Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Bride is sick

Yep... I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I just wished sooner and not that close to the wedding. But last night I felt the familiar itch in my throat and I knew tonsilitis was just around the corner.

Today I wake up with my throat aching like crazy. Huhuhu.

I tried over dozing with Vitamin C but I may be too late. We'll see.

Still tons of stuff to do and the relatives are starting to pour in from around the world. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ink me bebeh!

More than a year ago, I got my very first tattoo. A triquetra sign on my lower back. It was relatively big in size. The pain was beyond what I was used to so I decided that it will probably take years till I get one again.

But they said once you've tried it, you'll want another one again.

Since I've been displaced to sleep in the ground floor guest room that has a t.v. hooked to Destiny cable, I have access to Travel and Living. One of the shows I'm currently addicted to right now is Miami Ink. A reality show about tattoo artists in Miami and the people they meet. The customers usually talk about the significance of their tattoo and what pushed them to get one.

Their creativity is amazing! Most of the time they do freestyle, no patterns just straight drawing on the skin. It still comes out great! Envy! Sometimes they bombard the artists of many images, the challenge is to incorporate all the elements to one tattoo and draw it in a limited area. Still, it comes out awesome!

Now I'm inspired to get another one.

My triquetra, unfortunately, isn't colorful. I want one in color. Maybe on my right pelvic area. Hmmm... a shooting star? Or an elaborate floral design?

All I have to think about now is the pain. Sigh.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Leave... Leave... Leave

My mind is elsewhere already. I'm giving myself two more days at work and then off to take my leave. I'm not functioning properly anymore anyway.

I can't multi-task anymore. Too tired.

One thing at a time and right now I just want to work on my wedding.

Promise... Wednesday is my first day... unless they call a group meeting...

Urgh! Such a workaholic!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


The holidays are here and one of my favorite things to do is just stay in bed and have a movie marathon. I have two movies on my list.

I just saw this one on HBO recently. The Holiday is a story of two women, continents apart, swapping homes for the holidays to get away from the men in their lives. But unexpectedly find new men to fall in love with.

Jude Law is a total hottie here! But that's not the only reason I love this movie. Other stars include Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black. It's a total chick flick!

My ultimate holiday movie is Love Actually. I can watch this one over and over and over and over... well, you get the idea. I've even memorized the lines! This movie is a hodge-podge of lives of different people and their encounters with love.

Stars include Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth and Keira Knightly. With all the stories there, I'm sure there's one story you can relate to.

Yes, probably too sappy for some of you but sometimes I just wanna watch movies without analyzing too much. And these are on top of my list!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Clicking like crazy...

Oh gosh... sorry (specially to all my friends) for posting this again here when I've posted it in my two Multiply sites and emailed it to a gazillion people... it's just that I love, love, love our prenup pics to death!

I know have two photographers on my IT list... and while the other one is related to me, Paul Vincent is the other one. Hay, or maybe we just clicked. He understood that my fiance and I are two crazy people who wants uniqueness in our lives. Oh well, please bear with me. In a few weeks time it will all be over...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Shoot me bebeh!

I'm not a gadget person but I've never yearned for a camera before like I do now. Sniff...

Me want a new camera. I think my Pentax needs a rest. I want a Canon Powershot camera. The model I want is not even very hi-tech. Just a simple point and shoot model good enough for a blogger like me. These are the two I've chosen...

7.1 megapixel
4x optical zoon
2 AA batteries
powered by 2 AA batteries

5 megapixel
4x optical zoom
powered by 2 AA batteries

These are the only ones within my budget. I like the A550 because of the grip and it also looks sturdier and rugged. Plus the added pixels too. But I like the simplicity of the A460. Okay, I like the colors too... I want one in red or blue. But because of the wedding I don't want to spend money on the cameras yet. Sigh! It would be lovely taking pics this holiday with any of these two.

Santa! *wish* *wish*!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

NON-Fashion Ramblings

Blah about the coup attempt. Nothing more to say than grrrr! Been to three weddings in Manila Pen and it's a shame they destroyed it.

