Thursday, March 12, 2009

Barbie wears Louboutin

I used to want to be Barbie with her big breasts and tiny waists.

Now that she's fifty and I'm... older... I love my body even if I don't have perky breasts and vavoom body.

Although I wish I was in her shoes right now. Christian Louboutin designed shoes for her 50th birthday. Done in the famous Pantone 219 Barbie Pink.

I don't care if I can barely walk in these heels! I still want it!

1 comment:

shallow said...

absolutely stunning!

i'm a huge barbie fan :) well, a fan of her style, that is. i used to collect barbie dolls as a kid, though.

i'm loving the barbie on location collection these days :) not bad for a golden girl!


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