Friday, December 05, 2008

Poor Ate Vi-os,,,

What's worse than getting into a car accident?!

Getting into a car accident with a missionary!

As we were driving home along the stretch of M-hway, an L200 taking a U-turn from the other side bumped our left rear passenger door. Of course my hubby and I were pissed off. It wasn't our usual route but since it was late already, we thought traffic would be bearable. We should've gone to our shortcut.

The driver of the other vehicle is a missionary. I couldn't totally get mad at him coz he kept on apologizing. It was his fault coz her was trying to avoid the car behind him and ended up bumping us instead. He was also on his way to pick up people from his church to go on caroling.

The church has a talyer raw and they'll fix the damage. He and hubby were texting scheduling a meeting at the talyer. And then he told my husband he'll be including me in their prayer for a safe labor. Wow, I now have additional prayer warriors!

Naku! How can you get mad naman with that?! Sigh! I just hope they do a good job fixing her.

Poor Ate Vi. That's what I call our Vios. She's been to a couple of scratches this year. I hope that's the last of it. I really love that car.

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