Anyway... it's December 1 right now, which is 30 days from my wedding, which means I'm officially stressing out! This is why I don't diet. The stress alone is enough to make me lose weight. Seriously. Tried and tested. Just hope I don't lose too much weight or else my gown will fall off. And THAT is not a pretty site. So, we lost our weekends to errands and stuff already and even after work hours. Sigh! Struggle for someone who loves to sleep. But really excited coz I'm counting down the days til our house becomes a complete bedlam with relatives arriving from all over the world.

The other night my mom was throwing questions, asking checklist and who should do what... waaaahhh! I just scribbled everything in my wedding notebook. Deal with it later... like tonight...

Tini had his measurements taken yesterday. He's wearing a tuxedo. We were betting on his waistline. Hah! I won! Won't mention it anymore, he might back out from the wedding. Hehe.


Oh, oh! Other than getting married and having house renovated, another big change might be coming soon. I'm sort of excited about it but worried as well. Nope, not preggers! Haha! I'll know all the details by Tuesday. Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Early Christmas presents

Look what Santa brought in!

New line from Schu

duckies don't have to be in bathtubs only

ducky, this time on a wedge

because i'm true-blue

because I can't help to be quirky

shine in silver and gold

I think someone's in trouble again... sigh! As usual I asked MOA branch to text me as soon as they come in.

I hope they do!

Welcome 2008!!!

Nope, it's not new year yet. But let's welcome the 2008 Edition of Havaianas!!! It's all here and being a self-confessed Havies addict, I immediately grabbed a pair... well, two pairs. My fiance and I got matching pairs. Hihi! He now has three and he's wondering how he can wear all his Havies... sigh! My little grasshopper has still a lot to learn.

Anyway, let me share you some styles we saw...

Slim Animal in Navy Blue

Fresh in Carmine Red

Trend in Red

I checked All Flip Flops in MOA and they have most of these styles already. I got our pair in one of their newest branches, Greenbelt 5. They also opened in Trinoma. And heads up for the 2008 Christmas Limited Edition too! The salesperson said it will be arriving sometime next week.

Maybe you'd like to add these in your Christmas shopping list!

I wanted these too...

our pairs...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Give me my tutu now!

See, I can still do a decent first position!

Yuck! Ugly feet! Blaming my years of dancing ballet!

Anyway, this post may be a few weeks old. I'm sure some of you saw this in the stores already but I just recently got my Schu ballet flats a few days ago. Maybe MOA is so far away for the delivery trucks, it took awhile for stocks to get there.


I really felt like a kid again with my pair of ballet shoes!

Glad I had somewhere to go to tonight... I'm building my whole wardrobe from feet up!

But sending a request to the universe... Ruby!!! Other colors please!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wedding Belles is online!

I'd like to introduce to you our new site, the Wedding Belles!!! We were inspired to put up this site coz three out of four 315 Girls are getting married soon. We wanted to share our wedding preparation ideas, discoveries and other wedding/marriage-related stuff.

Contributors include me, a.k.a Conchita, and CD of the Manila Fashion Observer.

If you've enjoyed our regular blogs, you'll probably enjoy this one too! Even if your just dreaming of your big day!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What was your last purchase(s)?

I wasn't really tagged but my good friend MFO shared her latest purchases so, I'm also sharing mine.

An orange nylon bag from Ninewest. I've been wanting an orange bag even before orange became the new gray! My inspiration was a pair of orange Havies. First I went to Lacoste but they didn't have the style I wanted in orange. While window shopping inRockwell I came accross this bag. It's kinda bigger than my usual bags but I love the bright orange!

A brown bolero from Mimi at the Archeology wing of Powerplant Mall. I was looking for something to add to my brownish-bronze strapless bubble dress I wanted to wear for my friend's wedding yesterday. I saw this one and thought it would be a great addition to my outfit but I changed my mind on what to wear.

