Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Review: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation

I know it's been awhile since I last blogged. Super hectic at work and certain events kinda made me lose interest in blogging. But I'm determined to continue my blog despite whatever drama is out there...

My comeback post is on one of the newest Revlon products out there. I've seen many tweets  and vlogs/blogs reviews on this one. I'm waiting for local bloggers to share their experience on the product, but here's mine!

I saw on Revlon's site that there's sixteen (16) shades. With so many shades, there's bound to be one perfect for your skin tone. Although here in the Philippines there's about five to six shades out in the market and I find the best shade for me is Warm Golden. Probably if all shades were available, I'd find an even better match.

Consistency is creamy but not liquid-y like the Photoready foundation. I find the best tool to use is my hands. I've seen some that used Sigma brushes but I find it hard to manipulate with a brush. It feels too thick.

I use a spatula to scoop a bit of foundation to avoid contamination of the product. Yes, I'm a bit of an OC.

Immediately you'll see complete coverage and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin despite that its cream. No need to set it with powder. I've read lots of review saying it looks better after an hour or so after application. Probably by then the product has completely settled in the skin. The longer the better it looks, which I agree. 

It says on the cover "24hrs" and it really does stay long. Longer than Photoready, which I use most of the time. I also like that it doesn't come off that much after a bit of sweat... actually, had this on during a work out after work and it doesn't feel like it's melting on your face.

this is my face at 9pm... obvious ba haggardo versoza na?! without retouching just blotting
The bottle packaging makes it difficult to carry it around but maybe if you really want to carry a bit around, you can buy those small containers in Beabi or Watsons. Also when I took pictures, my face looks whiter on cam than in person even without flash. I'm wondering about this. Or maybe I really need a better shade.

All in all I love it. I do use foundation most of the time when I put on make up. I love the feel and effect. If you can purchase it abroad, it will come out cheaper. It's Php975 a bottle here but about $13-$17 in the US.

I'm looking forward to the reviews of my favorite local bloggers... Wondering what they'll say...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sale Alert! TLTSN

Visit The Little Things She Needs in Galleria and Eastwood and enjoy 60% off on heels, wedges and flats.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Swatch: Marilyn Monroe + MAC

Finally, the lipsticks arrived! I was very excited to see the collection in person. And now I have a bit of extra time to swatch all of them side by side.

From left to right: Pure Zen, Love Goddess, Scarlet Ibis, Charmed I'm Sure, Deeply Adored
Pure Zen is the nude shade of the bunch. It's very pale but has a bit of pinky-rose in it. It has a creme sheen formulation, which means it's staying power is not as long as the others.

Love Goddess has a satin finish and shade is quite bright red. More like cherry for me with a hint of pink.

Scarlet Ibis has a touch of orange and has a matte finish. Being matte, it's staying power is longer. I'm a bit worried about this shade on me. My skin tone doesn't really go well with orange-y shades. I have to match it with a natural shade of blush.

Charmed I'm Sure is a true red and also a matte finish. I love this shade! It's one of those reds that looks good on me. Although a bit bright still, it's red is darker than Love Goddess. I have MAC Russian Red and it has almost the same red-ness level. This is the old Hollywood red I know.

Deeply Adored is my lipstick of the moment. It is the red that is perfect for me. It's on the reddish wine side... more brown than Charmed I'm Sure. I love wearing it with just a touch of blush and black liner. It's also a matte finish.

My mom's friends who lined up for her in MAC said the collection was sold out in minutes. I am super lucky to have these because I know it's even harder to get the Marilyn Monroe collection when it hits the Philippine stores. 

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cheap and Cheerful for P2000

If you do the usual rounds of popular blogs, you'll see pretty bloggers all made up in expensive signature clothes. Nothing wrong in that. Why not right if you can afford it... or if you're famous enough that you get everything for free!

And there are those who can only afford department store, tiangge or thrift clothes. I'm one of those. Occasionally I get lucky and my mom or aunts would buy me designer shoes and bags. Clothes I prefer buying cheap and cheerful ones either online or in Divisoria.

cardigan from tiangge, corset dress from Mzd14nn3 Shop, sandals from Shoe Love Gallore, fold over clutch from ALT Manila c/o Zalora

The whole look is less than P2000. I don't remember how much each item is but the bag is the most expensive at P650.

