Friday, September 08, 2006

Window Shopping

Since I'm still stuck at home might as well go shopping... online. Just checking out stuff I wish I could afford... or wish someone would give me on my birthday... *hint*

First is this Balenciaga bag in pewter. I love the detail and it's so biker/rocker chick but with class. This could be a great accent to my simple skinny jeans with a loose tunic for a top. Maybe I should convince my mom to buy this so I can borrow it?!

I also want the Rock & Republic skinny jeans with this skull detail on the right back pocket. I just wish I could wear jeans at work! The jeans would look good with my new Bongo red pumps and maybe a white lacy tank top under a black tailored coat.

For a long time now I've longed for my mom's Philip Stein watch. She bought it last year and as soon as she got it she showed it to me and I fell in love with it! My mom said she saw it on Oprah in one of her "My Favorite Things" episode. It's suppose to emit a unique signal that helps strengthen the body. But I'm not interested in that... it's just oh so beautiful! I accept hand-me-downs!

I've been eyeing this Chuck Taylor slip-ons in denim for quite some time at Shoe Salon but since I can't wear sneakers at work even on fridays I kinda feel guilty buying it. I still do cost-benefit analysis after all!

Enough shopping now. I'll go and rest. Sigh! Sucks being sick but I don't mind having nothing to do.

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