Oh, got a text from Schu that my ballet flats are ready for pick up. I guess that's my lunch-errand on Monday.

What about you? Why don't you share your recent buys?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back to the 90's

While doing my usual blog-hopping I ran across this feature in Shoewawa on Dr. Marten’s. I know this will actually date my age but what the heck! While I was in high school, I was sooooo into the grunge look, like most teens during that time. I asked my mom to buy me pair of DM’s and even told her the more holes the better! Alas, she kept it simple and got me the one with 6-holes (the number of holes will determine the height of the boots). I’d wear it with shorts, Sunday dresses, and jeans!

Fast forward to 2008, look what they have displayed in their store! Colorful DM’s! Lovely! It definitely brings me back to my high school days!

They also have printed ones.

At my age I’m wondering how I can pull this off without looking like I’m trying too hard.

My fiancé said this was part of his wardrobe in college complete with long hair!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Schu is on sale until December 2! I got a text a few days ago from them and went to their MOA branch on the first day of the sale. See my loot...

burgundy mary janes and white wedge

The same night I had dinner at Galleria and passed by Schu again just in case I'd find something I like. they don't have my size anymore in some styles I wanted. Now I wonder if that was a good thing for me. Haha! I kept my choices conservative coz I'm thinking of doing the "naughty librarian" look with these shoes.

I'm also waiting for my pink ballet flats. It's for a good cause. 15% of it goes to the I Can Serve Foundation. I heard it's available in some branches already but I'm waiting for mine to arrive at their MOA branch. Sigh! Patience is a virtue.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Funny Sign: Bangkok, Thailand

Just thought this was cute and funny... oh, and this post is long overdue.

Scrooge in the making

That's Tini guarding our xmas decor loot in SM Megamall a few days ago. Yeah... we were tired doing the xmas decor shopping but the results were fantastic! Thanks to our decorators, Ador and Joey. Every year we hire them to put up the decors in our house. Look at the finish product...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rest In Peace

All Saints' Day today and we went to visit Tini's parents' tomb in Pililia. We were walking through the maze of tombs when I started to wonder what I wanted to put on my gravestone when I die. What epitaph would I put considering I could only fit a few words on it... unless I go and get a bigger one...

On that note... just sharing the epitaphs of some famous people...

“That’s All Folks”
The Man of a Thousand Voices
(Mel Blanc)

She did it the hard way
(Bette Davis)

“The Entertainer”
He did it all

(Sammy Davis, Jr.)

Steel true, Blade straight
(Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

Called Back
(Emily Dickinson)

The Body ofB. Franklin, Printer
Like the Cover of an old Book
Its Contents turn out
And Stript of its Lettering & Guilding
Lies here. Food for Worms
For, it will as he believed
appear once more
In a new and more elegant Edition
corrected and improved
By the Author
(Benjamin Franklin)

(Carl Jung)
“Invoked or not invoked, the god is present”

Quoth the Raven

(Edgar Allan Poe)

Mine would probaby say something like:

She wanted to stay but the devil needed her badly...
(Conci Clemente)

More Havies on Sale!!!

Havies addicts like me... go run to your favorite ALL FLIP FLOPS branch and grab your Havies now. Sale runs from October 31 to November 30, 2007.

Warning though, I had a hard time looking for size 35/36... went home empty handed. Huhuhu! Hope your luckier than me.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Me want my room back!!!

I moved into the ground floor guest room because my bedroom will be renovated to accommodate the newlyweds (us! us!) by end of December. I'm just halfway done moving my stuff but our maids put my bedsheets on the other room already I didn't have a choice but to sleep there last night.

Waaah! It was horrible!

First of all, the cable in that room is Destiny. I miss my Lifestyle channel! And it's still kinda musty. It's not regulary used, hence the smell. Then our household pests (Ratatouille!!!) were extra noisy. They were in the ceiling outside the room but I could still hear them. I'm also a scardy-cat... I hate being alone downstairs.

Sigh! The sacrifices I have to endure! Just two months! Two months of this then I'm back in my own room... with my hubby beside me. Hehehe! Sigh!

