Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Record Breaker

For the third year, Ateneo has broken DLSU's record. 2002, we became champions after their running streak of...was it four years? Then last year, Ateneo beat DLSU making them lose their seat in the championship. Last sunday, Ateneo broke DLSU's sixteen year record of not losing in the opening game. How cool was that?!

I was suppose to move in back to the dorm but I stayed home instead to watch the game. I was disappointed in the first three quarters and almost left for AIM but decided to finish it since my mom wanted me to stay for the night anyway. Well...good thing I stayed coz it was a game I'm glad I didn't miss! The Blue Eagles overcame a fifteen point lead!

I wish I was in Araneta singing the Hymn along with thousands of others. Or at least with some friends watching it while drinking beer and eating pizza. Tini had his own basketball game with his officemates. I just kept on texting him whenever something significant happened.

I hope we break more records. I hope we reach championship again. I hope I get to watch the next game live. I already bought two blue blouses for it!

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