Monday, August 07, 2006


Tomorrow I'm going home. Back to Ate Vi-os (until I find a decent name to my new set of wheels she'll have to settle with that name), back to work, back to occassional rain showers and back to being broke.

Yep, going home. Happy that I spent several days with my relatives that I miss so much. I left promising another visit next year. I hope that's still possible. I haven't left US yet but I miss them already. Also happy that after almost giving up finding the boardgame I was looking for I finally found it in a quaint little hobby store in a mall in San Jose, California. I also got me a pair of old school Vans... the black and (almost) white checkered design. Classic! I couldn't find my size in the Philippines. Although I almost screamed my head off when I saw made in the Philippines inside the shoe. Darn it! I hate it when that happens!

Another long flight tomorrow. Every time I ride the plane on this trip something weird happens and I hope tomorrow I don't encounter any flight diversions or delays.

Oh... bringing me home boxes of Krispy Kreme too!

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