I'm stressed out. I need a massage.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Havaianas going on a Sem-break (Sale)!!!

This is one of those moments I wish I was still a student… free enough to get away for a few days without a boss waiting for my return.

For those heading to Boracay, Havaianas is holding a sale from October 27 to November 3 at the Havaianas tent near Hawaiian Bar-b-que Restaurant in Station 1. Some of the featured styles are: Slim series, High Look series, Metallic, Cartunistas and a few Boracay exclusives.

Isn’t this great?! Sand on your toes, sun on your skin, and a brand new Havaianas in your bag!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Read my BAG! LV (S/S '08)

I know these have been out for quite sometime but what the heck...

Marc Jacobs and Richard Prince team up for some quirky LV designs.

Put it this way... if you're bored you can just read your bag...

Dumbledore is OUT!

For those Harry Potter fanatics, you have heard about the speculations going around the Potter fansites that Prof. Dumbledore was gay.

Finally, J.K. Rowling puts all the rumors to rest by outing Prof. Dumbledore. She admits that he is actually gay! During her stop at Carnegie Hall in NY for her book tour, she was asked who was the headmaster's true love. She answered, "Dumbledore is gay".

She explained that he had a thing for Gellert Grindelwald, remember his rival wizard in the 7th book? She also goes on saying that "Dumbledore's love was his great tragedy"

I don't know if Dumbledor would appreciated being outed by his creator but I have no qualms accepting his sexuality. Teehee...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Returning to my Warner roots: A night with Josh Groban

Yep, I was a radio adprom for Warner Music, Phil. years ago. During my stint there, Josh Groban was slowly making his name in the music industry. I love his voice then and I still love him until now. So, tomorrow I will be in seventh, eight, ninth and tenth heaven! Thanks to my bff... I will be watching him live!

Wahhhh! Gasp!

I might get tears in my eyes when or if he sings You're Still You and The Prayer...

I love you bff!!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Metallic Logo... as requested

Hey Anonymous, here's the pic you requested. Rustan's in Glorietta still has lots of stock. Better run there ASAP and grab one! I'm still contemplating getting an aquamarine one. All Flip Flops in Mall of Asia also still has some. Those are the places I'm sure you can get your pair. Happy hunting!

Monday, October 08, 2007

101 Things to buy before you die...

Finally! My book is here. I got a text last weekend from Bibliarch in Glorietta asking if I was still interested buying the book. But of course! I told them I'd get it today so during lunch I drove to Makati just to get the book. I couldn't wait for 5pm! And I wanted to go home early so I could read the book.

It's a nice read but maybe 80% of the stuff there I probably would die trying to buy. Nonetheless, I had fun going through it.

Oh, and some side news... I gave in. Again. Bought the Havies with metallic logo. I got the fuschia one. I almost bought the one with crystals too but stopped myself on time. As long as I keep away from All Flip Flops in the next few days, I think my credit card is safe.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I am VIKTOR-ious!

Ssh... can you keep a secret?

I got another pair of Viktor jeans and this time in white!

I went to Viktor in Podium to have my pair repaired. No biggie, just lost a swarovski stud. Ino Caluza was there and I got a chance to chat with him. When he said that white should be THE third pair, I gave up the fight and got one. Just the basic with stitchings also done in white. I was planning to get one anyway after I bought two black tunic tops in Thailand that I knew, the moment I saw it, would go very well with a white Viktor.

It was a sign that Ino was there. It was meant to be. Oh, Ino was also such a nice guy! I mentioned I visit his blog and he said he has seen mine as well. I also mentioned to him about our family friends who convinced my mom to get jeans from him. I should tell Georgia I got another pair... *inggit*... teehee

Counting the days til I get my hands on my jeans! I'll tell my bro I need a pictorial with my Viktors!


I just had to post this for those sisters on the family way. Viktor does make jeans for pregnant women. After giving birth you can bring your pair back and they can re-do it to your un-pregnant size. Isn't that awesome?!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Follow THAT bag!


