Saturday, November 24, 2007

Give me my tutu now!

See, I can still do a decent first position!

Yuck! Ugly feet! Blaming my years of dancing ballet!

Anyway, this post may be a few weeks old. I'm sure some of you saw this in the stores already but I just recently got my Schu ballet flats a few days ago. Maybe MOA is so far away for the delivery trucks, it took awhile for stocks to get there.


I really felt like a kid again with my pair of ballet shoes!

Glad I had somewhere to go to tonight... I'm building my whole wardrobe from feet up!

But sending a request to the universe... Ruby!!! Other colors please!!!


jillsabs said...

hi conchita! can you please make a review of the ballet flats for kikay ex? please...please...please :)

Blairbitch said...

haha! sure thing jill! just let me wear it one more time for better review =)


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