Wednesday, September 20, 2006


These are the items in my kikay kit I'm going crazy over.

1. Body Shop Cheek and Lip Tint I got it really cheap since there was a buy-one-take-one promo with a lip gloss. I tried using this on my lips with the lip gloss over it but it looked like I ate strawberry candy. But when I applied it on my cheeks eventhough I'm so morena it really looked like I was blushing! As you can see I'm almost finish with my stash.

2. Bloom Lip Gloss in "Honey Bunch"
I was suppose to buy the lipstick coz I finished my old one already. It was a grad school gift from my friends coz they know I'm totally kikay. They also chose a great color! But when I went back to buy a new one I saw this one. I put some and loved the color and the gloss. I also the love the taste! Yes, the taste. Sort of coffee-cinnamon-ish. I mean, it doesn't have the lipstick taste. It's my everyday lip color.

3. Johnson's Baby Softlotion (24 hour Moisture)
I discovered this under my Aunt's bathroom sink in Illinois. The kids doesn't use it much but the whole time I was sleeping at their house I'd spread some all over my body as often as I could. What's great about this lotion is it's not greasy and it does moisturize longer than the others that I've tried. I also like the subtle scent, pang baby! I bought several in pump bottles when I visited Target. It's available here in the Philippines too, although haven't seen one with pump. I bought this small bottle that I keep in my office drawer at Watson's. I try to put lotion in the middle of the day coz the airconditioning dries my skin too much.

4. L'Oreal Blush Delicieux Sorbet in "Iced Cinammon"
Now that I have to put make up everyday I decided to invest in three things: lipstick, eyeshadows and blush. This one I use when I want to achieve the sunkissed look. It's shimmery but not in the "out-to-go-on-a-gimik" kinda way. It doesn't make me look too much made up.

5. Revlon EyeGlide Shimmer Shadow
I bought two of these here in the Philippines and when I saw how much cheaper it is in the US, I bought two other colors. I have Taupe, Mocha, Bronze and Nude. Notice how close the colors are to each other. I'm not into bright colors although they have blue and silver for more adventurous gals. I love this product coz it's so easy to use. Just turn the bottom part so the make up comes out on the applicator on top. It's kinda creamy so it stays long. I put make up on my way to work while stuck in traffic. The EyeGlide makes it convenient for me.

6. Natural Rice Oil Absorbing Rice Powder in "Warm Beige"
I thank the makulit saleslady in Beauty Bar for this one. I bought this along with my Bloom Lip Gloss. She kept on harping how it would enhance my make up if I use it. Gullible me I decided to buy it. It was also cheap, almost P400 during that time. The idea of the Rice Powder is to put it on your face with a brush or puff after you're done putting on your make up. It helps settle all the make up and also absorbs oil. I immediately noticed how it completely finishes off my look. I got Warm Beige, closest to my skin color so I wouldn't look like a kabuki. It makes my cheeks blushier and my eyeshadow more vivid. I use brush to apply it coz it helps me control the color better.

I would love to have NARS and MAC in my make up bag but for now while I can't invest on those yet I think these products are enough to make me look fab at work.

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