitty Colour and Hello Kitty Kouture. Full details are still hush-hush for now.

How can you not love this collection?! First of all, it's MAC. I so love MAC. My mom is a huge fan and sources her stash straight from Canada. I just borrow most of her stuff while I try to build my own collection.

Second, it's Hello Kitty?! Even if I've outgrown this lovely pussy, I still gush over anything Hello Kitty! I just don't buy them anymore. I don't think my husband will appreciate sleeping in a room full of pink stuff even if he loves cats. Especially since our baby is a boy.

Lastly, although color is extra funky for my taste, there's some items there I can incorporate in my daily look. A little bit more pink in my cheecks and lips won't be too bad.

My friend Wip said she won't be spending for herself anymore this year... that's good! She can save up for her MAC Hello Kitty Collection for next year.

(image and news from WWD & Beauty Snob)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Let's Save Our Mother

I know I shouldn't be posting this since I'll be giving these bags to some of my friends for Christmas... heehee... but I just had to share these quirky bags that really makes a statement: "Let's take care of Mother Earth"

Yes, plastics are all good, re-usable and everything... but also non-biodegradable. Why can't we learn to bring our own bags ourselves! These bags from Mother Earth are Earth-friendly since their made of canvas and recycled flour sacks. Their sturdy enough to tote your heavy grocery stuff. But don't worry, they don't look like any katsa bags... they have funny quotes and cute designs that will definitely make you want to carry these around.

These are just some of my faves...

recycled flour sacks with embellishments

isn't this the fourth commandment or something?!

love this one!

Mother Earth eco-bags are available at

2009 Havies Collection

My feet are terribly swollen lately that I end up wearing flip flops most of the time... except at work. And now that the 2009 Collection of Havaianas are out already, I'm sooooo tempted to buy again!

But maybe I'll get a pair of Baby Estampas for my little one instead...

Again, for all the Havies addicts out there... get your season's favorites now!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


How I wish I could start wearing heels already! New styles are out now at one of my fave shoe stores, SCHU!

I'm so done with flats that's why I was drawn to these styles. Just have to wait a few more weeks (or maybe til the swelling goes down) before I can run to the store and grab these lovely shoes...

available also in grey... but like this one, just because it's funky to wear yellow...

animal print always spell... s-e-x-y!

just because i love wedges!

Check out the other styles in the stores. Lots of flats and sandals too... Oh, and by the way... if my shoe size doesn't go back to what it was before, that gives me license to shop for new shoes right?!

(photos courtesy of Schu's Multiply site)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, what else is new?!

I can't believe I had nothing to blog about for the past weeks. It's probably because I'm approaching my 33rd week and people around me are so protective of me.

No malls. No bazaars. Ack! So, my Christmas list is still just that... a list. Nothing accomplished. And it will probably take some sneaking out for me to get it started. Thing is, I get tired easily too which makes shopping even harder.

There's also not much for me to check on the net. No new stuff that gets me excited. Unless you consider electric breast pumps... been checking those out...

My hands are swollen and my feet are a full size bigger already. I've gone to rummaging my mom's shoe closet to wear to work. I've stopped checking out shoes on the net. No use teasing myself when I can't go buy them.

The closer to the finish line, the more impatient I get. I hope I can still go back to my old size (or close to it!) both for my clothing and shoes!

Oh, but something to look forward to... I'm planning to attend the debut of the Holiday collection of the different brands in Greenbelt 4 this Thursday! Got invites through my mom. Brands like Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. will be launching their newest lines. Theme is "silver chic". I'm still thinking if my tummy will let me wear my silver dress...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Having a baby? Go on a Babymoon!!!

I learned a new word today, Babymoon.

I caught my cousin in the US online and we chat for awhile. Although I was the eldest among the cousins, she was the first one who got married and had a baby. Come to think of it, I'm her daughter's ninang! I sent her pics of our baby Magnus and she asked if we had a babymoon already.


She told me to google it.

