Friday, July 30, 2004

July 30, 1998

I'm proud to say that today is our 6th year anniversary. Although we did not come this far unscathed, we continue to take each others' crap and love each other to death! Ours is not a fairytale romance but still deserving to be featured in television. Tini was after all, my brother's Math teacher. Our courtship was short, about two weeks. I say "our courtship" because if I hadn't been a bitch about it, he would've taken even longer! Despite the short courtship, we still lasted this long. Pretty impressive huh?!
So Tini, here's to our 6th year! Next year may we surpass the itch and hopefully get hitched! You're the only man who can stand a bitch like me. And I'm the only girl who can stand a brat like you! I love you so much baber!!! Muah!

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