Every girl would love to splurge on clothes and shoes... but not so expensive clothes can look fashionable too if put together well.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marilyn Monroe + MAC

The bombshell known as Marilyn Monroe is MAC's new inspiration. Coming out with a Marilyn Monroe Collection for Holiday 2012 of make up. Of course you'll see the classic vibrant red lippie and also black liners.

See the lashes?! So Marilyn! Also love the nude lipstick. Great shade to pair with the Penultimate Black Liner.

Maybe it's a sign that mommy is going to the US. Hope I can convince her to bring me home a lippie or liner...

Check out www.maccosmetics.com for the complete list. Released today in the US and October 2012 to the rest of the world.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tomorrow is the B-day!

Hmmm, I didn't get to add anymore stuff on my wish list. Too much work in the office I didn't get to go around and think of stuff I'd like to have. Although lately I've been feeling really bad about my post pregnancy weight that I don't feel like shopping for clothes (did I hear my husband's applause?!). I'm still hoping to lose it soon. 

How? I wanna do bikram yoga again. Bikram is doing yoga in a heated room. Really, really hot room. It feels so good after! You sweat all the toxins out of your body.

Then I wanna do Barre3 too! Sort of ballet, yoga and pilates all rolled into one.

I'd like to join a marathon too. I promised myself I'll do one of those marathons before the year ends.

And I wanna get a bike too so I can spend time with my husband who bikes during the weekends. I'm hoping if I share this activity with him, we'll both lose weight. Not so happy with his weight too.

Oh well, another year... wonder what's in store for me...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Teaching Kids to Beautify

I saw my niece post her face of the day on her Instagram account. I was amazed how much she knew about putting on make up and she was just 13? 14? When I was her age I hated putting on make up. Those were the days. 

Now, like any other tita, I encourage my niece's passion for fashion and everything else beautiful so I ordered make up brushes for her. Having the right tools will help her develop her skills even more.

I found a site that sold really affordable brushes on FB, Shapes and Shadows Boutique, and bought this 24-piece set of brushes for P600. I think this is a good starter set for an aspiring make up artist. Bristles are soft and picks up good amount of product.

The site has a variety of synthetic and animal hair brushes to choose from. All comes with pouches or cases.

I sent this picture to her and she went crazy! Suffice it to say, mission accomplished.

Note: Brushes and make up in the site are from Singapore and China

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What's in your bag?

Wanna win amazing prizes from Zalora? Join their "What's in your bag?" contest! Check out the poster for mechanics. Oh, and here's what's in my bag!

Shop for more bags and accessories: Use my voucher code to avail of discounts 


Samatta Manila (http://bit.ly/OjpEay
Alt Manila (http://bit.ly/PdtZ1K)
Fab Manila (http://bit.ly/RL85GB

Calvin Klein (http://bit.ly/Plijbe

Scribe Writing Essentials (http://bit.ly/Pdu715

Get hooked with Antho Hook

A nice incentive to grab the new designs of Anthology shoes...

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Wish list 2012

This wish list is brought to you by Zalora!
I recently bought a set of Dashe brushes from Zalora to replace the brushes I had. And then I realized I needed to change my travel make up brushes as well. Some of the bristles are not as soft anymore and now tends to scratch my face when I apply make up.

Where else to buy but at Zalora right? I found these travel sets...

5-piece personal set from Suesh at P950. It comes with a pouch.

3-piece dual ended set from Dashe at P450. So technically this is 6 kinds of brushes. I like this cheap and cheerful set!

5-piece set from Hash at P249. Another cheap and cheerful set! These set also comes in other designs.

Nice right? I think I prefer the Dashe set coz less pieces in my kit. 

