Thursday, February 15, 2007

Those fugly shoes!

Two years ago, I saw Teri Hatcher and her daughter in a magazine wearing matching Crocs. They were green. I thought it was so cute so I looked for it in the US while I was there. I never did get around buying a pair but was so happy when I found out they sold them here. Fast forward two years later and I'm still Croc-less.

Last night after Valentine's dinner with my family at Tatami in Serendra, we walked around and my mom saw the Crocs store. She demanded a pair from my dad as a Valentine's gift. So there we were, buying Crocs. My mom chose the red Maryjanes. I was seething with envy! Tini thought of giving me one for Christmas but for some weird reason he didn't. I found out about it and never forgave him for it!

I'm really a Havaianas girl but maybe a pair of Crocs -- ballet flats or Maryjanes -- wouldn't be so bad.

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