Monday, February 26, 2007

What's up COACH?

This me torturing myelf by window shopping online. I know I have to save up for the wedding! I was just browsing in the net when I came upon the Coach website. Spring is in the air, hence, the inspiration for this collection. Evoking images of weekends in the beach, relaxing in the Hamptons, colors of the sun and sea...

Here are some of my favorites...oh, and not all of them are bags!

Too bad Coach left Rustan's. But if ever you're in the US, feel free to grab a bag for me!

Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Tote... I love crazy prints

Hamptons Weekend Small Tote

Hamptons Striped Satchel

Hamptons Pebbled Leather Large Caryall

Hamptons Scribble Oblong Scarf

Rhea Sandal

Rosabel Sandal... gladiator sandals are back!

Starla Flip Flop... how could I say no to a flip flop?!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

PROJECT RUNWAY Season 4 begins...

The battle begins anew! Same old faces as far as the four gurus are concerned. Yes, Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors will be there to make the designers' life a total hell. Banana Republic is out as their sponsor but the retail giant, Macy's, will be taking its place.

Season 3 actually ended months ago in the US, but at ETC, it has just started (Wednesdays at 10pm). The new season boasts of even crazier personalities. I read in the one site that Vera Wang, Kate Spade and Richard Tyler were some of the guest judges!

So, after watching American Idol at Starworld, I will be watching Project Runway!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Clicking my heels like Mary Poppins

I call this my Mary Poppins shoes from Schu. I told myself I would control my shopping urges because I need to save for my wedding. But while we were going around Galleria last Saturday after we paid our reservation fee at Crowne Plaza Hotel, I saw this pair and immediately asked for my size! They only have it in two colors: black and teal. I went with black, the most wearable color. I thought it was affordable enough at P1800. I doubt I could find the same style that cheap...

It's actually my first Schu purchase. I never could find a style that causes my heart to double over when I'm there. I always wait for that heart-stopping feeling... those palpitations when I see something I like. This one I totally felt it!

Bald down down there! Bald up there?!

Never was a fan but you can't seem to get away from her! Britney Spears is in the news again. Months after she flashed her bald pussy, she goes around sporting a shaven head ala Sinead O'Conner. She was seen in a tattoo shop in L. A. having one done on her wrist.

What happened to her?! She's crazy. Oh well, she makes a good front page for all those tabloids.


Incidentally, I'm home right now taking a sick leave from the office. My allergies are really getting ugly. Way ugly! I went back to the doctor coz the meds she gave me doesn't seem to work. She referred me to a derma. She then gave me steroids to drink and to put on the rashes. Was holding my breathe wondering how expensive the meds would be. It wasn't THAT bad.

Tini came by with makabuhay vines he claims will be great for washing my rashes.

I was wondering if this steroids would make my boobs grow bigger...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New do for the Blairbitch

I was trying to fix our wedding blog and ended up changing mine too. Just something blue and something new...

Just simply bored.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Those fugly shoes!

Two years ago, I saw Teri Hatcher and her daughter in a magazine wearing matching Crocs. They were green. I thought it was so cute so I looked for it in the US while I was there. I never did get around buying a pair but was so happy when I found out they sold them here. Fast forward two years later and I'm still Croc-less.

Last night after Valentine's dinner with my family at Tatami in Serendra, we walked around and my mom saw the Crocs store. She demanded a pair from my dad as a Valentine's gift. So there we were, buying Crocs. My mom chose the red Maryjanes. I was seething with envy! Tini thought of giving me one for Christmas but for some weird reason he didn't. I found out about it and never forgave him for it!

I'm really a Havaianas girl but maybe a pair of Crocs -- ballet flats or Maryjanes -- wouldn't be so bad.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Walking down the aisle...

Jimmy Choo ARIES

Jimmy Choo GALE

Malono Blahnik Raffia d'Orsay

Malono Blahnik Jeweled T-strap

Manolo Blahnik Jeweled Napa Slide

I'll probably be in tears standing for hours with these shoes. But what the heck! Wedding is just once in a lifetime right?! I hope so! Hahaha!

and the Grammy goes to...

