Sunday, November 11, 2007


Schu is on sale until December 2! I got a text a few days ago from them and went to their MOA branch on the first day of the sale. See my loot...

burgundy mary janes and white wedge

The same night I had dinner at Galleria and passed by Schu again just in case I'd find something I like. they don't have my size anymore in some styles I wanted. Now I wonder if that was a good thing for me. Haha! I kept my choices conservative coz I'm thinking of doing the "naughty librarian" look with these shoes.

I'm also waiting for my pink ballet flats. It's for a good cause. 15% of it goes to the I Can Serve Foundation. I heard it's available in some branches already but I'm waiting for mine to arrive at their MOA branch. Sigh! Patience is a virtue.

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