According to, a Babymoon is a vacation taken by expecting parents, or sometimes, new parents. It's a chance for the mom and dad to get some pampering before the sleepless nights and stress of being parents start to kick in.

For pregnant women, ideally, the second trimester is the best time to go on a babymoon since nausea and the other awful pregnancy related feelings will have passed (hopefully!). Safety is critical during the first trimester and the threat of going on labor during the last trimester makes it difficult to travel too. But of course, doctor's approval is a must specially for high risk pregnancies.

Some parents do this within the fourth to sixth weeks when the child is born. That is, if you have the heart to leave your baby for a few nights with a nanny. Or if here in the Philippines, with the grandparents.

Where to go for your babymoon?! Find a place with pampering activities like prenatal massages and other spa services. Maybe a resort or if scared to go far, a nice hotel around town. For me, a hotel would be enough just as long as it has a great buffet!

I told my husband about this and we do really want one last trip before Magnus arrives. We would've wanted to do it on our anniversary but I might give birth already by then! Hmmm... a long weekend is coming up soon. Maybe I should really plan something for us.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Phone in question for Urban Bazaar

Sigh! Oct. 24-25 was a bit hectic for me I didn't get to go to the Urban Bazaar. Now I'm trying to look for one of the sellers online but can't seem to find their site. Or maybe they don't have one. So, any of you who knows how I can get in touch with The Organizer’s & VM Storage Experts... please leave a message. I have a storage box I'd like to order for my baby. Went shopping for him already and I have nowhere to put all his stuff.

I remember they had a chest-type storage big enough for toys. And it could be personalized too. I remember getting their contact number during the September bazaar but couldn't find the flyer or card anymore.

Sigh... dang! Where did I put those stuff anyway?!

Final call for HAVIANAS lovers!

For almost a month, Havaianas is giving us a chance to grab those 2008 styles we wanted to have but never got around buying.

Too bad I kept myself updated. Would've enjoyed the discount...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shu Uemura @ the Powerplant

The celebrated cosmetics and skincare brand from Japan opens another store at the Powerplant Mall. Shu Uemura recently unveiled its boutique at the second floor (beside Kamiseta). It's walls are covered with drool-worthy products! Another place to visit when I'm at the Powerplant!

KIehl's turns 1!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How do I look?!

Decided on changing my template. I'm bored. I'm alone. Hubby is out of town, hence, the posting marathon.

I'll be like this until Saturday night...

Love your heels

Another great idea! Probably a eureka moment from a kikay girl...

How many times have we been invited to a garden reception and we try to tiptoe through the grass just so our lovely heels wouldn't sink into it?! Imagine that happening to your Louboutins?! Ack!

Again, I found this one while surfing Shoewawa. It's just an unobtrusive little thing you slip on your heels and shoes is protected!

This product is from SoleMate and it retails for $11.95. Nice! Makes me wonder what people will think of next...

Wondah Wumahn!

While I can't go window shopping that much, I rely on my favorite sites to keep me posted with new stuff out there. I just saw this one at Bag Snob. It's a Wonder Woman Tote by Diane von Furstenberg. Cool huh?!

Doesn't it look funky?! And best of all, it's just $165. Not bad... could I ask my Mommy to get this when she goes to the US in November???? Will this pass as a diaper bag?

Proceeds from this bag will go to Vital Voices.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Final trailer... fall in love with Edward and Bella...

Can't wait for November!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sandals and more Sandals

Sandra and Sancai approve of my my new acquisitions

I really miss wearing heels. It makes me feel very feminine. I always channel Carrie Bradshaw when I walk in my heels. But since I'm sometimes clumsy, I don't want to take the risk while I'm pregnant so I kept with my flats and sandals ever since we found out about the baby.

Now, I have lots of sandals. I bought another pair tonight when my hubby and I had dinner at Hap Chan in Market! Market! Cole Vintage was on sale.

