Friday, February 09, 2007

Little girls are divas too!

I’ve always believed little girls are never too young to start being kikay. I found a place where these aspiring kikays are truly welcomed, it’s called Dashing Diva.

A month ago, I went to Dashing Diva to have my nails done. When I got there, a little girl, still in her stroller, was having her nails done too! How adorable! So, when my favorite godchild’s birthday came a few weeks later, my birthday gift to her was a day of pampering at Dashing Diva!

Last weekend I set an appointment for a Little Diva Manicure and Pedicure. She was kinda cranky when we got there because everybody knew about the surprise and nobody would tell her. But her face slowly lit up when she realized what was going to happen. The manicurist handed her a booklet of nail art she could choose from. Balloons, cakes, flowers and fishes were just some of the designs. She chose cherries for her hands and strawberries for her toes. We gave instructions not to push her cuticles anymore, just buffing and filing.

The nail polish they used had a tip similar to a sign pen. They had another one with a finer brush for easier application. We were amazed at the precision… and of course, patience of the manicurist! When she finished with the hands they dried it with a drying machine. They did the same thing on her toes. Their drying machine is great because it really keeps the polish stay longer.

The whole afternoon her hands were in constant flip because she was afraid of ruining her nails. Monday in school she took off her shoes and socks to show off the strawberries on her toes to her classmates. I hope I haven’t created a monster! But one good thing that came out of it was so far, she stopped thumb sucking! I know moms have a hard time weaning their kids out of it. Here’s a tip though, Dashing Diva sells a clear polish called Don’t Bite. It has a bitter taste that discourages nail-biting, and even kids from sucking their thumb!

Dashing Diva can be a place were moms and daughters of all ages can bond and get pampered at the same time. I’m definitely bringing my godchild there again. This time, my graduation treat for her.

*** Dashing Diva is in Beauty Bar Rockwell and Glorietta

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