Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Teaching Kids to Beautify

I saw my niece post her face of the day on her Instagram account. I was amazed how much she knew about putting on make up and she was just 13? 14? When I was her age I hated putting on make up. Those were the days. 

Now, like any other tita, I encourage my niece's passion for fashion and everything else beautiful so I ordered make up brushes for her. Having the right tools will help her develop her skills even more.

I found a site that sold really affordable brushes on FB, Shapes and Shadows Boutique, and bought this 24-piece set of brushes for P600. I think this is a good starter set for an aspiring make up artist. Bristles are soft and picks up good amount of product.

The site has a variety of synthetic and animal hair brushes to choose from. All comes with pouches or cases.

I sent this picture to her and she went crazy! Suffice it to say, mission accomplished.

Note: Brushes and make up in the site are from Singapore and China

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