Then, while waiting for my hubby's books to be plastic wrapped at Fullybooked (yes, you can request them to do that for free!), we went to Charles and Keith. Since he felt bad he didn't have a gift for me on my birthday, he bought me another pair of sandals. In fairness, I like what he chose! I think he's learning about fashion already.

Hopefully I'll be back on my heels after the baby comes. And I hope my feet doesn't swell too much or else I'd have to buy new shoes! Tsk, tsk, tsk! And that would be bad right?! As it is, I've been borrowing shoes from my mom coz mine feels tight already. My mom wears a half to one size bigger than me.

I promise I won't buy flats anymore. Focus on baby Magnus... oh, but I want a pair of FitFlop first!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The "Secret" worked!

The universe must have been listening... the next day, SMART called and told me my phone is ready for pick up! Yey!

Now I have it. But the camera doesn't seem to work! Oh no... might have to have it checked.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hello... calling SMART...

I'm still waiting for a call from Smart about my new phone. It's my free phone their loyalty program.

I'm inip na... so tagal!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

FITFLOPS: Walking your way to fitness...

I am super addicted to flipflops. My Havaianas are close to 25 probably. I stopped counting when I reached 16 pairs. Ooops, shouldn't have said that. Hubby might see...

Anyway, was wandering the mall today with hubby after doing some errands and I saw these FitFlops. I like the strap design so went in to ask about it. The sales person was happy to explain the benefits of FitFlops to me.

What makes it unique is that the midsole is incorporated with a patent pending micro-wobbleboardTM technology that gives you a work out while walking. It will help tone and trim your legs. It also eases back pains. It's like sandals meet Nike.

Oprah loves it too... it was part of her favorite things this summer and she swears by them! She has the red one. There are lots of designs and styles for both men and women.

I would've bought one immediately but at P2,900, I sort of held back. Especially when my husband was with me and we just spent money replacing the diamond of my wedding ring. Blame it on my now pudgy fingers.

Maybe give me some more time. This could be my next project.

FitFlops are available at Res/Toe/Run. Style featured here is called Walkstar.

Shoe Addict

Other moms have told me NOT to buy too much shoes while preggers as feet tend to swell. Most of the time, the damage is irreparable and might have to say bye-bye to many of the pre-pregnancy shoes.

Despite the warning I've managed to buy more flats, since heels are discouraged, and sandals too. I did buy a couple of Havies too. I must admit, I'm a shoe addict. My idol is Imelda Marcos for the astounding number of shoes she used to have. Or maybe still has. I'd die for Carrie Bradshaw's shoe closet in the Sex and the City movie... I'd love to see my Manolo's perched on it too!

There's a site of this young fashionista who gets the most wonderful shoes. She has a sense of style mature for her age, which she shows a lot in her blog. CD of Manila Fashion Observer and Chuvaness have both featured her in their blogs. She's only 16 years old! Her access to designer clothes and shoes is like playing dress-up all the time!

The truth is, whenever I check out her site, I'm always drawn not only to the shoes and clothes she wears, but also the background of her photoshoot. A yummy shoe closet displaying her yummy collection.

She is Jane of Sea of Shoes.

I want a closet like that!!! When we get our own house, I will devote a substantial amount of square footage for my shoes... and clothes, of course. Maybe even have an extra floor just for moi!

I envy her shoes... I envy her closet. Sigh!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ilog Maria

I've heard about Ilog Maria since last year. It was featured at Kikay Exchange twice already. And then one of my officemates asked me if I knew about it... of course I knew about it! Thanks to K.E.! I did order a few items just to try it.

Well, yesterday, the family decided to have lunch in Tagaytay despite the arrival of Pablo. My mom's friend who works in the casino there brought us to the Ilog Maria store. I was surprised and excited since I only know them via the net. I think we did got carried away coz even my hubby bought like eight bars of soap, Spearmint, believed to be good for those with skin asthma. We also got the Propolis Throat Spray since hubby conducts training and might need it to soothe his throat during his runs. I also got one just because I was prone to tonsilitis. Grabbed other soaps too and extra lip balm. Oh, and also trying the shampoo.

