Monday, February 19, 2007

Bald down down there! Bald up there?!

Never was a fan but you can't seem to get away from her! Britney Spears is in the news again. Months after she flashed her bald pussy, she goes around sporting a shaven head ala Sinead O'Conner. She was seen in a tattoo shop in L. A. having one done on her wrist.

What happened to her?! She's crazy. Oh well, she makes a good front page for all those tabloids.


Incidentally, I'm home right now taking a sick leave from the office. My allergies are really getting ugly. Way ugly! I went back to the doctor coz the meds she gave me doesn't seem to work. She referred me to a derma. She then gave me steroids to drink and to put on the rashes. Was holding my breathe wondering how expensive the meds would be. It wasn't THAT bad.

Tini came by with makabuhay vines he claims will be great for washing my rashes.

I was wondering if this steroids would make my boobs grow bigger...

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