Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hope in a jar, bottle, tube and whatever

When I hit the big 3-oh, I swore to myself I would try my best to defy the pull of gravity on my face. I have been in denial for quite sometime already and it was time to finally face the fact that whatever I do, I will grow old. Gasp!

The years of worshiping the sun drenched in Coke to achieve that perfect tan has taken a toll on my skin. I find wrinkles around my eyes and my skin is a bit dry.

I did try to look for the perfect anti-ageing cream but I would either breakout or itch. Until I tried L'Oreal! I'm no endorser of the brand. I'm just so happy I finally found a skin regimen that I love and loves me back!

During the day I start of with my Cetaphil (which I've been doing since high school). Followed by Visible Results Skin Renewing Gelified Toner. And next is the Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle+Firming Day Cream. Last is the Revitalift Double Eye Lift. White pump is for under the eyes while the red pump is to lift the eyelids. It is recommended that we use our ring finger when putting creams or eyeshadow on our eyes since it puts less pressure.



For the my nightly ritual, I remove my make up with my Cetaphil but without water. I just lather it on my face and wipe it off with cotton. Then use it again to wash my face. Again, the Visible Results Skin Renewing Gelified Toner, followed by the Revitalift Night and the Revitalift Double Eye Lift.

I've been doing this for almost a month now and I'm very happy with the results. My pores are tighter and even if I have make up on the whole day everyday, my skin doesn't dry up anymore.

I hope I won't need the Advanced Revitalift Anti-Wrinkling Moisturizers line yet... maybe in another ten years.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look what I found...

You guys probably heard about the Duty Free Phil incident with this designer Boyet Fajardo and DFP employee. How this Mr. Fajardo forced the employee to kneel because he got pissed off when the employee asked for identification while paying with his credit card. Because of technology, the whole incident was caught on camera. Well, while buying girdle (too hide my post baby bump...) in Landmark, I saw his "store" while paying at the cashier. Sorry for the blurry photo, I was using my phone and trying to sneak a shot.

Ay sus naman! Look at his output... I don't think he's THAT big of a designer to have this kind of attitude. Actually, no matter how famous you've become, it's still not an excuse to act like a diva! Anyway, I don't need to boycott him. You just have to see the picture to know why.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The SECRET is out...

I got the go signal from my informant...

The shoe store is just a stall inside Paseo Center. It's in front of the elevators on the ground floor. There's an RCBC ATM nearby and it's near the back entrance.

Hurry girls! Supply is almost running out! But don't worry, every few months or so it comes back. I'll be updating you again soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a sign! It's a sign!

When I was pregnant, I dragged my husband to attend Child birthing classes. It was our first baby so, I wanted to be prepared. Don't worry, he also had fun. Now that my baby is more than three months old, I attended a Baby Signing class.

Remember the cute kid in Meet the Fockers movie? That's the kind of sign language we learned. Our instructor, Ms. Jaime Pizarro was a great teacher. The instructions were simple and easy to learn. I did know a few signs, just some random thing I learned in high school for fun. But for those without any knowledge of signing, it's super easy! The real goal of signing with your baby is to communicate and eliminate the frustration of not knowing what he wants. Other plus factor is the early development of his verbal skills.

I attended the session last March 14 at Hobbes and Landes, Bonifacio High Street. Well, the next day I started using the sign for "milk", "more", "mommy" and "daddy" for Magnus. I wasn't expecting anything since Ms. Jaime said at that age, their motor skills are still not developed and it may take time for them to sign. I was pleasantly surprised last Saturday when he started signing in the car! Good thing I was quick to snap a few photos! Of course after that we gave him his milk.

It's not only the baby who should learn how to sign but the adults around him as well. I've been telling his yaya to sign to him since they're together most of the time during the day.

I really don't know if he knows he's signing already but whenever he does that we give him milk anyway. Although his Lolo is confusing him and starts chanting "close-open" when he sees him do it. I tell him he's saying he wants milk! Don't mess with him! It's so funny!

Check out the Baby Lingo site for other schedules.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ssshhh... can you keep a secret?!

My friend Double A (her initials are not the only thing double on her! haha!) told me about this tiangge store that sells branded shoes dirt cheap. Like Tory Burch Reva ballet flats for Php5500 and Marc Jacob's iconic mouse ballet flats for Php1500.

I bought two Chloe shoes at Php1500 each.

They don't sell regularly that's why they just have a small space in a building in Makati. I know most of the designs are seasons old but, what the hell, I'm not so picky! They also carry a couple of Ferragamo's for Php6000, Steven by Steve Madden, Ninewest, Celine, Repetto and BCBG. It was heaven for me! But I had to stop myself because it's our little Mangu's check up next week. I'm reserving my money for shots.

If you wanna know where this is... leave me your email. Sorry for being selfish but my BFFs are asking to keep it a secret for a day more. I don't want them to get mad at me. They might not share their shopping secrets anymore.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Po-po-po-poker Face...

Last Saturday I was out with some girlfriends for some (window) shopping. We kept on hearing this song in the car! Every time we rode the car we'd hear it and it was such an LSS moment for us we tracked it down online to make it our shopping group's official ringtone.

I do love Lady Gaga! I bob my head to her other song "Just Dance".

Lovin' Ellen and John Mayer's version!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Barbie wears Louboutin

I used to want to be Barbie with her big breasts and tiny waists.

Now that she's fifty and I'm... older... I love my body even if I don't have perky breasts and vavoom body.

Although I wish I was in her shoes right now. Christian Louboutin designed shoes for her 50th birthday. Done in the famous Pantone 219 Barbie Pink.

I don't care if I can barely walk in these heels! I still want it!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rest in Peace: Francis Magalona (1964-2009)

I grew up with his songs. I still know the whole lyrics of Mga Kababayan. I think I was in fifth or sixth grade when that came out. It's a great loss.

This is my favorite local movie from the 80's. Francis M. was in it.

Be with God always Francis M.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Crazy over Hermes

SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) reported that several of our local actresses tote Hermes birkins, emphasizing the price tags of these bags.

Photos may not be as accurate so please don't bite my head off. I think I saw La Greta with a blue one, just not sure what it was made of. I'm not surprised she had one. I'd be more surprised if she didn't.

Rufa Mae has an orange ostrich leather... why orange?! I hope it's her favorite color and not because that's the only one she could get.

Of course the Megastar has this... although this one has diamonds...

Since I didn't get to win the P350MM lotto jackpot recently, I'll be waiting for a few more decades (or maybe century???) to buy one. SNN said Rufa Mae's bag costs P1MM and Sharon's birkin is P3MM. I think they exaggerate...

But if I'm spending millions for a bag... I'd choose something more classic... not orange. Ooops.

Hermes Philippines will be opening soon.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Si Bro... Now na!

My guilty pleasures... I'm so addicted while on maternity leave. But now that I'm back to work, I can't seem to kick the habit!!!

Maybe my baby Magnus will be a "Santino" someday. He's mastered the art of crying already.

And this one... I'm so chismosa talaga! But I'm not alone. I'm usually texting my good friend W while watching to discuss today's featured chika.

Promise, more fashion posts soon! Hahaha!


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