My parents bought almost one of everything too! They got the Honey Cider, Fresh Bee Pollen and even candles!!! Beats shopping online!

Now, we have another reason to go to Tagaytay!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Moment of Truth

Ever since I got pregnant I've stayed home quite a lot because of a cold or was required to take bed rest.

So here I am again. At home. Stuck with the t.v. and books to keep me company. Guess what I'm watching... The Moment of Truth.

The concept of the show is to say the truth. The contestant is given 21 personal questions, increasing in difficulty, while your family and friends are there. Sometimes to even asked the questions themselves. Question vary like "Have you ever cheated on your husband?", Where you still in love with your ex on your wedding day?", "Have you ever had sex to further your career?"

The pot money is $500,000.00. Prior the show the contestants goes thru a polygraph test, the results of which they don't know.

So, you think it's worth the money?! Can you handle the truth?! I think it's crazy!!! It's addicting though.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Today I turn... gulp... thirty. It was pretty uneventful. Hubby has been asking what I wanted for my birthday. He gave me his budget and I felt guilty. I was thinking I should be saving this for our little king. I told him I'll think about it.

It's a bit disconcerting turning thirty, but I don't look my age anyway so maybe it's not that bad... hahaha!

By the way, the headline on my birthday is...


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Was it rain or was it tears that caused the floods around the Taft area tonight?! Tears from the Lasalle community as they lost Game 2 of the Season 71 Finals.

Ateneo sweeps the finals. Ateneo also sweeps all of its games against DLSU.

There were tight calls by the refs on both side. They were quick to call simple hand checks. The technical foul called on Rico Maierhoffer during the 3rd quarter was a bit questionable. Refs thought they saw him give a dirty finger on someone. It was his second, hence, he got thrown out of the game. Replay was unclear but he said he was signaling to a teammate to stay beneath the basket to get ready for a pass. During the 4th quarter, JV Casio got his fifth foul and was also sent back to the bench. But of course, DLSU has bragged about their "deep bench" so the two star players sitting out shouldn't be a problem.

But I think the problem was lack of team work. DLSU players were going for individual plays while Ateneo learned early on to sacrifice individual points if it means getting the play done.

During the awarding ceremony the DLSU team opted not to claim their medals. Was that boycott on their part?! I'm expecting them to file a complaint. They always do anyway...

What a way to end the series!!!

I'm sooooo happy! Now, I can gloat. Big time. I have bragging rights til the next season begins.

My hubby said I can go to the big campus celebration... last time we were champions there was a bonfire party. Although on my sixth month, I think I can handle the excitement. I did get to watch all the games... even just on t.v. I think my baby loves to watch too. He kicks more whenever we watch ADMU games.

In the meantime, we wait for the Eaglets to do what their Kuyas did today.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2002 vs 2008

It all started the same...

Will it also end the same?!

ADMU vs DLSU: Game 2 September 25, 2008 (Thursday)

(Thank you to Sir Vic Icasas for the photos and to M.Sales for emailing me the photos.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I will not gloat. I'm just happy, ecstatic and supremely thankful we won the first game...

Not yet the time to celebrate though. But at least we're getting there. Hopefully, this time we will prevail!!!

Game 1: ADMU (69) - DLSU (61)

I'm still thinking of a way to get off work to watch the game on t.v.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Great Little King

Magnus - latin for "great"

Rex - latin for "king"

Magnus Rex C. Navarro will do great things ...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Could it be a birthday gift?!!!

I get this text from my mom at 9:56am today:

"What color do you want for goyard bag?"

Woah?! Mom, where are you?! I called my cousin in the US to greet her happy birthday and she said my mom was in Italy...

Duh?! We live in one house and I don't know where my mom is?!

Mommy?! Are you in Italy? Paris perhaps?!

