Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's Good To Be...

Yes, it's good to be me... sometimes. Or maybe most of the time.

Turning 20++ wasn't so bad. Yesterday was actually really fun albeit having a slow start. I woke up with a few messages on my phone and went to work with just a dinner at Hap Chan to look forward too. My Dad was out of town until thursday and I will be out of town until friday so the family dinner was moved to saturday. Wew!

I arrived in the office greeted with hugs and kisses from my officemates. More people found out coz my Mom and Dad sent three tulips and my Tocs, my uncle, sent three dozen roses. All colored pink. They were waiting for me on my desk when I arrived. Awww...!

The rest of the day, more birthday messages and calls from friends and other relatives. When I called my Mom and Uncle to thank them they sort of wanted to find out what my schedule was. Do I have a meeting outside the office? Where was I eating lunch? Will I just be in the office the rest of the day? I knew something was up... oh no!

I was on my toes expecting something humiliating but it was already 5pm and I was getting ready to leave for our dinner and there was still no surprise. Thank God! Alas... past five, as I was making sure we had everything we needed for our trip to Tarlac the next day I hear a cheezy birthday song blaring out of a boom box. I sort tried to hide myself in my cubicle but I could hear my Mom's great assistant screaming "asan ba sya?". I lift my head and Tita Nica was there with a cake with one candle and our driver holding the boom box. Then she asked me to blow the candle and announce to the whole office (by now the whole department was crowding my area trying to watch the spectacle unfold): "Hindi pa yan ang birthday gift ni mother". She puts a cd in the boom box and in come John Arcilla (Famas Best Actor awardee and currently doing theatre) and he starts singing this cheezy tagalog song! My embarrassment level just went up ten notches!

So there I was... getting serenaded by a real celebrity as the whole office watch... including our big boss who was really wondering what the hell was going on. I felt happy that my Mom would go all that trouble to celebrate my birthday. After the song Tita Nica hands me a paper telling me my mom feels bad settling for Hap Chan ("but I love their hot & sour soup!!!) so they made reservations at Hexagon at RCBC Tower. Off I went after work. Tito Jun, Tocs, my cousin Ian, my brother Jong, Tita Nica, my boo Tini and of course my Mom were all there to make it special. John Arcilla was also there. His talent fee for three songs was P50,000 but I got to watch him sing not only three songs... but maybe a dozen... coz there was also videoke there. He passed the mic to us saying we should sing too... hell... after his singing how could mere mortals like us follow???? Well, easy. Just a daquiri and couple of beers and we're good to go.

So, I'm a spoiled brat. I don't care. If pampering me is my parents happiness, who am I to stop them?!

My friend said now I'm statistically part of the late twenties demographics. Hmp! Aside from that though... it's really good to be me.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Yesterday, instead of watching the game live on t.v., I was in Intramuros attending Mark Anthony and Melissa Fernandez's wedding with my mom. They got her as one of their ninangs. I was sort of starstrucked with all the celebrities around me. Actually, I abhor anything showbiz and would cry "yuck! that's sooooo jologs!" at people fawning over these stars. But damn! I couldn't help myself yesterday!

Before the ceremony, we were inside Imaculada having drinks to avoid the heat outside since it was a graden wedding. At our table were Lolit Solis, Mother Lily, Anabelle Rama, Lorna Tolentino and Vilma Santos. My mom marched arm-in-arm with Philip Salvador.

During dinner at Tamayo's Garden where the reception was held, my mom sat at the presidential table with the other sponsors while I sat with Eddie Gutierrez, Lolit Solis, Mother Lily, John Arcillia, Douglas Quijano, Richard Gomez, some ladies I don't recognize and the kid from Super Inggo. When most of the people from my table left already, Rachelle Ann Go sat beside me.


The Buzz and S-Files covered the event and I got a text from a friend she saw me during one of the coverage.


Actually, I wished I got discovered. Mas magaling naman ako sa mga ibang artista noh?!

Oh, and we bullied my brother to take pictures of me and my mom before we left the house. Below are some shots. The rest of the photoshoot can be seen here.

Photo: Jong Clemente

Hair & Make-up: Elmer of Elmer Salon

Shoes and Accessories: Models' own

On Celine: Gown by Christine Go

On Conci: Gown courtesy of Tin Abu

I held my breath for a second and that's all it took...

