Friday, January 06, 2012

Hi Schu! Hello Again!

Because I have a very delicate pregnancy right now I can't go out that much. If ever I do, I have to be in a wheelchair. Limits my shopping... not so happy about that! But hubby seems to like it...

Today on my way home from work I felt I needed some retail therapy badly and decided to drop by one of my fave shoe shops, Schu, in Rockwell. I walked ever so slowly to the second floor and what do you know, they were on sale!

The sandals I've been wanting for the longest time, now on sale for P999. The flats are super soft and comfy. Perfect for pregnant me!

There were some heels and wedges I wanted too but those have to wait til I give birth in April.

Nice way to start the year!


Daphne said...

Hi! I'm also craving for shoes and pregant (high-risk). So I can really relate to your post.

Is the sandals still on sale? I want that!!! :)

Conchita said...

hi daphne! congrats also! actually on bed rest right now so just doing all shoping online.

i think the sale is done already. you can check them out in twitter @shcu_shop for announcements.

they also have that sandals in blue! super nice.


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