Is this my birthday gift?! I promise I'll try to look surprised...

Oh, by the way, I replied:

"Black or blue =)"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doughnut mess with the BIG FOUR!!!

Even Krispy Kreme joins the bandwagon. They came out with the Final Four Doughnuts in honor of the four awesome universities in the final four this season.

I've actually tasted them already (thanks to another Atenean officemate)... well, just the one covered with blue and white sprinkles of course. It's just their chocolate covered doughnuts with candy sprinkles. Nothing fab but the school loyalty really got me.

I know for a fact that the owners of Krispy Kreme here in the Philippines are Lasallians. If Ateneo and Lasalle do end up in the finals, do you think they'll give away doughnuts during the game?! They'll probably make more of those green and white doughnuts...

Yes, I shop for books too...

Aside from shopping, I love to read. My husband complains I read to fast. And I complain, he reads too slow. Go figure. The other day his office gave away tickets for the book fair in SMX. It started last Sept. 12 and will run til the 14th. Despite the traffic and rain yesterday, we decided to go because I know I can't make him go any other day. Saturday is his basketball day and Ateneo has a game on Sunday.

We only had an hour to go around. Too bad for me I was still not allowed to walk around too much and ended up just in the National Bookstore booth the whole time. I even claimed a chair by the cashier and sat while my hubby went around. Despite my confinement in only one booth, I still managed to buy four books... and most of them discounted... not bad!!! Hubby found some reference books super discounted too. As you can see with our loot, we had fun! And you can figure out which ones are mine.

I decided to veer away from my usual romance novels. Those I can buy in Booksale. The Stephenie Meyer book I'm sharing with my brother. The Last Templar I already shared with my dad. I'm currently reading Wicked.

I wish there's another long weekend coming up soon...

Today I went to the Rockwell Urban Bazaar too... but that's another post altogether.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sony this? Or Sony that?

I love SMART coz they know how to take care of their customers. They give away cool phones for their loyal subscribers than their other competitor. I've been up for a new phone for the past two months but whenever I find a phone I like already, they tease me and tell me new ones are coming! Then I wait. Now, I can't decide...

I think Nokia is overrated and iPhones are too dangerous for me. I text and drive too. One hand on the phone is enough for me.

I'm a Sony Ericsson gal. Both of my phones are... I hate bringing extra chargers so I just bring one coz I can use it for both my phones... When I got the list of phones from SMART, they told me the Sony Ericsson G700 is their newest addition in their free phone list for my plan. It's touch screen. Quite snazzy huh?!

But then I'm thinking of downgrading down a plan. If I do that I can't get the G700 anymore. Have to add about P4k. I don't want that. The next best unit is the Sony Ericsson K770i. It's not touch screen though.

Which one should I get?! Hmmm... I was hoping I'd save money and downgrade. Or I could downgrade and pay to get the new phone... I need divine intervention to decide! Fashion over comfort???

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I swear by Palmer's!!!

Oooohhh, lately my tummy has been itching really bad. You know the old ladies' tale that the baby's hair is growing, hence, the itchy belly?! It's really not true. It's the skin stretching. Sometimes it gets too dry... mommies have suggested petroleum jelly or lotion but a lot of my friends recommend Palmer's. I got my first tubes from Rustan's Essences but my mommy bought more from the US. She got me the Organics line of their maternity care. Lovin' it coz the cocoa butter smells so yummy.

I love my baby but mommy needs to look good too. This one helps prevent stretch marks. Although they say it's hereditary but I'm taking my chances. So far at more than five months, no traces yet... wew!
This one I use when it's extra itchy. It can be used right after shower on damp skin or rub it on dry skin. A friend from Singapore gave me a bottle. Thank God coz I'm done with my first bottle already!

For mommy's already breastfeeding, my mommy friends say this helps too. The nipples get cracked and dry after awhile. I know, not a pretty sight, but that's motherhood for you.