At one second left I accepted defeat. But apparently fate has other plans for the Ateneans. It was a great play... inbound by Escalona, caught by Kramer who was waiting under the basket to deliver the winning shot. All in one second!

Awesome. That's all I can say.

I can't wait for Game 2. It's the Eaglets last chance to win and possibly the Eagles last game as long as they don't become over confident.

One big fight!

***Thanks Dino for the link and cheetsi for the video.

Friday, September 22, 2006

And then there were two...

It will be a deadly game on sunday as the finals begin.

Amazing how the UST Growling Tigers clawed their way to the finals beating the Warriors twice! I tried watching the replay last night but fell asleep by half time. Although I woke up enought to catch the last few minutes of the game. The Warriors did their best to win but maybe the absence of Custodio (suspended by the UE Admin themselves due to an infraction of team rules that they didn't want to elaborate).

I'm actually worried coz the Eagles had lousy performances these past few games despite winning. They're bad at offensive rebounding and they tend to be complacent when they're leading the game. If they think their performance against Adamson will earn them the championship, they're totally mistaken.

I do hope we win, I'd love to experience a championship celebration again. And if the Eaglets also win it would definitely be a grand event! Too bad I won't be watching the game live or otherwise coz I have a wedding to attend to. Hopefully I can catch the second game on tv at the hotel I'm staying in. I have an auction next thursday and it will be my first time as an auctioneer!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


These are the items in my kikay kit I'm going crazy over.

1. Body Shop Cheek and Lip Tint I got it really cheap since there was a buy-one-take-one promo with a lip gloss. I tried using this on my lips with the lip gloss over it but it looked like I ate strawberry candy. But when I applied it on my cheeks eventhough I'm so morena it really looked like I was blushing! As you can see I'm almost finish with my stash.

2. Bloom Lip Gloss in "Honey Bunch"
I was suppose to buy the lipstick coz I finished my old one already. It was a grad school gift from my friends coz they know I'm totally kikay. They also chose a great color! But when I went back to buy a new one I saw this one. I put some and loved the color and the gloss. I also the love the taste! Yes, the taste. Sort of coffee-cinnamon-ish. I mean, it doesn't have the lipstick taste. It's my everyday lip color.

3. Johnson's Baby Softlotion (24 hour Moisture)
I discovered this under my Aunt's bathroom sink in Illinois. The kids doesn't use it much but the whole time I was sleeping at their house I'd spread some all over my body as often as I could. What's great about this lotion is it's not greasy and it does moisturize longer than the others that I've tried. I also like the subtle scent, pang baby! I bought several in pump bottles when I visited Target. It's available here in the Philippines too, although haven't seen one with pump. I bought this small bottle that I keep in my office drawer at Watson's. I try to put lotion in the middle of the day coz the airconditioning dries my skin too much.

4. L'Oreal Blush Delicieux Sorbet in "Iced Cinammon"
Now that I have to put make up everyday I decided to invest in three things: lipstick, eyeshadows and blush. This one I use when I want to achieve the sunkissed look. It's shimmery but not in the "out-to-go-on-a-gimik" kinda way. It doesn't make me look too much made up.

5. Revlon EyeGlide Shimmer Shadow
I bought two of these here in the Philippines and when I saw how much cheaper it is in the US, I bought two other colors. I have Taupe, Mocha, Bronze and Nude. Notice how close the colors are to each other. I'm not into bright colors although they have blue and silver for more adventurous gals. I love this product coz it's so easy to use. Just turn the bottom part so the make up comes out on the applicator on top. It's kinda creamy so it stays long. I put make up on my way to work while stuck in traffic. The EyeGlide makes it convenient for me.

6. Natural Rice Oil Absorbing Rice Powder in "Warm Beige"
I thank the makulit saleslady in Beauty Bar for this one. I bought this along with my Bloom Lip Gloss. She kept on harping how it would enhance my make up if I use it. Gullible me I decided to buy it. It was also cheap, almost P400 during that time. The idea of the Rice Powder is to put it on your face with a brush or puff after you're done putting on your make up. It helps settle all the make up and also absorbs oil. I immediately noticed how it completely finishes off my look. I got Warm Beige, closest to my skin color so I wouldn't look like a kabuki. It makes my cheeks blushier and my eyeshadow more vivid. I use brush to apply it coz it helps me control the color better.

