Saturday, September 08, 2012

Wish list 2012

This wish list is brought to you by Zalora!
I recently bought a set of Dashe brushes from Zalora to replace the brushes I had. And then I realized I needed to change my travel make up brushes as well. Some of the bristles are not as soft anymore and now tends to scratch my face when I apply make up.

Where else to buy but at Zalora right? I found these travel sets...

5-piece personal set from Suesh at P950. It comes with a pouch.

3-piece dual ended set from Dashe at P450. So technically this is 6 kinds of brushes. I like this cheap and cheerful set!

5-piece set from Hash at P249. Another cheap and cheerful set! These set also comes in other designs.

Nice right? I think I prefer the Dashe set coz less pieces in my kit. 

If you wanna purchase any of these, feel free to use my Zalora voucher code ConciNavarro12 upon check out to get discounts! if you're not yet registered, click on the link on my blog.

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