I have to stop myself from scratching! Argh! Think bikinis! Think bikinis!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Eagles meet Archers at Trinoma

Apparently the powers of Ateneans and Lasallians can really move mountains! No two schools can have this much impact!

Today is THE day for the Eagles and Archers as they go against each other for the 2nd time this season. Ateneans took the first game and has propelled itself to the top clinching a twice-to-beat advantage. Today's game, I bet Lasallians will give everything they've got to win this game. A lose will mean a playoff against FEU for the 2nd spot.

Well, if you're like us who couldn't get tickets for the game, head on to Trinoma Cinema to watch the game. There will also be face painting of school colors, a photobooth and wishing wall set up. And if you present this coupon, you'll get freebies and avail discounts from some of the establishments there. Click here for the details.

Other than Trinoma, the game will also be televised in Moro in Ateneo. There's booths set up too. They are also giving away autographed shirts.

My husband and I, with my bestfriend and her daughter, will just be at home since my condition prevents me from watching anywhere else. I will be preparing tacos.

One Big Fight!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Author's Revenge?!

If you think Breaking Dawn is the last of the Twilight Saga, then let me inform you that's it's not. Sort of. Midnight Sun, the fifth book of the series is not actually a sequel but the same story but from a different perspective. It's Edward's version of Twilight.

Bad news though, Stephenie Meyer's initial drafts of the the manuscript has leaked out in the internet and she's really upset about it she decided to put on hold writing the book...


August 28, 2008

As some of you may have heard, my partial draft of Midnight Sun was illegally posted on the Internet and has since been virally distributed without my knowledge or permission or the knowledge or permission of my publisher.

I have a good idea of how the leak happened as there were very few copies of Midnight Sun that left my possession and each was unique. Due to little changes I made to the manuscript at different times, I can tell when each left my possession and to whom it was given. The manuscript that was illegally distributed on the Internet was given to trusted individuals for a good purpose. I have no comment beyond that as I believe that there was no malicious intent with the initial distribution.

I did not want my readers to experience Midnight Sun before it was completed, edited and published. I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being. As the author of the Twilight Saga, I control the copyright and it is up to the owner of the copyright to decide when the books should be made public; this is the same for musicians and filmmakers. Just because someone buys a book or movie or song, or gets a download off the Internet, doesn't mean that they own the right to reproduce and distribute it. Unfortunately, with the Internet, it is easy for people to obtain and share items that do not legally belong to them. No matter how this is done, it is still dishonest. This has been a very upsetting experience for me, but I hope it will at least leave my fans with a better understanding of copyright and the importance of artistic control.

So where does this leave Midnight Sun? My first feeling was that there was no way to continue. Writing isn't like math; in math, two plus two always equals four no matter what your mood is like. With writing, the way you feel changes everything. If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn't dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely...



The rest, you can read here...

You evil people out there! Why did you have to do that?! Now we have to wait longer!


I was watching the last episode of The Apprentice and I couldn't keep my eyes off Ivanka Trump, second child of Donald Trump and Ivana Trump. Both Ivanka and her brother, Donald, Jr. work for their dad on the show and within the Trump organization.

She's currently the VP for Development and Acquisition. She graduated from Wharton School of Finance with a degree in Economics. She graduated magna cum laude!

Whenever I watch the show I could really see she had brains and not your typical COO (Child Of the Owner). Sigh! She's beautiful and smart... so fasyon pa!


Sniff... I'm craving chocolates so baaad!!!! Really bad!!! But I'm trying to limit my sugar intake. I don't want any more complications for me and my baby.

But I want something sweet! Huhuhu! I really could use a bar of Snickers right now... or maybe Twix. I love Twix! Love caramel.

No coke... no sweets... Being pregnant is really hard!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

When September ends...

September has barely begun and I'm thinking of the end already. I do! Coz then it would mean I'm closer to giving birth. I want it to be December already! I'm getting scared of giving birth prematurely!!!