Country singers had a big night. Dixie Chicks went home with five awards despite having a controversial year because of their anti-Bush comments. Carrie Underwood also was a big winner, a testament that American Idol does dish out quality performers. Of course there's Mary J. Blige and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Wait... I'm not here to announce the winners of the Grammy... but the best dressed... those that I loved anyway.

My ultimate fave... Christina Aguilera's white suit. Androgenous-ly sexy!

Shakira... those hair don't lie! Lovin' the dress but not the hair!

Corrine Bailey Rae. Simple elegance for a soulful lady.

Carrie Underwood going with metallic.
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Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm sore and groggy but lovin' it!

My friend Tin-tin suddenly calls up one afternoon asking if I wanted to try Bikram Yoga with her. Bikram what?! She told me it was different from the yoga we were used to. We'd be in a hot room. She wanted to look sexy in her wedding gown. That was enough for me to say yes! I wanna look hot in my wedding gown too!

Earlier this evening I found out what "hot" meant in Bikram Yoga. It really means HOT!!! I saw about four or five heater-like machines. It said 29 degrees. Argh! After a couple of poses I was really sweating like a pig! My face was literally melting. But I just kept on going. My inspiration was our instructor... nice legs, flawless skin and no tummy!

We wanted to do it about two to three times a week. We realized it ain't happenin' baby!

I love the cleansing feeling after yoga. It really clears my head and I feel the toxins slipping away.

I need a new mat. And outfits. And maybe shoes. Oh no...

PYE TRINIDAD (Instructor)
2314 Morado St., Dasmarinas Vill., Makati City
MWF 730; TTH 630; Sun 300

Little girls are divas too!

I’ve always believed little girls are never too young to start being kikay. I found a place where these aspiring kikays are truly welcomed, it’s called Dashing Diva.

A month ago, I went to Dashing Diva to have my nails done. When I got there, a little girl, still in her stroller, was having her nails done too! How adorable! So, when my favorite godchild’s birthday came a few weeks later, my birthday gift to her was a day of pampering at Dashing Diva!

Last weekend I set an appointment for a Little Diva Manicure and Pedicure. She was kinda cranky when we got there because everybody knew about the surprise and nobody would tell her. But her face slowly lit up when she realized what was going to happen. The manicurist handed her a booklet of nail art she could choose from. Balloons, cakes, flowers and fishes were just some of the designs. She chose cherries for her hands and strawberries for her toes. We gave instructions not to push her cuticles anymore, just buffing and filing.

The nail polish they used had a tip similar to a sign pen. They had another one with a finer brush for easier application. We were amazed at the precision… and of course, patience of the manicurist! When she finished with the hands they dried it with a drying machine. They did the same thing on her toes. Their drying machine is great because it really keeps the polish stay longer.

The whole afternoon her hands were in constant flip because she was afraid of ruining her nails. Monday in school she took off her shoes and socks to show off the strawberries on her toes to her classmates. I hope I haven’t created a monster! But one good thing that came out of it was so far, she stopped thumb sucking! I know moms have a hard time weaning their kids out of it. Here’s a tip though, Dashing Diva sells a clear polish called Don’t Bite. It has a bitter taste that discourages nail-biting, and even kids from sucking their thumb!

Dashing Diva can be a place were moms and daughters of all ages can bond and get pampered at the same time. I’m definitely bringing my godchild there again. This time, my graduation treat for her.

*** Dashing Diva is in Beauty Bar Rockwell and Glorietta

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's official!

Last night, over some steak at Hot Rocks, we finally told my parents about getting married this year. Wew! It was hilarious and scary at the same time. I knew my parents were not going to object but we really couldn't predict how they would react.

Tini gave me the signal and I made introductions. He made his speech... but not without my brother, my cousin giggling and I. I could feel my mom gripping her fork and my dad gripping his bottle of beer. Geez.

It all went okay I guess. We talked about our initial plans already and how to tell everybody in the US, where most of my family are, that they need to come home this Christmas.

So, it's December this year. No exact date yet coz we can't decide where the reception will be. We have a church already and as much as possible I'd like that to be non-negiotiable. Dela Strada is very special to us.

Now the craziness begins!


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