I would love to have NARS and MAC in my make up bag but for now while I can't invest on those yet I think these products are enough to make me look fab at work.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Conci at 20++

This is my new look as I turn another year older.
I asked my brother if we could do a photoshoot. Pretty cool huh?!
The full photoshoot can be found here.

Photo: Jong Clemente

Top: Irene's Closet

Hairstyle: Susan of Symmetria Salon, Greenhills

Make up: done by Model

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rummaging through Irene's Closet

I went to Rockwell last saturday in between appointments. I wasn't really planning to shop, just wanted to kill time. I found a quaint little store at the 2nd floor. It houses four independent designers. One was Irene's Closet. Her items were what other people would call "ukay-ukay" but designers would call "vintage". Check out the items I got.

This blouse has a mod feel to it. What got me was the unique collar. I think this would look good with an A-line skirt in cerulean and pink or camel platform shoes.

I don't know how clear this picture is but this black long-sleeved blouse has a touch of goth with class! I love the collar detail too and the gartered waist. I'm thinking gray skinny pants with stilettos or even white hot pants and ballet flats!

What I love about small stores is the relationship they try to build with their clientele. From past experience, they are more masipag in texting and updating their clients whenever new items come in. So, I left my contact details and told them I'm more into vintage stuff. They also sell outfits for dogs and accessories like bags.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Trip to SFAS and thinking of a BOB

Although I love high fashion brands my roots are really street fashion. Clothes from People are People and the now defunct stores Defect, Havoc and Milkwear are more of my style. I think I'd like to name my style... sexy funk! So I was pleasantly surprised to visit this store that I've heard so much about... the STORE FOR ALL SEASONS. I've actually seen some of the items in magazines but the store is so out of the way for me it took awhile before I finally had the time to drive all the way to Shaw Blvd.

The store houses upcoming local designers and artists. They make just a few pieces of each design so you know your clothes are almost one of a kind. I got funny shirts for me and my brother. Our shirts have these funny remarks in front..."I'm not Ukay today" and "I say chukchak, you say chennes". Prices are reasonable, the shirts were P350 each. Of course the one-of-a-kind items are more expensive.

I'll never get to wear those clothes in the office. That's what's stopping me from splurging. I'm trying to be more sensible in my shopping sprees. I think it's a sign that I'm really getting older!


Do I dare?????

Since the year started I have changed my hairstyle several times already. From straight to curly, re-curled then back to straight, then layered, then even more layered. And now I see this Louise Brooks bob on my friend's blog... argh!

This do is so reminiscent of my hairstyle when I was five years old! I should print this out and show it to my stylist.

Actually, I'm one of those girls that change their look whenever their restless with their lives. My work kinda sucks hence, the numerous trips to the salon for a new look. I need to make myself happy by feeling preety amidst the chaos in the office.

Again, I ask: Do I dare?!

I say: I think I do!

Monday, September 11, 2006

I got the UAAP Fever!

Since last thursday I have been watching every game. Even the cheering competition! Awesome game last thursday against FEU. Great game also last saturday despite losing to UE. Although it was a "no-bearing" game as both team are already assured of the first and second spot in the final four, both teams still played a "do-or-die" game

UE dominated the whole time. Even stretching the lead to 23 points! But the game ended with just a three-point difference. Not bad!

Of course my DLSU officemates insists Ateneo's number one status is due to their absence and it's not a real championship unless Ateneo beats DLSU. I won't even try to go there!

The final four will officially meet this sunday and I hope to watch it in Araneta. And I hope to get my Chris Tiu jersey on time!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Window Shopping

Since I'm still stuck at home might as well go shopping... online. Just checking out stuff I wish I could afford... or wish someone would give me on my birthday... *hint*

First is this Balenciaga bag in pewter. I love the detail and it's so biker/rocker chick but with class. This could be a great accent to my simple skinny jeans with a loose tunic for a top. Maybe I should convince my mom to buy this so I can borrow it?!

I also want the Rock & Republic skinny jeans with this skull detail on the right back pocket. I just wish I could wear jeans at work! The jeans would look good with my new Bongo red pumps and maybe a white lacy tank top under a black tailored coat.