September means Christmas too is around the corner. With my recent trip to the hospital I doubt anybody would let me go shopping now. Which means I'll probably be shopping online. Thank God for Multiply! Because I'm incapable of a full shopping spree, I'm announcing already that my priority are the kids...

Other friends... well, you're old enough. Christmas is for kids anyway! Haha!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I need Breaking Dawn!!!

Being confined at home is bad enough. Being confined on the bed is even worse. My meals are even brought up to me. After a little baby-scare a few nights ago which led me to two nights in the hospital, I was ordered a week of complete bed rest.

What to do?!... What to do?!

Little brother was so nice he left me the 2nd and 3rd books of the Twilight Saga. Although with my uncanny ability to read fast... as in really fast... I finished both books already and it's just my first day back home. Which leaves me hanging coz baby brother hasn't bought the last book yet. Argh! I was supposed to get the last book but I haven't had the chance with the visit to the hospital and all.

What to do...?! What to do...?!

Maybe I can ask hubby to run to the bookstore to get it for me... I really can't be left hanging like this...

90210 back again!

Yes, like what the plug said, America's favorite zip code is back!

C'mon, you people out there in their late twenties to mid thirties... admit it! It this was one of your favorite shows growing up. Along with Doogie Howser, MD. and Melrose Place... I know I looked forward to Friday nights to catch a glimpse of Luke Perry and Jason Priestly. But then, when they started college I kinda lost interest.

But we'll definitely be seeing new faces in West Beverly High starting this fall. Although, I heard Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth and Shannon Doherty will be popping in once in awhile.

When will we see them here in the Phil?! Don't hold your breathe yet. We'll probably be two seasons late as usual. I don't know though if it will have the same impact as the last time. I mean, we're bombarded with knock-offs for the past decade or so... Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill and the O.C. ... not to mention Gossip Girl. Will we see anything different or the same teen angst full of gossip, sex and all-too-profound-dialogues from teens?!

Wait and see...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paul Potts in Manila

One of the people who helped us prepare our wedding recommended Nessun Dorma as a final song. He wanted us to listen to the song and played this YouTube video. My husband and I loved it so much that we did use it for our wedding. I ended up loving the singer as well. Then I learned a few weeks ago Paul Potts will be coming here in Manila! I told mommy to use her connections and get us some tickets!

For those not in the know, Paul Potts was the winner of Britain's Got Talent a couple of years ago.

I hope it pushes thru. I'm excited to see him perform the rest of his repertiore.

Paul Potts at the PICC on October 8.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do Not Disturb

It's the long weekend and I can finally start reading the first of Stephenie Meyer's vampire novels, Twilight. Yuck! So, behind already! Everybody else are on the third or fourth book and here I am, just about to start with the series.

My officemate says this is the best of the four books. It won't get any better than this. Still, were compelled to read all the books right?!

My reading can only be interrupted by my OB-Gyne check up, Ateneo basketball game and food.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TWILIGHT: 11.21.08

It's the new "Harry Potter"... but maybe for a little bit older crowd and this time, there's only four books... so far. Who hasn't heard about this Stephenie Meyer series?! Actually, I'm a bit late reading the first installment, Twilight. And I'm still in denial buying my own, I'm borrowing my officemate's copy.

The release date of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince was moved to June next year to be Warner's summer blockbuster flick... so they moved up Twilight in its place. Can't wait!

Just to whet your appetite, here's the trailer. Oh, trailer says 12.12.08 but it's actually 11.21.08. You can check the site too.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boys can be fashionistas too...

I refuse to believe that I can't turn my little boy into a fashionista too. We just found out we are having a baby boy. Of course I was happy either way but would've been a blast to dress up a baby girl. But being the kikay mom that I am, I know I can still dress up my little boy.

I'll start with sneakers first. His daddy is such an Adidas fan. Would be cute for them to dress alike. Hahaha! I'm wanting these...

Nike ain't so bad too...

... Maybe Pumas too!

So cute! I wish babies didn't grow up so fast...


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