If you wanna purchase any of these, feel free to use my Zalora voucher code ConciNavarro12 upon check out to get discounts! if you're not yet registered, click on the link on my blog.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wish list 2012

Previously blogged before that I wanted Keds for my birthday. It's such a classic that you just have to get one. The variety of styles have definitely grown more since my college days. While the new styles are lovely, I'd still go for the classic Champion CVO Canvas Basics. I can't decide whether to go safe with white or go with blue or red...

Dear Hubby, I'm size 6. And I'm okay with whatever color. I hope you don't give me a call anymore when you buy me a gift. Just surprise me for once... please?! If you don't know where to look for it, check Shoe Salon, sport shops or even department stores.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wish list 2012

Well, it's September once again. My birthday month! As usual, I'm making a wish list. Wala lang... just wishing and hoping. First on my wishlist are these Casio Retro Watches

This one I like!

Ummm... maybe I don't need a calculator on my arm.

I've been seeing these around lately. Nice addition to my arm candies! I found a couple of  sites selling these online, Digitalism.PH and Therapy Bags. Although it might be for pre-order.

Friday, August 31, 2012

TLTSN this month!

In welcoming the Ber months, TLTSN is going to have an “uBER Sale” starting August 31 to September 30, 2012. 
Enjoy these uBER Items and their uBER Discounts:
Buy 1 Take 1 on Jewelries

40% Off on Heels and Wedges

Flats P 1,049, now P 899

Flats P 899, now P699/ 2 for P1,199

Visit us in G/F Eastwood Citywalk 2 or L2 West Wing Robinsons Galleria!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beautifying with ZALORA

The world of online shopping continues to grow bigger and bigger with ZALORA. The site not only offers fashionable clothes from famous brands, but also has other stuff that will tickle any girly-girl's fancy. Especially mine!

My latest purchase...

Dashe Cosmetics 17-piece purple set

Step over to the contemporary times and stop applying makeup with your fingertips. You don't have to be professional make up artist to enjoy the benefits of using a fine set of make up brushes for day-to-day applications. With the 17-pc set from Dashe, you'll experience perfectly applied and blended make up for eyes, cheeks and lips each and every time. Dashe brushes are crafted from fine animal hairs (pony, sable, squirrel and goat) assuring you of the highest quality at very pocket-friendly prices.

I've been planning to change my make up brushes for the longest time and I finally found a good quality set of brushes that is pretty affordable. I'm sure with Zalora's fast processing and delivery, I'll be playing with my new tools by tomorrow!

ZALORA really makes it easy for us girls to shop for everything we want! Everything a click away and free delivery too!

ZALORA offers discount to all my lovely readers!
Just use my voucher code when checking out: ConciNavarro12

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

It's Human Nature

I've been using Human Nature products for awhile now but mostly for body care. I recently bought their Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation, just curious about their cosmetics line. 

Caramel shade
It's my first day to try it. Decided to put on some make up to add color to this very gray Wednesday. 

It applies well, but a little powdery than my usual MAC Studiofix. I do like the shade, matched very well on my skin tone. Gives light to medium coverage only, which is good enough for the weekend or for simple work make up. 

I also have on MUF Aqua Eyes Eyeliner, Revlon the Falsies Volume Express, Majolica Majorca Blood On Cheek/Lip Tint and Nyx Matte Lipstick in Euro Trash

Pardon the shot, we close the lights here in the office during lunch break. This is my lazy-day-make-up. I'll let you know how it goes in the coming days coz I'm hoping it won't cause break outs.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Stay Safe!

After Ondoy, MarikeƱos worry whenever heavy rains come. Now that it's been raining non-stop, we're not only worried but trying to be alert as well. We've learned our lesson and even if we can't prevent floods, at least we can minimize casualties.

I pray the rain stops soon. I don't know how much more water the river can take.

Marikina river at 5am this morning

Marikina river at 11am

As I'm writing this blog, they're saying it could reach 24meters. That could be beyond the Marcos Hi-way bridge.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Usharethis coming soon!

