Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I need Superman

I'm swimming in murky waters. And I'm drowning. I'm gasping for air and flailing my arms trying to keep my head above the water.

That's what I have been feeling for the past week because of work. I'm not really affected with the changes. I have this dead-ma attitude when it comes to office politics. It's not that I think it's below me. It's just that I choose not to participate. But the stress I feel is from all the sudden changes I can't seem to keep up. Suddenly people left and right are asking for reports. I have to attend meetings that keep me from my desk almost the whole day. And still they expect me to do what I really need to do.

And then I sink for awhile. I try to feel the floor but I ran out of air. It's too deep.

I keep a smile on my face but my eyes say otherwise. I start thinking of cutting my hair again... or getting my nails done... I start craving for sweets just to get that sugar rush and feel good about myself again. That's when I know I need some semblance of order back into my life. I'm an obsessive compulsive but I can't seem to get rid of all the clutter on my desk.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Erin Pasimio, our friends Sonny and Ria Pasimio's two-month old daughter is in dire need of your help. Her liver doesn't have bile ducts, thus, could not process bile in her body. She recently had an operation, although a temporary one. But she will eventually need a liver transplant.

The transplant however, is a very costly one. It will have to be done outside the Philippines.

We're hoping all you kindhearted souls to help the Pasimio family by purchasing these baller bands for P200 only. They come in two colors. In case you would like one, or two, or more... just get in touch with me.

We'll also holding events to raise more money for Erin's operation. I hope you can also participate. As soon are plans are set I'll be inviting you all.

*** Thanks Jong for the picture.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Now A Settler!

I'm no longer a Catan virgin!

Last friday I played Settlers of Catan with the usual bunch of misfits at our friend's place in Alexandria. I was a mere consultant during the first game since I was still trying to learn the game. The second game I tried to call the shots although my consultant was more intimidating than me.

The game lasted longer than usual since we only had one board and we had teammates. There were also bilateral and tripartite treaties going on with the ultimate goal of bring down one regime.

We won the second game. Now I feel confident to play alone and go head to head especially with Tini. We didn't try to connect my Seafarers of Catan yet, Dino was still trying to learn the game. Adding my Catan means bigger table and longer playing time. Whew!

It was 3am when we finished. Tired but happy with the company and the game.

There's a long weekend coming up... hint! hint!

Friday, August 11, 2006


I'm so amazed at this video I had to post it here!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stuck in San Francisco

I spoke too soon.

It's either I'm cursed or may balat ako sa puwet!

My flight was suppose to be SFO-NRT-MNL. It's still is but a day delayed.

I want to cry already!

My flight from SFO to NRT was delayed until 730pm before they decided to tell us that they really couldn't fix the mechanical problem plaguing the plane. They offered hotel and food vouchers. But since I have relatives here I decided to stay at their place. I needed to wash the clothes I was wearing because there was no way I was going to wear those clothes for 48hrs! I don't believe in side "A" and side "B"!!!

They first told us we were spending the night in Tokyo. That got me worried. I know I travel a lot but I'm still apprehensive getting bumped off like that.

I've been cursed with flight diversion due to thunder storm and flight delays this whole trip.

Told my boss of the delay. I really did try to go home though. Fought with the Northwest agents telling them I wanted to be transferred to the Philippine Airlines flight which was leaving in a few hours. I threw them the line "...i know the procedure! I used to work for Northwest too!"

Obviously it didn't work.

Five boxes of Krispy Kreme all going to waste!

Monday, August 07, 2006


Tomorrow I'm going home. Back to Ate Vi-os (until I find a decent name to my new set of wheels she'll have to settle with that name), back to work, back to occassional rain showers and back to being broke.

Yep, going home. Happy that I spent several days with my relatives that I miss so much. I left promising another visit next year. I hope that's still possible. I haven't left US yet but I miss them already. Also happy that after almost giving up finding the boardgame I was looking for I finally found it in a quaint little hobby store in a mall in San Jose, California. I also got me a pair of old school Vans... the black and (almost) white checkered design. Classic! I couldn't find my size in the Philippines. Although I almost screamed my head off when I saw made in the Philippines inside the shoe. Darn it! I hate it when that happens!

Another long flight tomorrow. Every time I ride the plane on this trip something weird happens and I hope tomorrow I don't encounter any flight diversions or delays.

Oh... bringing me home boxes of Krispy Kreme too!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Searching for Catan

I can't believe how difficult looking for Settler's of Catan could be... I mean, I'm here in the US with all the Toy's R' Us around me and still no Catan! I tried eBay but my trip is too short for the seller to ship it to me on time unless I pay extra for priority delivery.

I have one more stop. I hope I get lucky in California!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wide Awake in the American Dream

I'm in Illinois right now. I sort of babysat my 12-year old cousin on his way home here. Sneaked in a little vacation too.

It's been nine months since their family migrated here and life here was way harder than they expected. My two cousins at 18 and 19 had to work at least two jobs this summer. What they earn goes to their credit card and car bills.

The 18-year old girl had her debut last December at Chucky Cheese. I had mine at Club Filipino complete with the 18 Roses and 18 Candles.

My 19-year old guy cousin works at a grocery store. In the Philippines he was a UP baseball scholar. If he stayed he would've graduated already.

My Aunt and Uncle barely see each other because of their weird work schedule. My Aunt doesn't even have days off. She'd rather work overtime and get paid than stay at home and rest.

They couldn't wait to leave Philippines to live the American Dream. My parents believed my cousins have a better future here.

It was a rude awakening for them, especially for my young cousins, that life here is all work. Living the dream means sacrificing a lot of yourself. I feel my cousins' pain of not having the luxuries they have been used to. They're transfering to a big university next spring. True, they'll be getting a good education... in exchange of a student loan or a four-year stint in the US Army. Relationships here are also different. It's not like at home that you and your officemates can just go out and grab some drinks. After work people have families to tend to and homes to take care of.

I'm grateful that our life in the Philippines is better than the average pinoy. It gave us the opportunity to live a good life back home and visit US at least once a year. I get to do my own laundry here and I also cook my own food whenever I'm hungry. I do some chores whenever I'm here but then after a few days or a couple of months, I go back home and leave those chores to our helpers. I know I can handle life here but I'd rather not. I don't want to be a Wal-Mart cashier with an MBA degree. Snobbish of me but true.

I remember when we were in Davao a few weeks ago my cousin was whining that he'd rather stay in the Philippines. My parents replied what a great future he'll have here. And I agreed that he'll have a great future here... never mind he hates it here... never mind he's away from his eldest brother... never mind if they're all lonely... never mind they have to work their butts off everyday... and never mind that he didn't actually choose to be here but was forced by his parents.

Some dreams are so easy to reach. And then there are some that can turn into nightmares.


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