Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm sore and groggy but lovin' it!

My friend Tin-tin suddenly calls up one afternoon asking if I wanted to try Bikram Yoga with her. Bikram what?! She told me it was different from the yoga we were used to. We'd be in a hot room. She wanted to look sexy in her wedding gown. That was enough for me to say yes! I wanna look hot in my wedding gown too!

Earlier this evening I found out what "hot" meant in Bikram Yoga. It really means HOT!!! I saw about four or five heater-like machines. It said 29 degrees. Argh! After a couple of poses I was really sweating like a pig! My face was literally melting. But I just kept on going. My inspiration was our instructor... nice legs, flawless skin and no tummy!

We wanted to do it about two to three times a week. We realized it ain't happenin' baby!

I love the cleansing feeling after yoga. It really clears my head and I feel the toxins slipping away.

I need a new mat. And outfits. And maybe shoes. Oh no...

PYE TRINIDAD (Instructor)
2314 Morado St., Dasmarinas Vill., Makati City
MWF 730; TTH 630; Sun 300

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Anonymous said...

But isn't Pye not certified anymore? What I've been hearing from the yoga circles is that she's been blacklisted by Bikram US, so she cannot re-certify herself anymore. Her home studio was not approved by Bikram-US, that is why she was Blacklisted.


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