Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Venture MRR

Thanks to my practicum I realized I'd rather put up a business for my thesis (we call it MRR here) than work for a company. My personality cannot handle being ordered around anymore. I wanna be my own boss and reap the profits (or loss...) that I rightfully deserve!

I've been thinking of putting up a business connected to my core competency...which is fashion. I'm lucky my roomies and I share the same passion. We all would like to be partners someday and create a fashion empire. I can imagine walking down the runway with my three other friends in our uber fashionable clothes! Well, were starting small with pajamas. This is actually Tin-tin's (my roomie) baby since she's been doing it for awhile. She had one made for me for my last birthday. We hope to conquer the jammy world!

I almost backed out going through with this but thanks to our entrepreneurship mentor really pushed me to pursue this. This is my first step to being an entrepreneur and a fashion mogul!

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