What do you get when social networking meets shopping? A new obsession! People
embracing the idea that book marking and social sharing slowly are replacing search with
regards to product discovery. We’re taking that experience closer to you. Usharethis.net a
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An online shopping community where regular people share their uncommon finds. A
movement of regular people who help each other find things they like and most of these
things are affordable. It’s a portal that connects you to trending and unique products at
your fingertips. Chances are there are a few other people on Usharethis.net who think like
you do. This mass marketplace has become specialized just for the target market “you”
and “me”. Social sharing, desire to discover as well as the sense of community all in one.

It’s shopping made easy! It’s shopping with an interesting twist!

Usharethis.net can make everything easy by putting the internet’s stores at your
fingertips. It gives you the opportunity to save items you crave in a wish list. If you’re
more of a window shopper, you can put items on your wish list for a rainy day. Users
post, collect, organize products and follow people and stores they like. Users can visually
keep track of their own shopping wish list.

Usharethis.net is a means to share your style with your friends and this means no more
ugly sweaters for Christmas gift. Usharethis.net is primarily user-generated so you can
trust that it’s not just one person or company throwing what they think looks good on you
and it links you directly to the site where you can purchase the products. It’s like treasure
hunting. Everything you want in one place.

What to expect on Usharethis.net

- Great interface. Navigation is simple and straightforward.
- Integrates well with your online presence – connect to Facebook, Twitter, your blogs
and websites.
- Built in trending and sharing
- The inspiration factor – a marketplace with collections of products can provide some
great ideas for themes.

We’re launching soon! In the meantime join us below to get updates.

Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Usharethis
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The community is buzzing! Since our Facebook fan page launch last July 9, 2012, we
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Usharethis.net Your next shopping obsession! Share unique finds whenever, wherever!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a Panopio Jewelry necklace from ZALORA thru Manila Fashion Observer's blog. Yesterday, I finally got to claim my Edwardian Script Initial Pendant at Zalora's office in Makati!

I chose letter 'M', for my first name. It's gold plated and both the chain and pendant are well-crafted. 

The Edwardian Script looks  so dainty and girly. The simple design complements everything I wear. 

Length is also great for layering... wore mine today with my pearls. There's instructions in the box on how to care for the necklace too. Just bring to Panopio Jewelry for cleaning and polishing.

Also available in Block font. 

Get yours now at ZALORA for only P1,880.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visit Your Childhood! Gift Gate Warehouse Sale

This brings back childhood memories for me. My pencil case in school would always be something Sanrio...

I'm going! Hope to see you there!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Super Sale Bazaar

I was here this afternoon and there's quite a vast selection of clothes, shoes and accessories. Will blog about my bazaar finds soon. I'm still busy baking cookies tonight. ☺

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last Laugh...

I'd like to believe he's laughing all the way to heaven.
You'll be missed. Truly a legend.
Rest In Peace.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Minnie Mouse I'm All Ears!

While pregnant and on bed rest I couldn't go anywhere and I certainly couldn't do anything. My guilty pleasure was getting manipeds at home. I got addicted to nail polishes... thanks to Digital Traincase.

My most recent buy was from the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection. My skin color clashes with light pinks so ended up getting this lovely shade of hot pink with shimmer...

I'm All Ears

I'm not really good at describing nail polishes but this one has shimmer with blue undertones (I've often read it described that way...)

on my toes

Here's the complete collection.

from left to right: Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It (glitter with heart like confetti); I'm All Ears; If You Moust, You Moust (bubblegum pink); The Colour of Minnie (more cherry red)

I also wanted The Colour of Minnie but I was saving up for another OPI collection. Will share it too once it arrives!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I'm a bit envious of those fashionable people who can carry a clutch bag so effortlessly. And also carry so little stuff in their bags. I'm always in bohos, totes or any big bag. Can't seem to edit things I really need all the time.

While at the Rockwell Bazaar I saw this fold over clutch from ALT Manila. It's quite affordable at P650. I left the bazaar without buying the clutch but "liked" them on FB in case I change my mind.

Well, I did change my mind and bought them eventually. It was while surfing for new stuff at Zalora.ph that I saw them again. Zalora makes online shopping sooooo easy and decided to get it there. 

the green one was calling to me

The clutch can also be used as a laptop or iPad sleeve. Still deciding if I should get the other colors...


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