I've been away for several days and though we had wifi access in out hotel in Bangkok (plug: Siam@Siam is a kick ass hotel!!! anybody traveling to BKK should try it!) I didn't have a laptop I could use. Hence, I've been updating myself, visiting all my usual kikay sites. I saw this at the Sartorialist's site...

I gasped when I saw the bag. Anya Hindmarch just flew out the window! I want this one instead... I know it's LV but, what do they call it?!!! Is it new?! How could I miss this one?! Argh!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand!

Bangkok, Thailand trip
September 28 to October 1, 2007

Wonderful sights and fun company... what else can you ask for?! Gallons of tom yang and tons of shopping too! Frankly, four days is not enough! Thanks to my mommy and daddy for including me and Tini on this trip. Lots of love!!! Mwah!

For rest of the trip visit my site.

Tini and I infront of the palace of Rama V

Jong with Georgia (dyosa ng Makiling) and Claire (prinsesa ng San Juan)

My Dad and Mom with the Siram Namit performers

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A year away from the big 3-0!!!

I welcomed my birthday with my fiance, although I didn't make him stay til 12am, just 1130pm. He gave me my birthday gift, an Ateneo jacket from Adidas. He made sure it was gift wrapped. I demand my gifts to be gift wrapped unless it's a designer bag, then dustbag is enough. Hehehe. He chose a Power Puff Girls wrapper. Funny! Then I started receiving texts from my girlfriends.

Today my favorite inaanak made a card for me. So sweet of her! Her mom and her S.O. also got me two of the three books I've been looking for. We'll have a family dinner tonight sans my Dad who is stuck in Bicol for work. No prob, we'll all be spending the weekend together in Bangkok. I've packed super light (3 shirts, 2 shorts, a pair of pants, a pair of Havies and my gray Prima Crocs) to make space for the stuff I'll be buying. My Mom said we'll just go to Luk Foo(?) near Casino Filipino... ooohhh! Peking duck! Yum!

So far it has been a great day. Kinda blah but I don't mind. It comes with age I think. And my birthday and the Christmas season are taking a backseat this year coz of the wedding. THAT I'm REALLY looking forward to!

p.s. additional bday gift from my fiance... a TIU jersey... hehehe...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Birthday Book List

Since it looks like my first wish list is just that, a wish list, I'm settling for books instead. Here are some of the titles I'm buying as birthday gifts for myself. Actually, I just can't seem to find them in bookstores (specially the first book!) near my office. Hoping these are available in Powerbooks in Serendra.

by Charlotte Williamson and Maggie Davis (seriously, this one I've been to several bookstores looking for it... I'm even on their waitlist!)

This one I'm looking for the paperback. They ran out of it too.

Another Cecilia Ahern novel, also entitled "Love, Rosie". I've been in denial trying to get this book for almost two years already. But I've gotten over my issues over this book and I think I'm ready to take the challenge.

Monday, September 17, 2007

On the red carpet...

It's the Emmy's again and you know what I love about Hollywood t.v./movie awards... the outfits on the stars of course! I don't see any clear trend on the red carpet this year, unlike last year it was all grecian (which totally inspired me for my wedding!).

Anyway, so I surfed the web and checked out what's hot on the red carpet. It was a wee bit disappointing for me. Or maybe they're reserving all the hot stuff for the Oscar's. See for yourself...

Project Runway's Heidi Klum in a hot red number

Christina Aguilera

HEROES' Ali Larter sexy in red

Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt in classic black

Gossip Girl narrator Kristen Bell in an age-appropriate blue gown

I'm not liking Ellen's dress but loving Portia De Rossi's dress, check the snake detail

Kimora Lee Simmon's in a jewel-tone dress... yummy!

HEROES' Hayden Paniattiere, fashion police hated her dress but I kinda like it...

Eva LaRue in black and white... tuxedo-ish don't you think?! Check out the details on the top

(photos from


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