Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh Verona! You tease me so!

Sigh! How can yo not love this shoe?! With more colors now.

Made of sheepskin leather, with dainty grosgrain lace and a full rubber sole. Snakeskin design is also available. Anthology really makes me go crazy! I just love them!

I want the green one... and maybe the nude colored one too... darn it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Loving Joe Fresh!

We have visitors from Canada and before they arrived they asked me what I wanted. Well, aside from MAC Studiofix I also asked for lip crayons and blush from Joe Fresh.

I haven't tried the blush since I'm still trying to finish the cheek tint I bought last year. But I love, love the lip crayons coz it feels soft on the lips! I'm sure the lisptick will glide on nicely too.

I really regret not getting more stuff while I was in Canada last year. Should've explored the shoes and the clothing line as well. 

The brand's beauty line is a good place to start to build your make up collection. It's cheap but good quality. Price starts at CAN$6. Too bad it's only available in Canada.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Renegade Folk on AVA

I'm not supposed to shop but I couldn't resist the Renegade Folk sale on AVA. I'm a self-confessed shoe-holic and even if I can't go out, I still end up buying a pair!

 Man Eater in Black P999

Two-tone Man Eater P999

Apron Strings P1499 (i want this but no heels/wedge right now)

I ended up buying this pair of sandals. I've been wanting salmon colored wedges but, for now I have to settle with flats.

Old Friends P999

I always get in trouble every Friday whenever I visit the AVA site. Sigh. The Renegade Folk sale ends in twelve days! Not yet registered? Use this code:

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Hunger Games Nail Polish

Cashing on The Hunger Games craze, China Glaze releases a collection inspired by the book/movie. 

The nail polish will be in stores this March 1, 2012, just in time for the March 23, 2012 release of the movie too. 

Okay, so confession time. Haven't read the book so I really can't "feel" the colors. But just by looking at the collection I have a few I already like! Hook and Line, Stone Cold, Harvest Moon and even Agro looks promising to me.

I hope it reaches the Philippine shores soon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Review: Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter

I found out about the Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter while reading Project Vanity's blog. Timing was great coz I was going to SM Makati that same day and decided to grab a tube.

They have about 20 colors to choose from. Since I have so many lipsticks already, I decided to get my not-so-usual color. Pink! I do have bright pinks but wanted something lighter and for more daily use. The lady in the counter recommended Sweet Tart.

I must admit, it does glide on smoothly and color retention is okay. Although I do have to re-apply more often than my other lipsticks.

I just got one tube but after trying this for a week I want to buy another one! I was worried that the color would be too bright for my skin tone but it actually looks nice and natural on me. 

These are available in SM Makati for P525. 

Oh, can I also share I grabbed my first bottle of super red nail polish too?!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo: My New BFF!

My friend CD of Manila Fashion Observer swears by this product. She used this mostly after giving birth and doing gelai

Last Christmas, my brother bought me two bottles from Sephora. I just wanted to try it coz been having good hair days lately. I want to preserve it til the next day. But, fate has other plans... about to go on full bed rest again with minimal bathroom privileges, this until I give birth already. Oscar Blandi will be great for those in-between shower days.

I hope it lasts until my mom leaves again for the US this May. I've tried it several times, easy to use and love the look after. Hair smells lemon-y fresh too. 

It's also available here in the Philippines on Shopspot Online Shop.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Chicify Finds: Post Christmas Shopping

Found some stuff online and as usual, took me awhile before I got them. Good thing I waited coz Chicify is now on sale!

Margaux Tri-Color clutch from Caleigh Madison on sale for P350.00. I'm a mom and must always have big bags. But I love the colors on this. Plus, it's on sale!

I love pouches! These are P280.00 each. I collect receipts for the office and the black pouch is great way to keep everything organized. And I just have to have the red pouch. I promised myself to put at least P100 a day for emergency retail therapy!

Chicify also has stuff for the home and kids. I'm thinking of getting pillow cases from Plush Home for the couch in our room.

Other brands carried by Chicify are Cole Vintage, Salsa Trends, Butterfly Twists and more! 

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Supporting DOT in their new campaign...

It's more fun in the Philippines!

My mom is also the president of the Tourism Congress, supporting her advocacy too. Campaign is by BBDO and so far it has been successful. It has spawned spoofs in Facebook too. I might say, super creative!

Let's just support the campaign rather than bash it... let's give it a chance. Let's prove to the world we're not typical pinoys with crab mentality.

Click here for the full campaign.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Hi Schu! Hello Again!

Because I have a very delicate pregnancy right now I can't go out that much. If ever I do, I have to be in a wheelchair. Limits my shopping... not so happy about that! But hubby seems to like it...

Today on my way home from work I felt I needed some retail therapy badly and decided to drop by one of my fave shoe shops, Schu, in Rockwell. I walked ever so slowly to the second floor and what do you know, they were on sale!

The sandals I've been wanting for the longest time, now on sale for P999. The flats are super soft and comfy. Perfect for pregnant me!

There were some heels and wedges I wanted too but those have to wait til I give birth in April.

Nice way to start the year!


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