Monday, December 01, 2008

Will be CONFESSING too!

Yesterday I was with some girlfriends, brother and husband at Eastwood to watch Twilight. I was gushing the whole time at Edward.


I told myself I'd lower my expectations specially since I read the book. I always find the book s better than the movies. I think it's the same this time... I was looking for some parts which, I guess, was deleted for cinematic purposes.

Still, it was a good movie and will be waiting for the next one.

The girls planned a next movie date already for this movie... Confessions of a Shopaholic. Again, read the book already. Although I stopped at the first book because it sort of got out of control when Rebecca Bloomwood (main character) went to Manhattan, had a baby and even got her sister in the book too. Too much!!!

Remember Isla Fisher from Wedding Crashers?! That's her!


mabel said...

My daughter is really crazy about Twilight..she read all the books na and I just started New Moon. I admit, felt like a teen too when I watched the movie and it is a good movie...I also read all the Shopaholic books--though kinda too much, I do look forward to watching the movie.

Love your blog btw :)

Blairbitch said...

we actually encountered giggling teens when we watched the movie and had to shush them. but deep inside we were doing the same! hahaha!

i'm glad you enjoy my blog! thanks!


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