For a long time now I've longed for my mom's Philip Stein watch. She bought it last year and as soon as she got it she showed it to me and I fell in love with it! My mom said she saw it on Oprah in one of her "My Favorite Things" episode. It's suppose to emit a unique signal that helps strengthen the body. But I'm not interested in that... it's just oh so beautiful! I accept hand-me-downs!

I've been eyeing this Chuck Taylor slip-ons in denim for quite some time at Shoe Salon but since I can't wear sneakers at work even on fridays I kinda feel guilty buying it. I still do cost-benefit analysis after all!

Enough shopping now. I'll go and rest. Sigh! Sucks being sick but I don't mind having nothing to do.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Whatta Day!

I just saw the Ateneo-FEU game today. Ateneo won! Wootwoo! It was a close fight. It shouldn't have been though. A lot of mistakes from the Blue Eagles, wasted shots and missed rebounds.

Although Intal was awarded the player of the game and Salamat the breakout player, I think it was Tiu's three-point shot during the last 40 seconds that saved the day. It tied the game! The least that could happen was an overtime. But Intal closed the deal with his lay up, almost a buzzer beater.

So, I'm happy today! I've been cooped up at home since yesterday coz have the flu. Been asleep most of the time. Ho-hum!


Notice the new look of my blog?! Just got bored with the old one. I had some extra time thanks to my flu.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Bedevil me anytime!

Why I'd let Miranda Priestly walk all over me...

1. I have access to the Runway "closet".
2. I get to attend fashion week in different parts of the world.
3. I can charge cabs and Starbucks to the company.
4. I get to meet great fashion icons.
5. I can stand being a slave for a year in exchange of a lifetime of opportunities.

I saw The Devil Wears Prada last friday with Tiniwini at the SM Mall of Asia. The few times I watched there I'd always imagine the whole building crumbling down without me knowing it because I'm trapped in the theatre. But this time, I forgot about my fears. The movie was a veritable fashion show! My whole being was focused on all the yummy outfits and accessories. My mind was actually turning, thinking about my outfit for the office on monday.

But seriously, I read the book and it's quite different from the movie. They changed a lot of things: Andy's boyfriend was suppose to be a school teacher; Andy's bestfriend was suppose to be a bartender on the side while finishing her MA; Emily didn't get hit by a car but got mono that's why she didn't get to go to the Paris Fashion Week... etc. (am I spoiling it for everybody?)

I don't know if I like the movie better than the book or vice versa. I think the book focused on Andy more while the movie focused on Miranda. It gave the story a whole new perspective. Maybe for those loyal to the book they should forget comparing it to the movie. You'll just be disappointed.

Well, I agree with my friend the Fashion Observer that we don't mind working for a biatch like Miranda as long as we get all the perks! I mean... feel free to force on my feet those Jimmy Choos!

Friday, September 01, 2006


I had a great discussion about this with my grad school roommates. I see all those society girls featured in our local fashion mags and I don't think their really THAT fashionable at all! I'm not dissing them coz their rich and popular. They're featured and tagged as best dressed coz they CAN afford those high end fashion brands! I always say give me enough cash and I could be one of them.

Trying to achieve fashionista status with little cash (like me...) is the challenge. Those should be the ones revered and put on a pedestal! Their fashion sense is inborn which means it comes out naturally and they don't look like they're trying too hard. I'm not jealous of those who can buy Marc Jacobs shoes and Seven skinny jeans with a quick swipe of their credit card and not feel guilty afterwards (okay...maybe just a little!). But all things equal (meaning if we were all earning the same measly salary...), it's those with people with the innate fashion sense that will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Quoting the great Coco Channel…”Fashion is made to become unfashionable”


I know, my kikay side is coming out again. I had a few bonding sessions with my roommates and we all claim to be fashionistas. I don't know if we can actually claim the title of Style Divas, but definitely not Brand Whores! After all, we maintained quite a fashionable wardrobe with trips to the tiangge at the basement of Greenbelt 1.

All of us actually dream of working in the fashion industry someday. Although I'm the only one trailing a few steps behind. One is already half way through her Masters in Fashion in Milan, another one already has a shoe line with her sister (YULO Manila… plug! plug!), and the other one actually took classes to learn the more technical side of dress making (also an aspiring fashion journalist. Check out Manila Fashion Observer).

Maybe ten years from now we'll be meeting up in New York for the fashion week...


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