Friday, July 30, 2004

July 30, 1998

I'm proud to say that today is our 6th year anniversary. Although we did not come this far unscathed, we continue to take each others' crap and love each other to death! Ours is not a fairytale romance but still deserving to be featured in television. Tini was after all, my brother's Math teacher. Our courtship was short, about two weeks. I say "our courtship" because if I hadn't been a bitch about it, he would've taken even longer! Despite the short courtship, we still lasted this long. Pretty impressive huh?!
So Tini, here's to our 6th year! Next year may we surpass the itch and hopefully get hitched! You're the only man who can stand a bitch like me. And I'm the only girl who can stand a brat like you! I love you so much baber!!! Muah!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Venture MRR

Thanks to my practicum I realized I'd rather put up a business for my thesis (we call it MRR here) than work for a company. My personality cannot handle being ordered around anymore. I wanna be my own boss and reap the profits (or loss...) that I rightfully deserve!

I've been thinking of putting up a business connected to my core competency...which is fashion. I'm lucky my roomies and I share the same passion. We all would like to be partners someday and create a fashion empire. I can imagine walking down the runway with my three other friends in our uber fashionable clothes! Well, were starting small with pajamas. This is actually Tin-tin's (my roomie) baby since she's been doing it for awhile. She had one made for me for my last birthday. We hope to conquer the jammy world!

I almost backed out going through with this but thanks to our entrepreneurship mentor really pushed me to pursue this. This is my first step to being an entrepreneur and a fashion mogul!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Shopaholics Anonymous

There should be a Shopaholics Anonymous here. Then me and my roomies would be in it. I don't know if our impeccable fashion sense is a curse or a gift because it can be very difficult resisting our urges to shop. Just this week (our first week back in school) we went shopping last monday at our favorite tiangge store, Trix, in Geenbelt 1. We justified our shopping spree by saying we needed new clothes for school. Yesterday, we went again to Greenbelt. Our intention was to go to Mr. Quickie to have our indian shoes (pasalubong from our good friend Kris) resized. We ended up shopping at the bazaar on the 2nd floor. This time we used the excuse that we got our stuff REALLY cheap because it was a sale. I ended up buying this cool brown suede Puma shoes. Believe me, it's really nice! This matches well with my khaki mini skirt and my Esprit tennis skirt too! Okay...I digress...where was I? Oh yeah! So, in the afternoon, I went to Glorietta to look for a possible skirt for our Cubs' Night Party for the new students. Alisa (one of my roomies) told me about the sale at Tweeds. I go there and sale was over! I was suppose to give up when I happen to pass by Mango. Their sale was still on. I already looked at their stuff in Rockwell and I didn't fit in most of the clothes so I gave up. I wasn't really going to buy anything when I say this awesome brown asymmetrical skirt! It clinged to my hips so'll look good while I dance the night I ended up buying it.

Now, I have to have a firm resolve that I will not shop for the next...few weeks(?). Well, probably till end of July...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Record Breaker

For the third year, Ateneo has broken DLSU's record. 2002, we became champions after their running streak of...was it four years? Then last year, Ateneo beat DLSU making them lose their seat in the championship. Last sunday, Ateneo broke DLSU's sixteen year record of not losing in the opening game. How cool was that?!

I was suppose to move in back to the dorm but I stayed home instead to watch the game. I was disappointed in the first three quarters and almost left for AIM but decided to finish it since my mom wanted me to stay for the night anyway. Well...good thing I stayed coz it was a game I'm glad I didn't miss! The Blue Eagles overcame a fifteen point lead!

I wish I was in Araneta singing the Hymn along with thousands of others. Or at least with some friends watching it while drinking beer and eating pizza. Tini had his own basketball game with his officemates. I just kept on texting him whenever something significant happened.

I hope we break more records. I hope we reach championship again. I hope I get to watch the next game live. I already bought two blue blouses for it!


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