Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Erin Pasimio, our friends Sonny and Ria Pasimio's two-month old daughter is in dire need of your help. Her liver doesn't have bile ducts, thus, could not process bile in her body. She recently had an operation, although a temporary one. But she will eventually need a liver transplant.

The transplant however, is a very costly one. It will have to be done outside the Philippines.

We're hoping all you kindhearted souls to help the Pasimio family by purchasing these baller bands for P200 only. They come in two colors. In case you would like one, or two, or more... just get in touch with me.

We'll also holding events to raise more money for Erin's operation. I hope you can also participate. As soon are plans are set I'll be inviting you all.

*** Thanks Jong for the picture.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support! I am chico, Ria's brother.


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